Best Coffee Machines Reviews

Do not you know what coffee maker to buy in 2018? Do not you know which is the best coffee machine of the year or even which is the best coffee maker in the world? Do you want a good  coffee maker to make cappuccinos and espresso coffees that will make you want to go to a coffee shop?  We will recommend you where to buy the best option, we will indicate the price and and we will advise you the systems to prepare coffee that you are most interested in.

We have already spoken on other occasions of the best home coffee makers available according to their coffee preparation methods: espresso, Italian, drip, capsule … but until today we had not put together all the models to see which are the best machines of domestic coffee with all its pros and cons. These are the 10 best coffee makers for home that you can buy in 2018.

Top 10 Best express coffee makers

1. De’Longhi Dedica EC685.M – Cafetera de bomba (acero inoxidable, capuccinatore, deposito de 1,3 litros, anti Goteo) color metal

he machine heats up fast in the morning and only takes about 30 seconds from the ignition to make a restaurant quality espresso . The coffee is deliciously soft and strong , and the cream is excellent! The vaporizer tube is efficient and powerful, and heats enough milk to make a cup of cappuccino in less than a minute . If to choose your best express coffee you look for little dirt and it is not difficult to know that unlike other models, the steam nozzle is removable, which facilitates cleaning .

Some users have commented that there are some disadvantages of the EC820B. We have compiled all the opinions and we came to the conclusion that there are three main problems but also solutions.

1) The water seems to escape a little from the overflow hole, below the drip tray.

Suggestions from users : Remove the drip tray and you will find a water overflow hole. Clean it regularly to make sure there are no debris that could potentially block the hole.

2) You have to wait for the machine to cool down if you want to make a coffee just after dispensing the steam. The reason is that both the hot steam and the coffee dispenser share the same heating system.

Suggestions from users : To avoid this problem, prepare the coffee in this order: always make the coffee first and then use the steam dispenser.

3) The instructions are confusing. Many users have expressed that the instruction book is totally useless. Luckily, the machine is not difficult to use . You will have to use it a couple of times at the beginning with trial and error. Once you get used to it, it’s very easy.

Good things

  •  It lights fast.
  •  It gives you an excellent coffee with cream.
  •  Removable steam nozzle that allows easy cleaning.
  •  Powerful steam tube.

For those who like to make two cups of espresso coffee at the same time, this coffee maker  comes with three interchangeable filters (for one or two cups, or with ESE capsules).

It also comes equipped with a cup warmer on the top and a removable drip tray.

Not so good

  •  The machine has to be operated in the correct order.
  •  Lime buildup can cause leaks.
  •  The instruction book is useless.

2. Cecotec Power Espresso 20, Espresso Coffee Maker and Cappuccino with Vaporizer.

The cream that he makes is delicious and delicious ; Coffee tastes great and is not bitter . The milk vaporizer also works very well, because it can produce a nice milk foam quickly , but you can also foam without it. One of the problems is that the cup holder is not big enough to place two regular size coffee cups side by side, but it’s fine if you’re using small cups of espresso.

Some users consider it the best espresso machine although they found that the coffee is barely warm and that it could be a little hotter, but this is fixed by preheating the glasses before making the first coffee.

  •  Very good value for money (there are several offers available).
  •  Knowing good espresso and a great quality of cream.
  •  Easy to use.

In general, it is a large coffee machine with a very good price-quality ratio.

If your budget is less than 100 euros and you want a decent espresso machine for a lifetime that makes you a good coffee , this would be the ideal choice.

Not so good

  •  The coffee is not hot enough (it is solved as we have said).
  •  The cup holder is relatively small.

3. Philips 3000 Series Coffee machine HD8829 / 01- Automatic espresso machine

It’s only black, so you do not have to worry about the color not fitting in the kitchen. You can also choose the normal version or the model of 3 drinks although in general it is capable of making 5 and of a lot of quality . Not to mention that it goes hand in hand with other kitchen appliances of the brand in the same range.

