How to Use an Empty Coffee Canister

If you drink coffee, chances are you purchase several canisters a month to support your habit. Once those canisters are empty, the normal reaction is to toss them in the trash. However, with a little creativity, you could revamp that disposable coffee canister into a useful container for your kitchen or some other area of your home.

Most homemakers are always on the lookout for attractive kitchen canisters in which they can store both food and other kitchen items. Disposable coffee canisters may be just the containers you need for this purpose.

More ways in which these canisters can be used

  1. Use coffee canisters as storage for children’s toys. If you take that canister and cover it with colorful contact paper or other decorative material, it would make a great storage basin for your children’s toys such as Lego pieces, doll accessories, blocks, puzzle pieces, etc. This could be a fun project to complete together with your children, decorating several canisters for his and her toys.
  2. In addition to covering the outside of the container, your children can create original designs with plastic eyes, pieces of fabric, yarn, shells, sequins, beads, etc. on the outside to further personalize their “toy can”.
  3. Coffee canisters make good food storage containers as the plastic lid will keep the food fresh. You can cover them with contact paper to complement your kitchen décor, and use them to store macaroni noodles, peanuts and raisins, beans, sugar, flour, etc.
  4. If you cover three or four cans alike, they can be placed on a shelf in your kitchen as an addition to your decor along with being used as storage. There are countless ideas of how these canisters can be utilized in the kitchen; you just need to use your imagination and be open to innovative ideas for their use.
  5. Reusing these containers can also save you money as there will be no need to purchase storage containers for your kitchen needs.
  6. If you are looking for a home-made gift item for a special birthday or holiday occasion, there are numerous ideas of gifts you can make with an empty coffee canister. You can decorate the outside for a young girl, and fill it with beauty products such as cologne, little girl makeup, nail polish, hair clips, special shampoo, etc. For a young boy, the container can be decorated appropriately and filled with small cars, Lego or Play Mobile pieces, etc.

A coffee canister makes a useful, practical storage container for all kinds of purposes. It is just the right size and shape, and when decorated can be quite attractive. Most important of all, it is economical as you do not need to go out and pay extra for the containers you need.