Best Food Vacuum Sealer Reviews

Sous Vide is a French term that means, literally, to the void . So a sous vide machine is a machine for vacuum cooking (later we will see how it gets it, in the section on the operation of a sous vide ). Simple, right?

To better preserve the food you have in your fridge, making them last a lot longer and with a flavor like the first day, what you will need will be one of the best vacuum packaging machines that we have selected in this listing and that have been compared and analyzed by our expert, so that you have a model that suits you and that, without having to pay more for it, have everything you need to make it an unbeatable product. Also on this article we will know what is the best vacuum sealer consumer report reviews..

How to Choose a Sous Vide Machine?

Evaluate your needs
Having clear the reasons to buy a domestic vacuum packing machine is important to know how to choose the one that will serve us the most.

The main uses of a vacuum packer are: better preserve frozen food, keep refrigerated food fresh, keep important documents in good condition and save storage space on items such as bedding, coats and clothing in general . 

Types of Sous Vide

Now that you know what a sous vide machine is , let’s expand knowledge. Something that not many people know is that there are several types of sous vide. The first ones are the best known, and the ones focused on the use as domestic sous vide … but they are not the only ones. Let’s meet them below. 

Vertical or horizontal
Most vertical vacuum packers are great when it comes to working with foods that have a certain liquid content. In addition, its vertical orientation allows that in some models you can add an accessory that allows you to vacuum pack in jars. On the other hand, horizontal packaging machines allow you to use bags of different width, which can make them more versatile in terms of package quantity, but they are not as good in handling products with liquids.

Air extraction start time
Are you going to pack mainly with bags or glass jars? This is important because some sealers begin to extract the air just after a predefined time, while others “measure” the air before starting to extract it. Those of the second group are recommended when using glass jars, because if the power of the extraction is very strong, then the glass can be broken, but if you are going to pack liquids or use bags of different dimensions, those that start the process after a certain predefined time.

How much does a Sous Vide machine cost? Prices

Well, they are not cheap, if we stick to reality. If we talk about immersion thermocirculators, normal domestic sous vide, we can find them around 100 USD in price (some may be cheaper, but not much). Between $100 and $200 is an adjusted price for these devices, depending on their quality or the manufacturer behind them.

Sous vide ovens are already larger and more complex instruments … therefore also more expensive. From $250 or $300 we can find several models.

Sous Vide vs Slow Cookers: Differences

The differences between the sous vide and the slow pots are obvious, but since both devices serve to cook at a low and controlled temperature for a long time, some users get confused.

Let’s try to make it clear here:

The slow cookers or slow cookers serve to cook at low temperature for a long time, and do not worry about the process. The detail that the temperature will always be “low” is important.

On the other hand, sous vide, really what they allow is to control with total accuracy the temperature at which we want to cook. This may be low, or not so low, but the point is that with sous vide we make sure that we do not pass a degree above or below the ideal temperature of our food.

In addition to this difference in concept, there is the most important functional difference: with the sous vide machine the food is cooked under vacuum. With the slow pot, no. Cooking is more traditional.

8 Best Brands of Sous Vide Machine Reviews

Crenova V60 Plus Vacuum Packing Machine

The first of the products that we are going to analyze has impressed us by having many features that make it look like the professionals that are used in restaurants, with the advantage of having a compact size for your kitchen.

This model has features that will help dry or wet packaging, depending on the type of food, with LED lights to improve the experience, being able, thanks to its size and the variety of bags it accepts, to serve both for food and to pack clothes, eliminating all the air and therefore occupying very little space.

Vacuum packer for dry or wet food

Another model that you will love for the ease of use and for the features that it includes. You can store food whether it is dry or wet, selecting the way you want on your panel with which, with the push of a button, everything will be done perfectly.

To avoid having to buy bags separately, this model has a starter kit that will include not only the vacuum packing machine, but also several bags with different sizes so you can guarantee that, when you receive it, you can use it without problem.

Vacuum packer Padi Home 220

With this product you will have one of the best industrial vacuum packaging machines at a price you will not be able to imagine, since it has a huge discount that will make you get a compact but very useful model, also including several free bags inside it so you can start using it as soon as you receive it at home.

It has a fast and very effective sealing, leaving food sealed under vacuum so that it can not spoil and last, therefore, much longer. It is a product that can be washed easily and that does not have more complication, being able to read its instruction manual for any problem

Rantizon Vacuum Packing Machine

If you want your food to be much fresher even when a lot of time has passed, you have to try this Rantizon brand vacuum packing machine which can last up to 8 times longer than if you had it without a bag in the fridge or outside. The sealing is done automatically, having to put only the bags in their indicated place so that, once you have pressed the button, you can check how the air is eliminated.

It is useful for any food you want, although, as in all the cases that we are going to expose you, you can also use it with other everyday objects, to avoid spoiling them over time.

Vacuum food packaging machine with 3 operating modes

For those who like to pack their own style of food that will conserve, has this professional model and very compact that will help you to respect and care for the raw material of their recipes. With its three modes, you can on the one hand make a total vacuum, eliminating all the air and designed for resistant foods, but also a partial seal for those more delicate like fish.

