Best Kitchen Trash Can Reviews

A humble plastic trash can become a staple of sorts in your home. A well picked plastic trash can tremendously improve the livability of your home, especially the kitchen, and it can make the process of preparing the food easier. A well picked trash can can end the all-too-dreaded chore of emptying the trash can actually a pleasant and easy-to-accomplish daily activity. In particular a plastic trash can become indispensable in that regard because of its versatility, resistance to damage such as rust, chipping or peeling, and because of its relatively low cost. And it is super easy to maintain! Once in a while, all you need to do is just take the liner out, and hose it down with soap water. Cleaning done!

In our busy lifestyle, based on quick consumption of goods and quick disposal of waste the trash can has become the most frequently used piece of furniture in the house. When choosing a plastic trash can to buy online, the most important considerations are the intended use, and especially how many people will use it, then correspondingly the size, type, toughness, choice of liner, and lastly the choice of decorative style and color to match the decorations of your house. If you are using the plastic trash can for industrial purposes, such as cleaning services, food preparation services, or to hold liquid materials, additional considerations are toughness, additional accessories such as dollies, and resistance to heat and chemicals.

Regardless of the use, a well chosen plastic trash can will last a long time and will be a big help in your household or in your business. And since you will be able to pick among several low cost plastic trash cans, the purchase will not hurt your budget either.


5 Best Trash Can Reviews

Rubbermaid Atrium Trash Container With Funnel Top

This Plastic Trash Can is proving that you can safely handle a good volume of trash in style.

Rubbermaid Atrium Trash Container With Funnel Top is a classy looking plastic trash can. It’s matte finish look is due to the textured finish that minimizes the appearance of surface scratches. But don’t be deceived by the good looks. In the tradition of Rubbermaid trash cans, this atrium trash can features heavy-duty plastic construction that has built in color and UV inhibitors, so it will handle the weather well. Also the sun rays will not affect it at all. There will be no fading of color. Unlike large trash cans that use metal finishes, this heavy-duty plastic trash can is completely dent resistant, so it handles minor accidents really well. Unlike its metal counterparts, it is also completely rust proof.

In addition, this commercial trash can has been approved by the California State Fire Marshall and the Factory Mutual for fire safety. The Atrium Trash Can features handles on the sides for easy transportation. As the name suggests, this plastic trash can is ideally suited for indoor areas or semi-outdoor areas such as atriums with general pedestrian traffic. Its funnel top makes for easy trash disposal, and maintains good looks even when the can is just about filled up. In a home, it can be used for hallways and outdoor patios and, depending on the decorations, kitchens.

This Atrium Trash Container With Funnel Top weighs just over 23 lbs. shipping weight and has a 25 in diameter. Its height is 33 in and its total capacity is 35 gal. The choice of color of this Rubbermaid trash can is black and white granite.

Simplehuman White Butterfly Step Can

The narrow footprint of this white butterfly step can will benefit a kitchen where floor space is a premium. The butterfly steel lid that opens on both sides from the center makes for a low profile, so this trash can with lid can fit under low counter tops. It is suitable for even a large family with its 10 gallon or 38 liter capacity. The pedal is made of steel which makes for a durable trash can. In addition a thoughtful rotary damper for the butterfly wings (trash can lids) will lower the trash can lids slowly and quietly without unnecessary disturbances or slam-downs.

The white butterfly trash can for the kitchen is available in white, 10 gallon size with the measurements of 23 in. depth, 11 in. width, and 26 in. height or only 31 in. height when fully open.

The step on trash can is also available in white, 8 gallon size with the measurements of 18 in. depth, 11 in. width and 26 in. height and 31 in. when open.

The award-winning simple human butterfly trash can has a narrow footprint to fit in tight spaces and a steel lid that opens from the center like a butterfly for maximum clearance under low counter tops. A solid steel pedal provides superior durability, and a rotary damper allows the trash can lid to close slowly and quietly.

