Best Kitchen Broom Reviews With Buying Guide

Best Kitchen Broom Reviews With Buying Guide

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Like any other product that you see on the market, kitchen brooms too have different build quality and features. A good broom ensures satisfaction and comfort while sweeping.

A well-made broom offers you greater flexibility, allowing you to reach all the different corners with ease. If a broom is good enough, it can pick up the smallest dirt and debris that a vacuum cleaner is likely to miss.

However, it’s tough to choose the right kitchen broom. To make this job easier for you, today, we’ll review the best kitchen brooms that you can find online.

#List Of The Best Kitchen Broom – Our Editor’s Pick:

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Things to Consider Before Buying Kitchen Broom

Buying Kitchen Broom

There are a few things that only the best brooms offer. If you’re looking for the best broom for your kitchen floor, then you better look out for the following features. Our guide will help you pick from our kitchen broom reviews.

1. Bristle Type

You’ll find different types of bristles in different types of brooms. The bristles will vary in length, thickness, and stiffness.

If the bristles are long and thin, then they’re soft bristles. These bristles are great for cleaning small particles such as dust, sugar, or flour. You can use these with other cleaning agents, which makes them a versatile cleaner and very convenient for kitchen usage.

The medium bristles are moderated in terms of thickness and length, and these are most suitable for both wet and dry cleaning. These are more suitable for sweeping the larger debris of the kitchen.

There are also brooms made of stiff bristles. These tend to be a lot thicker and shorter compared to the rest. It’s easier to clean large and heavy dirt with these. You can also wet these with cleaning agents and sweep the floor.

Furthermore, there are lots of hybrid brooms that offer both soft and hard bristles. These brooms can be used for a variety of purposes, and that depends on the build of the broom.

2. Body Type

The body of the broom is a very important matter when it comes to choosing the right broom for yourself. Different types of bodies can help you clean different corners easily, and some are more convenient for a special condition than others.

There are angled brooms. These brooms help the user reach all the nooks and corners of their kitchen, and you’ll be able to sweep a lot of dust and debris with these.

However, these aren’t the best for clearing out large areas. You need the push brooms for large areas, as these come with thick bristles and a unique body shape for convenience.

3. Dustpan

It’s important that the broom comes with a dustpan. Make sure that it’s of high quality and will last long. When searching for the best restaurant kitchen broom, you must get one with a top-notch dustpan.

Top 10 Best Kitchen Broom Reviews

Kitchen Broom

There are tons of brooms on the market, but only a few provide what it promises

1. TreeLen Broom and Dustpan with 52″ Long Handle

Long handle, flexibility, durable build quality, and medium bristles, the TreeLen broom offers everything that you can expect from a broom. The features of this broom make it an all-in-one broom suitable for all sorts of jobs.

This broom is 52″ tall, and the bottom lip of this broom is 10″ wide. What’s special about this dimension is that it’ll allow you to sweep the kitchen floor effortlessly while standing. If you’re someone who faces difficulties leaning downwards, this might prove to be effective.

Even though it’s the best broom for the kitchen floor, the bristles are a bit stiff, so you’ll face a hard time sweeping dust particles like fur. Plus, the dustpan that comes with this package comes with a huge manufacturer’s label that’s very hard to remove.

If you’re looking for the best rated kitchen broom, then you can take this. However, if you have a pet, then we strongly suggest that you look for one with softer bristles.


  • 52″ height perfect for those who are tall
  • Flexible lip helps get dust onto the dustpan easily
  • Can reach narrow spaces easily with the angled broom
  • Offers dustpan of decent quality
  • Compact storage solution for saving a bit of storage


  • A huge label which is a bit distracting
  • Stiff bristles make it hard to sweep fine dust particles

2. Carlisle 36141503 Duo-Pan Dustpan & Lobby Broom Combo

The Carlisle 36141503 is a kitchen broom that offers tons of unique features. This broom comes in a dark matte black finish, which gives it an elegant look. The edges of the dustpan are serrated, and this allows the dustpan to collect fine dust particles like pet fur and hair.

Now the handle of this broom is made of steel, which gives it great durability. Plus, the bristles of this broom are made specially to allow you to sweep the indoors and outdoors.

A dustpan is provided with this broom, and it pivots along with the broom. This makes dust collection much more efficient. The bail is flexible, and this will allow you to store both the dustpan and the broom efficiently.