The coffee is not of capsules, only of quality and it leaves you full of flavor . You can make a beautiful cream that makes the coffee perfect . If you prefer cappuccino, you will love using the steam tube that comes with the machine, since the steam produced is well distributed, smooth and uniform. Steamed milk is rich and soft . If you are passionate about cappuccino, you should also consider buying a professional milk jug and a thermometer.

Good things

  •  It is stylized design and matches the range.
  •  It has a fast and effective milk vaporizer.
  •  Simple operation

The operation can not be simpler . With the 3-button operation system, anyone can be a barista in just a few minutes. The three buttons are simply on / off, coffee and steam.

For many it could be considered the best espresso machine, but a small disadvantage is the price. But it  is what you have to pay to have the best of the best in the kitchen .

4. Nespresso Krups Pixie XN 3005-Capsule coffee machine

From the ignition and going through the heating it takes about 30 seconds . When making coffee by the is even faster . And the coffee is just amazing . Nespresso offers a wide selection of coffees.

You can choose the coffee capsules of many types based on strength (from the weakest (2) to the strongest 12) and the flavors (woody, spicy, fruity, toasted, citrus, sweet or vineyard). You will have to experience each flavor to find the one you like the most. The pressure of 19 bars extracts more flavor from the coffee capsules and also gives it a creamy and aromatic consistency .

Good things

  •  It is easy to use and clean.
  •  It makes coffee fast.
  •  Automatic disconnection
  •  Light indicator of low water level.
  •  Large selection of coffees (according to strength and taste).

If you want to make cappuccino or coffee with milk, you can opt for more colors and versions of the Nespresso Pixie, in which the price goes about € 20 up or down. You can also buy the accessory Aerocinno is a milk foam machine that makes foam for the cappuccino. Simply pour the milk and press the start button. It stops as soon as the milk foam is ready.

Not so good

  • The capsules are limited to coffee only. (There is no choice of chocolate, peach tea, etc.)
  •  The cup holder is not big enough for large cups.

6.Filter / drip coffee makers

Filter coffee machines work from top to bottom. The water is poured into a water tank at the top and heated with a built-in heating device. Hot water drips through a filter filled with ground coffee. Finally, the coffee leaves the filter towards a pot at the bottom. Most machines have a heating plate on the bottom to keep the coffee warm.

Preparing coffee with filter and drip coffee makers:
1. Put a coffee filter in the filter basket.
2. Fill the filter with ground coffee – the amount of coffee depends on your preference.
3. Pour the water into the water compartment.
4. Press the button and wait until the coffee is made.


  •  Built-in water heater, which means that it is not necessary to boil the water first.
  •  It comes with a heating plate that keeps the coffee hot.
  • Large capacity, machines of this type usually make 8 to 12 cups of coffee at one time.


  •  It takes time to prepare a cup full of coffee (an average of 10 minutes).
  •  It limits you to making filtered coffee only.
  •  The replacement of filters can be expensive (if disposable filter is used).
  •  Need to clean the filter after using it (if a permanent filter is used).

7. Capsule coffee machines

Instead of using ground coffee or beans, capsule coffee makers use pre-packaged sealed coffee capsules containing ground coffee inside. The capsules are perforated when they are inserted into the machine. The hot water passes through the capsules under certain pressure bars and finally produces a cup of hot drink . These are coffee makers with an easy-to-use capsule system that is gaining popularity in Spain and around the world. This could also be the new trend of types of homemade coffee makers.

Preparing coffee with capsule coffee makers:
1. Fill the water tank.
2. Insert a coffee capsule.
3. Press the button and a cup of hot coffee will be ready very soon.


  •  It is very easy to make a cup of coffee.
  •  It is not limited to coffee, you can also buy capsules for hot chocolate or iced tea.
  •  Unlike ground coffee that loses its freshness after a week of opening the package, the capsules can be stored and kept fresh for months.
  • The design of these machines tends to be stylish and elegant, and it looks great in the kitchen.
  • It is not as complicated as other machines that use ground coffee.
  • Easy to clean.


  • You can only use the capsules that are manufactured by the same company of your coffee machines. For example, the Nespresso machine only uses capsules of this same brand. Update: You can find white mark in many! 
  •  The capsules are more expensive than ground coffee, although not much. You can leave at 20 cents .
  •  Some capsules are not recyclable, although there are alternatives.