OXO good grip high-impact trash can

If you are someone that wants a great quality trash can but at a price that would be affordable to you, then you would probably want something like the OXO good grip high-impact trash can. This trash can features a rectangular shape, and it comes in the color black, white and red to go match the appliances that you have in your kitchen.

This trash can be found from anywhere around the $25-$30 range, which is considered to be an affordable price for the average person. Many trash cans that you find are cheap and don’t do a great job holding the trash bags; trash bags often slip inside of cheap trash cans, causing you to have to reach your hands down into the mess and touch the trash in order to lift it out.

The OXO Good Grip trash can holds the trash bag in place properly so that you won’t have this issue. The trash can holds 11 gallons of waste; which makes this a nice tall can that holds plenty of trash; smaller trash cans hold less, causing you to have to constantly take out the trash everyday or every other day.
Take a look at what all that you’ll be getting if you purchase this trash can:

• Affordable price ($25-$30).
• Automatic lid closure; or lid that stays locked open for longer use.
• Air vents, to keep the trash bag from ballooning and saving space for the trash.
• Hand-free lid with the foot pedal used to open the trash can.
• Rectangular shape, giving much more room for more trash to fit inside.
• Large outdoor bags can be used inside this trash can and tall bags as well.
• Has a non-slip feature to keep the trash can from sliding or moving.
• Comes in different colors to match your kitchen’s appliances.


Rubbermaid Untouchable Square Recycling Trash Can and Tops

Everyone can recognize the value of the recycling of paper or metal or plastic when it is done efficiently. And what better way to get the recycling going but with Rubbermaid Untouchable Square Recycling Can and Tops. You have probably seen these blue or green, square plastic trash cans with white “recycle” symbols imprinted. You have seen them near copiers, printers or in mail rooms. In fact, a recycling trash can fit great in any area with high paper production, or high bottle or can use, such as in company cafeterias. These plastic trash bins can also serve as central collection stations each serving several work stations.

Due to their durable plastic design, Rubbermaid Untouchable Square Recycling Trash Cans are recommended both for indoor and outdoor use. Being comercial trash cans, they are weather and UV light resistant. The square containers and tops are sold separately. The tops come either with a round central hole indicating the use for bottles or cans, or the swinging top door indicating the use for recycled paper. Either way, both Untouchable Square Recycling Cans use the Patent Pending can liner cinch which allows for bag retention and eliminates knot tying, thereby adding to the clean looks and clean experience when handling the trash cans and the trash bags. As you can imagine, the sturdy plastic design of these large trash cans withstands an occasional tough handling with ease.

These colored trash cans come in two colors, blue and green, and have the following dimensions: 16.5 in. length, 15.5 in width, and 31 in height. The volume capacity for each can is 23 gal.

The tops are sold separately. Both the can/bottle top and the paper top are 20 in. by 20 in. by 6 in. in size. and come in matching blue or green colors.


10 Gallon Trash Can Brute by Rubbermaid

Rubbermaid Brute trash cans feature a seamless design and are made of a construction that won’t dent if you kick it, won’t rust in the humid environmet, and won’t leak either. The 10 gallon trash can Brute by Rubbermaid has a reinforced rim and base that come as standard with Rubbermaid brand and quality. The double ribbed base of this large trash can adds to strength, stability, and even dragging capacity. These indoor/outdoor trash cans can really be used in rough conditions as rough as that of a large restaurant kitchen.

The Rubbermaid 10 gallon Brute trash can is NSF/USDA approved for food contact and NSF tested and certified. They are also California State Fire Marshal approved when used in the combination with a lid. The lids are available separately and are of the snap-on variety, sturdy, and suitable for secure and stable stacking. The thoughtfulness of Rubbermaid commercial 10 gallon garbage can construction does not end there, the built-in handles have become a standard and allow easy, non-slip lifting and nesting that will not jam. The polyethylene can construction won’t dent, rust or leak and will withstand temperatures between -40F and 150F. If left in the sun, it’s UV resistance will come handy.