Despite the good features, this broom comes with some drawbacks as well. As the bristles are thin and fine, they get fanned out faster than usual. Another drawback is that the broom can’t be inserted into the dustpan. Adding this feature would’ve improved the ability to store this more efficiently.


  • The metal build makes it very durable
  • It’s a soft kitchen broom for a comfortable experience
  • Pivoting dustpan for ease of usage
  • Easy storage solution for saving some space


  • Bristles get fanned out fast
  • Broom can’t be inserted into the dustpan

3. Amazon Basics Heavy-Duty Broom

Amazon Basics makes some great products, and their heavy-duty broom is one of the best. This broom doesn’t offer any unique or flashy features. What makes it special is its durable build quality and reasonable price tag.

Unlike some other brooms, this one boasts a plastic build. However, the plastic used to create this broom is of industry standard, and it’s very tough and durable.

The broom doesn’t come with any extra extension, but three interlocking parts can be used to extend or shorten it at will. This extension feature of this broom is better than some of the higher-end ones as well.

If it had firmer bristles, it could’ve been used for outdoor cleaning as well.

Another issue that’s commonly seen with this broom is that the bristles get frayed very quickly. However, this seems to vary from unit to unit, and if you’re unlucky, you may have to look for a change soon.


  • Reasonable pricing
  • Solid plastic build for great durability
  • Interlocking extension mechanism that makes the extension process easier
  • Flagged bristles help hold onto the finer dust particles


  • Bristles get frayed easily
  • For indoor use only

4. Radley & Stowe Broom Review

If you’re looking for a quality broom that offers the best of both worlds, then you can go for this one from Radley & Stowe. This company is well known for providing top quality brooms, and this one’s no different.

The broom comes in a matte black finish, and you’ll get a dustpan included in this package as well. Its specialty is that it offers both soft and hard bristles.

Also, Its soft bristles will allow you to clean the finer dust particles like fur and hair, while the hard bristles will allow you to sweep the harder and heavier debris.

Then again, this broom can also be used with wet cleaning agents. This is the best wet broom for kitchen floors due to this feature.

The dustpan is nothing of the special sort, but it gets the job done nicely.

Another con is that once you’ve assembled this broom, you’ll find it wobbly if the connections aren’t solid.


  • Can clean finer dust particles with this broom
  • Has a combination of hard and soft bristles for cleaning all sorts of dust
  • Can be used with wet cleaning agents
  • Reasonably priced


  • A bit wobbly
  • Hard to assemble

5. Casabella Basics Angled Set, Broom with Dustpan

When you’re on the hunt for fuller brush kitchen brooms, you can not avoid this set from Casabella. You’ll get an angled broom and a standard dustpan. This is a kitchen broom that offers durable bristles. Not only that, but the bristles are split at the ends as well, which makes sweeping even easier.

The broom is angled at the end. This will help you reach all the nooks and corners that you couldn’t reach with the standard brooms. Not only will you be able to reach them, but you’ll also be able to sweep all the dust out of there. The split bristles only make this better.

Due to the special construction of this broom, you’ll be able to sweep any sort of surface with it. It’s not that tall, as it comes at the height of 44″ only. However, that’ll be enough for many.

What’s worse is that the dustpan comes with a rubber lip. If you don’t want that to decay, you shouldn’t out that against a wall or the floor.


  • Angled Broom for reaching the narrower spaces
  • Split bristle ends helps sweep the fine dust particles easily
  • Medium bristles make it suitable for cleaning all sorts of dirt and debris
  • 44″ height makes it suitable for people with an average height


  • The rubber tip of the dustpan can decay
  • Might get unscrewed

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6. O-Cedar PowerCorner Angle Broom with Dustpan

Looking for angled brooms, this is one of the best you’ll come across. This broom offers a double bristle technology. You’ll find that this broom comes with both grey and black colored bristles.

The grey bristles are soft, while the black ones are comparatively hard. With the grey ones, you can pick the finer dust particle, and with the black ones, you can sweep the heavier debris.

This broom also comes with its flare-tip technology. It allows the ends of the bristles to capture the finer specks of dust more effectively.

The broom also comes with a dustpan. There’s a rubber lip on the dustpan that’ll help you sweep the dust onto it. However, the dustpan is so thin that it’s seen to bend away from the ground, which keeps it from sealing tightly.

Plus, the broom is quite heavy. If it were a bit lighter, it would have been a more convenient pick.