8. Ufesa CE7141- Espresso coffee machine, 1050 W, 2 cups, capacity 1.5 l, silver and black

reservoir of 1.5 liters , its double function of coffee and steam and its price around 85 euros are some of the features that have made this model to be especially interesting, especially if we consider that it works with both coffee ground as with monodose. Of course, as a weak point is that there are those who believe that the drink in question can leave something watered down at times.PROS:

  • Reservoir capacity
  • Price


  • Drink something watered down

9. Krups Expert Pro Inox – Coffee machine, 15 bars

The aluminum and stainless steel that have been used to shape it come to stand out already esthetically to this manual espresso machine, which has 15 bars of pressure, a reservoir of 1.1 liters , a power of 1,400 W and an energy certificate of type .

All this makes her a model to be taken into account. However, among its weak points is that it has a price somewhat higher than its most direct rivals. Specifically, Amazon can be found for about 170 euros, approximately.PROS:

  • Energy certificate type A
  • Power


  • High price

10. DeLonghi ECAM 22.110 B Mágnifica S – Super-automatic coffee machine

It is among the best sellers in its category, it allows you to obtain an exquisitely flavored coffee in a very simple way and is even able to achieve an intense aroma and a really delicious cream. The capacity of its reservoir is 1.8 liters , its power is 1450 watts and is made of stainless steel. All this without forgetting its automatic disconnection or its jar aroma.

On the contrary, what is most attributed to him is that his price, which is around 300 euros, is higher than other models.PROS:

  • Reservoir capacity
  • Exquisite aroma coffee


  • High price

How to use an express coffee machine

Drinking coffee, especially when you have to leave the bed, becomes even more delicious if, instead of the usual strained coffee, in its many variants, you do it in an espresso machine. Tasting espresso coffee -even prepared by yourself at home or at the office- has the immediate effect of transporting you to a terrace, with all the inherent charms. This appliance abounds in many homes and the market offers a wide range of brands, models and prices to choose from.

Water and coffee: essential ingredients

The proper enjoyment of a product like this justifies that you do not skimp on the selection of one of its fundamental elements. It is so that the water must be bottled or, failing that, filtered. In general, we should avoid the use of tap water, given the amount of waste and impurities it presents, greatly detracting this appliance and significantly distorting the quality and tasting of coffee.

As for coffee, the fresher it is, the better aroma and flavor it will have. It can not be too thick or too thin. Nor must it have been too toasted. Whoever wants to indulge and grind their own coffee beans, will have at their disposal the complete experience of the barista. The suggested amount of ground coffee is around 7 grams per small cup.

Mode of use

Remember that each brand and model of this appliance has its own peculiarities in terms of design, dimensions, control panel and specific features.

However, in all cases, you must carefully tamp the ideal amount of ground coffee in the filter holder, using the flat round utensil that comes with this product for that purpose. Fill the water container to the indicated level, according to the amount you are going to consume. Accurately adjust the handle in place, located at the top of the dispenser nozzle.

Place the cup (right in size) just below the nozzle and turn on your espresso machine. After several moments, you get an aromatic drip of the coffee that flows into the cup. Now you just have to enjoy. The consistent use of this gourmet product will allow you to develop barista skills that fill your preferences and those of your guests.

Care and maintenance

This colorful and cute appliance can be cleaned by gently passing a slightly damp cloth over its surface and then drying it with a dishcloth. Paper towels generally leave undesirable residues.

After 3 or 4 months of use, it is convenient to proceed to clean the water tank (and the internal ducts), mixing a part of decalcifying liquid with ten parts of bottled water (or, failing that, a part of white vinegar with five parts of bottled water). Fill the water receptacle to just under the capacity limit with this mixture, leaving it to stand for a period of between 10 and 15 minutes.

Put the machine into operation as if you were preparing coffee, “queue” this purification mixture. Repeat this procedure 3 more times, using only bottled water, to remove any trace (smell and taste) of vinegar or calcifying liquid. Finally, dry each component well to be able to reuse the espresso machine whenever you want.