Modern Kitchen Upgrade with Glass Kitchen Doors

Adding a bit of class to the décor of your house may be as easy as purchasing a new painting, or piece of furniture, but if you are looking for a more permanent means of changing the look of your home, adding glass kitchen doors to your cabinetry can really show off your taste. This small but very noticeable change is great for homes with small kitchens, and opens up the room, as it reflects light off the kitchen doors.

You can show off your favorite pieces of china, wine glasses, and silverware sets with these types of kitchen doors, and your guests will be wowed with their subtle beauty. Glass kitchen doors are easier to clean than you may think and make a wonderful conversation piece.

You can choose from a wide assortment of glass kitchen doors, and there are many different types of glass designs available. For the more classic kitchen look, the translucent pieces that allow just a bit of light and visibility are a great option for your kitchen doors.

If you have some really impressive kitchen ware, go for the completely transparent glass that gives your house guest a presentation of your finest items. These easily wipeable kitchen doors make for a wonderful and easily maintained way to spruce up the feel of your kitchen, for a very reasonable cost.

Though glass kitchen doors can be slightly pricier than their wooden counterparts, there are many affordable options out there, from home good stores to online catalogs. You can purchase both your glass kitchen doors and the installation all from one place, or if you are really daring, you could try a self-install.

Choosing to install your kitchen doors by yourself is not a wise idea, but with the help of a friend or family member, some advice from an expert, and some time and patience, this is a feat that almost anyone could handle. Talk to your neighborhood home improvement store about how to go about this project, or you could find a helpful glass kitchen doors installation guide on the internet to refer back to throughout your project.

Purchasing and installing your glass kitchen doors is a project that can easily be done all within a weeks time, and add a big change to the look of your kitchen. Kitchen doors are features that are noticed by all but aren’t too bold or distracting, which makes for a great new addition to a dull and worn-out kitchen style.

Remember to shop around for prices of your kitchen doors, and use the internet to price out the best method of going about the purchasing and installation process. Who knows, maybe you can get a cheaper set of glass kitchen doors, and have them installed to make up for the price of the more expensive ones!

Refurbish Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors

My wife and I were feeling like it was time to give our house a bit of a makeover but didn’t know where to start, and if there were any drastic changes we could even make on a limited budget. We looked into prices for kitchen remodeling and found that we could get brand new high quality kitchen doors for a nominal amount of money.

Our kitchen was looking kind of retro with faded off-white paint on the kitchen cabinet doors that were worn and chipping, and old-style wood designs that reminded me of my grandma’s house growing up. Though this is a fond memory, we’re a modern couple and needed a change.

The places we went to price out our kitchen doors were very helpful, and any home improvement store will give you a large selection of kitchen cabinet doors to choose from, but we were not impressed with the price tags we were faced with. Looking online was our next step, as it usually is when undergoing any venture, and we were surprised at what we found.

Many internet websites have a search bar right on the home page of the household store you are navigated to, so you can type in what kind of specific kitchen door you are looking for. You can do a search for the wood type, color, style, and even method of the install so that you are getting the exact kitchen cabinet door you are looking for.

The website we found even had helpful hints on how to disassemble our existing kitchen doors, and a tutorial on the correct way to install the new ones. This saved me a trip back to the home improvement store to rack the brains of some trained kitchen installation guy (we were planning for this to be a self-install the whole time, do you know how expensive installation labor is?!)

Having this guide to refer back to made the whole process go smoothly, and it even told me what tools to use for installing my kitchen doors, and little tips and tricks to cut my time in half. I don’t know the first thing about being a handyman, and if I could install my own kitchen cabinet doors, then so can you.

My wife and I were so happy with how it turned out; she is begging me to take on other projects like building an extension to our back porch. I am far from the go-to install guy but found this project actually kind of fun. They always say that if you can live through the stress of remodeling a room of your house with your spouse, you are destined to thrive in your marriage, but the process of installing the kitchen doors wasn’t as bad as we expected.

To anyone who is looking into installing your own kitchen cabinet doors, make sure you find an expert who is going to walk you through the process (or do it for you, if you have that kind of money). And always refer to an online guide so you know you are doing it correctly.

Great Value and Style with Laminate Kitchen Doors

Your house renovating budget may be looking pretty skim these days, but this should be no excuse for finding quality kitchen remodeling products and services. If you are looking for a cost-effective alternative for the more expensive solid wood or glass kitchen doors, there are some great modern laminate kitchen doors available.

These kitchen doors can be found in all of the same designs and styles as the more expensive versions and in many ways are easier to maintain. Laminate kitchen doors are much easier to clean than their wooden counter-parts, and are just a quick wipe up when food and liquids are splashed onto the surface.

Laminate kitchen doors also come is design options where wooden and glass doors are limited, and you can more closely match the décor choices of the rest of your kitchen including your wall paper, appliances, paint, and countertops. Your kitchen doors are the perfect accent to a pulled together modern kitchen atmosphere, and using laminate surfaces can compliment any ensemble.

In many ways, laminate kitchen doors are easier to self install, while they are not as easily damaged in the process. Laminate materials are durable and easy to fit onto your existing cabinet structures, so your new kitchen doors will be ready for use faster than with the more delicate materials.

On top of the labor being faster when you self-install, you have more choices with the materials you use. Some companies have you purchase the products and installation service all from one place, but when you put in your own set of kitchen doors, you can shop around.

There are plenty of online catalogs where you can browse through the selections of laminate kitchen doors, and get the best quote on the materials. A lot of these websites have a specified search option so you don’t have to look through pages and pages of the same thing, just to get to the section you need.

If you plan on installing your own kitchen doors, make sure you have educated yourself on the process, and that you have the assistance of a friend or family member to share the duties. Doing a project like this goes much faster with the help of a friend, and many times it is not possible to do well without an extra hand.

You can download guides on how to install laminate kitchen doors, and you can even find full kits of ready-to-go kitchen doors that come with the complete instructions on how to fit them onto your cabinetry. Many of the cabinet structures are universal, so you can find plenty of options, but be sure to measure and have the specifications lined up before you purchase any of the kitchen door products.