creme brulee torch bed bath and beyond

Creme Brulee Torch Bed Bath And Beyond

Creme Brulee Torch

Creme brulee torch is a tool used to heat the top layer of different food items. It helps you to whip up an impressive dish like a professional. This is perfect for anyone who would like to achieve an ideal brownish topping on a dessert. The creme brulee torch creates a flame using butane or propane gas. The fire is essential for browning or melting the toppings for soup, casseroles, or creme brulee. This type of torch is also ideal for creating culinary masterpieces like seared meat, meringues, and gratins. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, you will need a creme brulee torch in your kitchen for perfect deserts.

How To Use A Creme Brulee Torch

For you to get the best torched creme brulee, you should remove the chilled creme from the refrigerator right before you get prepared to torch it. Secondly, you should sprinkle sugar granules evenly on top of the creme brulee until you cover it completely. For each ramekin, you should only sprinkle a teaspoon of sugar. When all that is done, you should push back the control lever and open the adjustment flame lever to its highest setting. Then take the torch’s safety off, press the ignition button, and lock the light with the on position. Once you have pressed the ignition button, the flame should ignite immediately.

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The ignition button should be held downwards to prevent the flame from going off. You should keep the fire about 2 inches above from the sugar while moving it in circles, back and forth across the surface. As you heat the sugar, it turns bubble and brown. When heating, you should concentrate the flames around the edges first before burning the central point. When you are done with cooking, you can release the igniting button to put off the fire then adjust the flame until the flame length is ½ inch. Finally, release the ignition lever to turn off the flame and close the adjustment knob completely. 

Can I Use A Propane Torch for Creme Brulee

The cooking torch is designed to either use butane or propane to produce an intense flame that you use to torch your creme brulee. The creme brulee using propane is more affordable, and it also burns hotter than the butane. Propane gas doesn’t produce nasty things when burnt. It is also impregnated with sulfur odorants so that you can easily smell any gas leakage. Its flame is usually hot enough to oxidize all the gases, and nothing gets in your delicious food. To ensure that your propane torch has a fully oxidized flame, you should see a dark blue, short, roaring, and hissing flame. If the fire is yellow, you should know that your cooking torch has a problem.

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Again, you can easily find a propane torch at most hardware stores and are inexpensive, unlike most other cooking torches. The propane tank does not explode, implode, rupture or come apart unless you break them.

However, propane gas is heavier than air, and a leaking cylinder can cause the accumulation of low levels of gas. When using the propane torch, you should hold it 2cm away from the creme brulee and then heat it evenly to get a brown and perfect torched creme.

How To Refill Creme Brulee Torch

For you to enjoy an utterly decadent dessert, your light should have a scorching flame. This creme brulee torch can produce a long lasting and intensive flame, so the heat source will require regular refilling. The torch is designed, keeping in mind the fast-pace in professional kitchens. They are constructed for easy-and-quick refilling on the fly.

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When refilling the torch, you should first turn off the flame and lock the igniting button to prevent triggering it. Then turn your torch upside down so that you can locate the refilling nozzle. The metallic nozzle features a tiny and cylindrical component that you should hold in straight alignment with the can and torch. Then, insert the propane aerosol into the metallic nozzle and then push it. The exerted pressure will start the fuel flow automatically into the torch. You can now remove the propane can when the fuel compartment has reached maximum capacity. However, you should wait for at least three minutes before igniting the torch.

How To Torch Creme Brulee

When torching your creme brulee, you should first chill it for a minimum of four hours or even through the night. Take them out of the refrigerator 20 minutes before caramelizing for it to settle at room temperature. If there is any moisture condensation, you can remove it using a paper towel before sprinkling the white granulated sugar. Ensure you cover the surface of the whole ramekins, and the sugar is evenly distributed.

If you are making several creme brulee, you can pour the excess sugar in the next custard. Once you have finished preparing the creme, it’s now time to torch it. But remember that torches work differently, so you should follow the instructions keenly while lighting the torch and adjusting the flame length to be medium-sized.

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Hold your torch at a distance and burn the ramekins as you rotate the flame. Move the fire closer as you rotate, and the sugar will melt to form droplets on the surface. While heating, the sugar will start producing little wisps of puff smoke as the sugar starts turning caramel-colored. You can also smell the sweet aroma of cooked sugar.

If the sugar begins to smoke excessively, you can pull away from the torch. Once the sugar has formed a glaze glass-like caramelized sugar at the top, you put off the flame and refrigerate it for about 10 minutes before serving it.


Most of the creme brulee torches in the market are perfect for both small and professional kitchens. With the best cooking torch, you caramelize your toppings quite quickly and have your delicious creme brulee served in minutes. They are easy to use and are also designed for easy and quick refilling, especially for a busy kitchen.

However, it is too good to follow all the instructions on how to light up or put off the torch to prevent any leaking, which may cause fire accidents. These creme brulee torches are not only for browning creme brulee but also potato gratin, French onion soup, cheese, and macaroni.

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