Let us look at the main characteristics of a plastic trash can that you need to consider before buying a trash can online.

Intended Use

The first question you want to ask yourself is where are you going to use your plastic garbage can? Is it going to be for the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, hallway, or do you need a big plastic trashcan for outdoors? As long as you pick the size, open or closed type garbage can, toughness and color well, a plastic trash can will work in any of these spaces. As you can imagine, the most frequent use for the trash disposal will be your kitchen. Let us focus on kitchen trash cans now.

Trash Can Sizes

How many people are using the kitchen trash can on a regular basis? How frequently are you eating or cooking at home? You want to pick a proper size plastic trash bag to allow for daily trash removal. You will reduce the odor accumulation that way, and it will be easy for you to create a habit of simply emptying the kitchen trash can daily. Another advantage of a relatively smaller plastic garbage can is that you can take it with you on road trips. It is easy to handle and it doesn’t weigh too much. It does come handy on trips, especially if you have children. Beside such smaller, 3 gallon plastic trash can, you will find sizes ranging from 10 gal. trash can, to 13 gal. plastic trash can, to 30 gallon trash can and larger.

Type of Plastic Trash Can

There are several types that can ease handling of your plastic trash can: Plain Open Type, Closed Type, Touchless or TouchFree Type where a sensor will detect your object or your hand approaching the trash can and the motor inside the trash can will open the lid and subsequently close the lid.


Especially if you are using the plastic garbage can outdoors, you do want to make sure that it withstands the lowest temperatures that you can possibly expect in your area. Extremely low temperatures can make certain kinds of plastic brittle and prone to breakage.

Choice of Liner

If you have decided to empty the garbage can on a daily basis, you will have several options. Depending on the size of the family, you could opt for 3.5-4 gallon plastic trash can, or two plastic trash cans of the same size for bigger families. By picking this size you can reuse your plastic or paper grocery bags you used to bring food from the grocery store in the first place. You could save significant amount of money that way. Or you can simply buy the liner of the correct size online when you are ordering trash cans. Some plastic garbage cans require a specialized liner that you can reorder online.

Choice of Color

A great thing about plastic trash cans is that they come in all sorts of sizes and colors, so be sure that your colored trash can either blends in with or complements the style and colors in your kitchen or any other room you need it for. Some of the most fashionable colored trash cans are made of high impact virgin poly propylene, which gives the plastic can a high gloss finish, and some plastic trash cans even come in semi-translucent colors. Plastic trash can has surely come a long way in terms of good looks.

Choice of Brand

Clearly, by buying online you will have the widest selection of top brands for your plastic trash can. Some of the most respected names in the industry are Rubbermaid, Continental, simplehuman, Umbra, Scienceware and iTouchless.

Industrial Use Considerations; Commercial Trash Cans

Plastic trash can is used in industrial settings because of its toughness, weather resistance, UV light and rodent resistance, ease of handling, durability and mobility. Some of the best materials for plastic trash cans are hdpe or high density polyethylenes. A large sized plastic trash can is indispensable to janitorial services, hotel cleaning services, and general food preparation and serving businesses. All manufacturing type businesses will find a durable plastic trash can an indispensable asset. As for the brands available, Rubbermaid is a big brand here. The large Rubbermaid trash can selection for commercial use certainly plays a leading role in industrial plastic trash can manufacturing.

Maintain Kitchen Hygiene with Kitchen Garbage Cans

Your kitchen is one of the places that attract loads of trash in your home. Because this is the place where your cooking is done, it needs to be hygienically maintained at all times. This means that you need something to help you collect the trash. You should therefore consider the possibility of getting kitchen garbage cans. Once you settle on investing in one, there are a couple of things you need to take into consideration. Start by asking yourself how often you intend to empty the cans.

