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Top 5 Special Occasion Recipes

5 Special Occasion Recipes You Should Try 1. Puff pastry hearts filled with raspberry custard Not for long and then it’s Valentine’s Day again . And because love goes through your stomach, today I brought you a recipe for some sweet stuffed puff pastry hearts with raspberry custard. Undoubtedly, this is gonna be your best valentine’s day recipe. Stuffed […]

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How to Make Waffle Fries the RIGHT Way!

If you’re looking for a delicious treat to munch on anything of the day, it would have to be fries! Potato fries are all the rage and have always been for quite a long time. From children to adults, you’ll find this side great with burgers and condiments. But there is more to the usual […]

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Meat Lovers Rejoice!

Here’s everything you need to learn about the goodness meat can do for your mind and body, as well as the endless possibilities on how to cook it!​ What Eating Meat Can Do For You​ You’re probably wondering what meat can do for you. While meat can get a bad rap for being “unhealthy,” it […]

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