  • Offers both soft and hard bristles for sweeping all sorts of dust
  • Flare-tip technology grabs onto the finer dust particles easily
  • A durable build will make it last very long
  • Comes with a dustpan


  • Dustpan is too flimsy
  • Broom is very heavy

7. TreeLen Upright Broom and Dustpan Set

TreeLen makes only the best brooms that you can get, and their upright broom is a great product of their arsenal. This broom comes with an adjustable height that can be adjusted from 40.5″ to 52″. The process will allow you to stand upright while sweeping, hence the name.

It also offers a very decent dustpan. The dustpan comes with teeth that’ll allow you to brush the dirt from the broom directly into the dustpan. It can be locked into any position, allowing you to brush your broom on its teeth easily.

Once you’re done working, you can snap the broom into the dustpan and store them together. This makes this product a very compact one. Once the broom is inserted into the dustpan, it becomes only 38.5″ tall.

Everything about this Broom is right, except for the assembly part. If you’re new to this, you’ll have a very painful time figuring out which part goes where and how to assemble them properly. And if you fail to assemble them properly, you’ll be left with a wobbly broom.


  • Upright broom for sweeping with ease
  • Adjustable height provides flexibility in usage
  • Good dustpan that helps get rid of dust easily
  • Compact storage for minimizing storage space taken


  • Hard to assemble
  • Wobbles if the assembly isn’t right

8. ZALIK Broom and Dustpan Set

If tall brooms are your preference, this one from ZALIK is perfect for you then. With a height of 50″, this extra tall broom offers a convenient and relaxing sweeping experience for the tall. The height of this broom makes it quite suitable for tall people, as it won’t require leaning forward while sweeping.

Due to this, people will be able to avoid back pain while sweeping.

This broom can be retracted and inserted into the dustpan, allowing you to store it compactly. The handle of this broom is made of steel, which makes it a very durable one.

If you’re on the hunt for a broom that will last for years without much maintenance, then you can go for this.

The dustpan comes with a comb for the bristles, which is definitely a great feature as it’ll help you get the dust on the dustpan. However, the dustpan struggles to stick to the ground, and you’ll face a hard time shoving the dust on the dustpan and not underneath it.


  • 50″ height helps ease back pain
  • Compact design allows easy storage
  • Premium steel build makes it durable
  • Bristle comb helps get rid of the dust on the broom


  • Dustpan struggles to stay on the floor

9. Primica Broom with Self-Cleaning Broom Bristles

Would you like to get the best broom for greasy kitchen? Then the Primica broom is the perfect choice for you. The broom comes with a decent number of both soft and hard bristles, allowing you to sweep both the fine dust particles as well as the heavy debris.

This broom is quite tall, and it’ll allow even the tallest people to sweep their kitchen without having to lean forward. It also offers a decent dustpan with a bristle comb. You’ll be able to get the broom completely clean with the comb.

The design of this broom and dustpan set is quite genius. You’ll be able to insert the comb inside the dustpan by folding it, and it’ll allow you to store this compactly.

Despite the amazing features, this broom and dustpan set feels very cheap due to its build quality. It’s mostly made of plastic, and it’s not very durable overall. In fact, the dustpan doesn’t fit the broom perfectly.


  • Adequate height offers great comfort
  • Decent dustpan allows for sweeping without any hassle
  • A combination of soft and hard bristles helps sweep all sorts of debris and dust
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor


  • The build isn’t sturdy
  • Dustpan doesn’t fit the broom

10. Zalik Broom with Upright Standing Dust Pan

Last but not least is the Zalik broom. This one, too, is quite a long broom, and it offers a great dustpan. The dustpan was designed to help you get rid of the dust on the broom. There’s a dustpan comb that can help you get rid of these. However, it’s tough to get the dust on the dustpan, as these may slip underneath it.

These products boast a high-quality build. The broom is made of steel and high-quality plastic, while the bristles don’t get frayed for a long time.

If you’re a tall person, then you can benefit by using this broom as it can help you with your back pain.

Overall, this is one of the best brooms that you can get out there. If you’re looking for an affordable broom that offers every feature that you can expect from a high-quality broom, then you can go for the Zalik broom and dustpan set. Also, since it’s a tall broom, you should consider this for convenience.