This is important because it plays a major role in determining the type of kitchen garbage cans you pick. In this respect, you should also take into consideration the size of the kitchen garbage cans. This choice should be based on your individual needs and again, the frequency you intend to take the trash out. When shopping for these, you don’t have to spend a large sum of money and this is because there are several stores that offer competitive prices for kitchen garbage cans. However, if you intend to get the best deals, it is advisable to browse the stores and compare different cans prizes in order to settle with one that compliments your budget.

Also, take into consideration the space available for the placement of the kitchen garbage cans in order to increase the probability of buying one that compliments the space. This is important as it ensures you don’t have to get inconvenienced in any way. Before shopping, you should also take into consideration the design of the kitchen garbage cans in order to ensure the option you settle with compliments your kitchen. Keep in mind that this is an important decision and as such, you need to weigh your options carefully before buying the same. It is also advisable to shop from a dealer with a variety of kitchen garbage cans for you to choose from and competitive pricing.

Benefits of City Trash Can

Urban areas are some of the most difficult places to keep clean. A large number of people concentrated in one area can lead to additional litter and trash that can be extremely hazardous to the environment. The proper use and placement of city trash cans is the best way to combat this issue.

There are several steps one can take to make sure their receptacles are properly equipped in order to get the most out of their city trash can.

City trash cans need to be durable, dependable and long lasting.

City trash receptacles come in a variety of materials. The material used for a city trash can should reflect its surroundings. Recycled plastic or galvanized steel trash cans are ideal for city use because, unlike wooden trash cans, they will not warp, crack, chip or break from exposure to water. There materials are uncommonly strong and are built to withstand years of trouble free outdoor use. Wooden trash cans are attractive and useful, but should be reserved for indoor use, or for areas where water contact is infrequent. The material used for city trash cans should also be graffiti and vandal resistant.

The distribution of the city trash cans needs to be balanced based on population.

Some trash cans are simply not large enough to accommodate the requirements of a busy city. Even a properly placed trashcan is useless if it’s overflowing with trash. Adequately furnished cities have trash cans visible from every heavily populated area. After all, a person maneuvering their way through a busy city is much more likely to drop their trash on the ground than they are to carry their trash around until they find a receptacle. City trash cans need to be located frequently enough, and in all relevant locations, in order to prevent litter, pollution and trash can overflow.

City trash cans need to be properly maintained and emptied regularly.

A trash can is worthless if it isn’t properly maintained or emptied regularly. Just like improperly placed trash cans, improperly maintained city trash cans can actually cause more harm than good. An overflowing trash can will actually promote litter rather than prevent it. A city trash can with trash pouring out of the top makes the entire city look bad. It indicates to people that the city representatives don’t care about the well being of the city, so they don’t need to either. Using trash cans with liners, and easy emptying side doors, makes maintaining your city trash cans a much easier task and therefore should be considered for all city trash cans.

City trash cans need to have the proper mounting options.

Since vandalism is often an issue faced by most city trash cans, portable trash cans often add to the problem rather than help prevent it. The proper mounting options need to be used to get the most out of your city trash can. Most city trash cans require permanent surface mounting because they easily attach to sidewalks and pavements. In ground mounted trash cans also have their place in the city, but aren’t found quite as often. Smaller city trash cans can sometimes be wall mounted, but these are usually best as subliminal receptacles because they are typically too small to accommodate the unique demands of a city trash receptacle.

Always use a lid for city trash cans.

There are many different lid options that are ideal for city trash cans. Depending on where your city trash can is placed should help determine which city trash lid is right for you. For areas where cigarette waste is a problem, trash can lids with ashtrays are the perfect solution. They prevent cigarette butts from ending up on the ground, or in the trash can itself, preventing a potential fire hazard. The proper trash can lid can not only keep the wrong kind of trash out of the receptacle, it also helps keep trash inside. For example, areas where stray and wild animals are an issue, city trash cans with animal proof lids are a big help