You can stop the process at any time thanks to its stop button and you have different types of bags to make it work at the moment, being able to use universal bags for its operation, saving a lot of money.

Lacor Home Vacuum Pack

It is the most basic and economic model of all, since it only has the three functions that we consider basic. You can see it working in the video that we leave at the end of the post and it is a very good option if you have a limited budget. It is compatible with bags or rolls up to 28 cm wide.

Incidentally, it is the one I have at home for two years and it has given me a fabulous result.

FoodSaver V2860-I

This model is a symbol of a good investment since it has been categorized by consumers as one of the best vacuum packaging machines of 2019 , all thanks to the fact that it is fully functional, simple and compact.

The Food Saver V2860-I has a 160 watt power motor, which you can regulate in three emptying speeds, depending on the type of food you are going to seal. Best of all, it has a function intended for dry food, and another for food with liquids, so you should not worry about pressure, to separate or involuntary accidents and, to complement this function, includes a tray picks liquid easily washable.

On the other hand, it has a “cutter” or cutter, which at the end of the emptying process, will cut the bag by itself, facilitating and expediting the procedure.

The best vacuum packing machine of the moment, according to the opinions of the users, is this Food Saver V2860-I model, thanks to all the features it has. 

And from the most basic and cheap we pass to one of the most complete models and with the best quality-price. With different levels of power and packaging, perfect packaging all types of food automatically. Compatible with bags and rolls up to 28 cm. Includes removable drip tray and can be stored both horizontally and vertically.

Garhe Swan 31140

To be able to keep your food fresh for a longer time, there is nothing better than taking advantage of the advantages offered by vacuum packing machines, which eliminate air from packaging and prolong the life of those foods. The vacuum filler Garhe Cisne 31140 perfectly fulfills these functions becoming a tool that saves time and money.

Between his provision, this team allows to seal so much bags like jars, expanding the options of packaging. A few options very easy to use thanks to its keypad, which allows both to seal the bags and other items, such as creating closures that allow the use of plastic rollers saving you money and worries.

The 30-centimeter width helps you store even large pieces of meat or fish effortlessly. With a short learning period you will be very soon storing and emptying your food with all the security you need.


Functions of vacuum packaging machines

  • Suction power regulator : This function will be useful in the case of delicate or wet foods, as we will not have to pay attention to stop, but we can put the machine to operate at less power so that these foods do not deform .
  • Regulation of the speed of aspiration : It allows us save time at the time of packaging, but the saving of time will be of a few seconds, so it is not that it is something crucial in the domestic field.
  • Roll holder and built-in cutter : Vacuum packing machines can be used with ready-made bags into which we introduce food, remove the air and seal on the side that is open or with rolls that are sealed by the sides and in which we cut the piece necessary to pack, seal on one side to make our bag, introduce the food, make the vacuum and seal on the other side. With the cheapest, we have to have the packaging on one hand and the roll on the other and when we need to cut the piece we need with a pair of scissors, on the other hand, the most expensive, have a roll holder and a cutter to do everything with machine. It saves a little time and storage space.
  • Removable non-drip tray : In the case of a packaging machine that allows liquid packaging -not all allow it, although as I was ahead of you, in those that do not, we can pack them even if we freeze them before- it is interesting that they have a tray that collects liquids that can escape before sealing.

How is a Sous Vide used?

To begin with: you need to have plastic bags (from vacuum packing, or those that are closed at the moment with a cord at the top). In it you put the food you want to cook at low temperature , like a fish with its dressing, meat with spices … whatever you can think of or what you see in the recipe book.

Then you introduce the bag with the food in a pot or large saucepan with water, and you set up your sous vide machine with the exact temperature at which you want to cook everything, and the time. You put it in the pot (the part where you see the data must be out of the water, obviously), and put it in motion.

The sous vide will do its job, and the result will be a spectacular texture, worthy of any restaurant with three Michelin stars. It’s almost like cooking the food in a bain-marie (for this you need a lot of time, patience, and to control the temperature very well, which is just what allows you to make a sous vide vacuum cooking machine .

How a Sous Vide works

We have already told you throughout our guide how a Sous Vide machine works , and how you should use it. However, everything is much clearer if instead of reading it you see it live.

What is vacuum cooking?

Vacuum cooking is booming in recent times, and it is no coincidence. However, many consumers still do not know the concept well, and for that we will explain it here.

The vacuum cooking consists primarily in packaging food vacuum, then immersion in water or cooking them at low temperature (usually between 65 and 85 ° C), always below 100 ° C in the boiling point is reached.

The treatment of food in this way produces better results than normal cooking, and in fact has been used for a long time in restaurants and professional kitchens. It was not until well into the 21st century when this method of cooking has become popular among domestic consumers, especially with the appearance of the sous vide cooking machines discussed in this guide.

Accessories for Sous Vide

If you are going to buy a sous vide machine online , or you already have one at home, you will know that some accessories are needed. The vacuum cooker can be perfected or expanded using accessories such as the grid for placing several food in the cooking, spare buckets for sous vide roners, or cases to transport your sous vide machine.

Of course, there are other essential elements such as bags for vacuum cooking, which you will also need to replenish as you spend.