  • Extra tall height makes this broom much more suitable for tall people
  • The broom design allows you to minimize the storage space taken to store it.
  • Will last long
  • The plastics used in this broom are of high-quality


  • The dustpan is hard to use

Top 10 Kitchen Broom Comparison Table

Product Title





Item Dimension


TreeLen Broom


Orange Broom and Dustpan

Plastic, Metal

Broom/Dustpan Combo

10.4 x 11.6 x 52 inches

Carlisle 36141503 Duo-Pan

Carlisle Paddles



Broom/Dustpan Combo

11.8 x 11.5 x 5 inches

Amazon Basics Heavy-Duty Broom

Amazon Basics



Long Broom

17.6 x 10.55 x 2.32 inches

 Radley & Stowe Broom Review

Radley & Stowe



Long Broom

1 x 12.75 x 57.5 inches

Casabella Basics Angled Set



Alloy Steel

Broom with Dustpan

19.68 x 2.36 x 11.81 inches

O-Cedar PowerCorner Angle Broom




Broom with Dustpan

54 x 12 x 2 inches

TreeLen Upright Broom




Broom and Dustpan

11.42 x 10.2 x 54 inches

ZALIK Broom and Dustpan Set



Alloy Steel

Broom and Dustpan

16.42 x 12.05 x 4.49 inches

 Primica Broom


White, Red


Broom and Dustpan

11.81 x 4.33 x 14.96 inches

alik Broom with Upright Standing Dust Pan


Black/ Red

Alloy Steel, Plastic

Broom and Dustpan

15.39 x 12.09 x 4.37 inches

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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

1. How often you should replace your broom?

So, how often do you have to replace your broom? have you ever considered it? Today at Wrapped in Rust, we’ll answer this and other questions on brooms you’ll not have considered. But albeit you’ve never put much thought into your broom or when to exchange it, it’s important information to understand.

Surprisingly, about half of Americans replace their broom as often as per annum. But the solution to the present question really depends upon how often you employ your broom. It also matters what sort of floors you’ve got. If you’re using your broom outdoors much of the time, it’ll naturally require replacement before a brush is used only indoors. Outdoor surfaces, like concrete, are harder on the bristles than a smooth tile or laminate floor.

2. Is vacuuming better than sweeping?

A sweeper and a vacuum cleaner have their identities and variations. Their major comparability is they are each cleansing fabrics. Vacuum cleaners are superb for cleansing flooring without hanging an excessive amount of power handy.

The system separates filth and trash by means of absorbing them up the usage of a pushing or pulling motion. There are quite a lot of sorts of vacuum cleaners provide out there, however, a bulk of fashions desire an energy supply to paintings.

Whereas, the broom’s main target is to brush the grounds blank. It contains taking out the dust around a surface until you can do away with it. This standard cleansing substance does not prohibit you from changing mud.

If you continue to make use of the broom, you’re going to uncover that you’ll be able to even acquire small debris. The broom can wash up in an instant, with no need to search for attachments.

3. How to clean your broom?

While assets range, the average advice is to wash your sweeper every three months or so, and much more regularly if you’re sweeping particularly grimy areas. It’s also a good idea to knock out one of the vital muds on a troublesome surface (outside!) every so often between cleanings.

You can also follow the following steps for better cleaning of your broom:
1. First, eliminate all that mud, grime, and hair clinging to your broom.
2. Next, prepare your wash bucket. You’ll want something big enough to completely submerge your bristles.
3. Now it is swish and soaks time. Soak your broom for nearly 30 minutes in the detergent.
4. Rinse and dry: After your broom has soaked lengthy sufficient, rinse the suds off below a running faucet. Rub the bristles between your palms till all of the soap is long gone and the water runs transparently.

4. How tall is a normal broom?

All you would like is about 18 inches in breadth and depth — even 16 inches will suffice — and ideally 72 inches of height. Broom closet height will also be as brief as about 65 inches, but adding a couple of inches to the highest means that you can include a shelf for cleaning provides.

Final Words

It’s quite tough to find the best kitchen broom for yourself. There are thousands of products online, and only a few of them provide what they promise. All the products that we listed above are amazing, and you’ll be well off with any of them.

Each broom offers unique features that may or may not be convenient for you. We highly recommend checking out our buying aid section for understanding which one’s better for you.

However, if you’re looking for the very best, then you can go for TreeLen brooms. These are the industry standard, despite having slight drawbacks. If you don’t have a pet in your home, you can go for these without a doubt.

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