Proper Waste Disposal Methods

proper waste disposal methods

Proper Waste Disposal Methods

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Every home produces lots of waste daily.The waste is piled on heaps on the roadsides. The garbage collectors dispose of it on their behalf. No one cares where the garbage is taken as long as it is out of their houses. It is so unfortunate for the ignorant people as the way waste is done away with is a health hazard.

Humans have to keep the environment clean and maintain it. One way of conserving the environment is by safely disposing of waste. A dirt-free environment is a healthy environment. There are several approaches to waste disposal. We are going to venture into some of them below.

Top 10 Waste Disposal Methods

1. Recycling

Materials such as paper, glass, aluminum, and plastics are usually recycled. This helps in pollution and the need for raw materials. Thereby preserving the rain forests. The processed materials get into new products with new purposes.this is the most eco-friendly method. It does not add any waste material to nature.

Recycling of waste

2. Composting

This involves the decomposition of organic waste such as leaves, peels, and branches in a pit. It can be done in everyone’s home. This method is healthy for the environment as the compost is rich in nutrients. Used as compost manure to plants. Hence, unnecessary refuse is not dumped into landfills.

composting methods

3. Sanitary Landfill

Landfills are the process of storing waste beneath the soil. The remnants of waste that we’re unable to dispose of are buried under the soil. The soil with low permeability is preferred to avoid leakage of toxic chemicals. The landfills are usually places that have low groundwater levels and free from flooding.

sanitary landfill advantages and disadvantages

4. Open Burning

Also, know as incineration. A great method used by most people as it is cheap. Burning the waste in the open reduces its volume. Hence, decreasing the stress on the dumpsite. The resulting ash provides nutrients for hydroponic solutions. While burning the waste, poisonous gases are emitted making it harmful to the environment.

disadvantages of open burning

5. Pyrolysis

This is also another method of burning solid waste. The only difference with incineration is that it is done in the absence of oxygen. The waste is burnt at very high temperatures and compresses its size. The end material can be used as heat energy and leftovers taken to landfilling where it takes smaller space.

pyrolysis advantages

6. Vermicomposting

Vermicomposting is where the worms are used for degradation into nutrient-rich manure. Worms feed on the organic matter. The by-products excreted by the worms are used in the soil for nutrients. Enhancing the growth of bacteria and fungi. This method is better compared to the traditional decomposition.

vermicomposting process

7. Biodegradation

Food, animal and organic waste from food packaging industries are taken to bio-degradation plants. There they are converted into biogas with the help of microbes. The organic matter later serves as food for the micro-organisms. The degradation can happen in two ways that are, with oxygen(aerobically) and without oxygen(anaerobically). as a result of this process, biogas is generated. Which is used as a fuel and the residue as manure.

importance of biodegradation

8. Ocean Dumping

Radioactive waste materials are thrown into the ocean. Far away from human habitats. This method is only safe for humankind but possesses health issues to aquatic life. The environmentalists are always against this method as it is harmful to animals that depend on the ocean waters. Furthermore, in the long run, it affects human beings.

dumping rubbish in the ocean

9. Plasma Gasification

This method is expensive as it requires a lot of capital to put it up. Plasma is an electrically charged gas. This modern method the waste is torched and the liquid or solid converted into syngas. Although it is not cheap, it is a better way to dispose of and manage waste.

Plasma Gasification

10. Waste Generation Prevention

The population worldwide is growing at a very high rate. It has no option but to reuse products or wisely use the existing ones. A conscious decision is unavoidable both at a personal and professional level to curb the ever-increasing growth of waste. It this is not done, there will emerge a great risk of people succumbing to illness due to the effects of venomous wastes.

Waste Prevention

There you have it. Ten good methods to dispose of waste. However, it is advisable to practice an eco-friendly way to avoid nature pollution. Just as they say, charity begins at home. Good habits of observing the environment should start at home. Begin by segregating, recycling and re-using to create a clean environment. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising & linking to Amazon properties including, but not limited to,