Top 10 Best Dish Scrubber Reviews in 2022

Dish Scrubber Reviews

Top 10 Best Dish Scrubber Reviews in 2022

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Shopping for a dish scrubber may sound like it’s a no-brainer. It might seem like you can just go to any aisle and pick one that suits your fancy. But that is not the case.

The color may have been enticing or the scrubber may come in the form of a duck or some cute animal. But no matter the reason, choosing the best dish scrubber should not be as unexciting as this.

In this guide, we give you 10 of our top picks when it comes to dish scrubbers. We also tell you why they’re our favorites.

When choosing a dish scrubber, don’t just pick one up from the counter. Consider its uses, its quality, and its scrubbing performance.

Don’t worry, though. We’ll make it easier for you.

Here are our top picks.

#List Of The Top 5 Dish Scrubber In The Market – Comparison Table:

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Top 10 Best Dish Scrubber Reviews

Dish Scrubber

In matters of dish scrubs, nothing is perfect. But when you look at our choices, you’d find that these all come pretty close to perfection. Let’s meet them.

1. Full Circle Dish Brush – Good Kitchen Dish Brush with Bamboo Handle


Our first entry has a design you don’t see every day. It looks like a hybrid of a hairbrush and a wide toothbrush with a bamboo handle. But no matter how different this looks, the brush gives equally amazing results you don’t necessarily see in other ordinary brands.

This scrub is your effective solution to taking out hard-to-wash grease from your plates and glasses. Its bristles are on an all-out war against grease and food particles that remain on your plates after each meal.

Available in three different colors, the bristles are made from BPA-free recycled plastic. Its handle is made of bamboo that is coated with a non-toxic material.

With this brand, not only are you effectively cleaning your dishes, but you are also helping clean the environment by patronizing nature-friendly kitchen tools.

  • Comes in three different colors, suitable for different styles
  • Effective in getting you rid of food particles in dishes
  • The bristles are made from BPA-free recycled plastic
  • Bristles are durable and do not fall off
  • Handle is coated with non-toxic materials

  • The handle has durability issues

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2. OXO Pot Scrubber – Good Grips Soap Dispensing Brush


Soap-dispensing brushes often get a bad rap because of leaks. This model, however, solved that common issue with its secure, twist-on cap. The cap is located at the bottom of the handle, which you can simply pop off when refilling with soap.

The brush comes with a button that you can lightly press to squirt soap on your utensils. It has durable nylon bristles that will last you through hours and hours of dishwashing sessions. They’re also safe for non-stick pans.

What you need to know, though, is that you have to be careful with the button. Pushing it too hard may break it in the long run.

Cleaning is also easy. This brush is built with a scraper on the backside that can help you remove baked-on food.

And what we like about this the most is that the brushes are easy to clean. As long as it’s on the top rack of the dishwasher, the brush is safe.

Plus, you can also order additional brushes for replacements. How cool is that?

  • Built with a secure, twist-on cap to avoid soap leaks
  • Durable bristles
  • Made with a scraper on the backside for baked-on food
  • Brushes are easy to clean
  • Replaceable brush

  • The button has durability issues

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3. KitchenAid Soap Dispensing Sink Brush, Red


When tackling tough cleaning jobs in the kitchen, this brand should be your best ally. This soap-dispensing brush is made of durable plastic with nylon bristles.

The brush is designed to be sleek and fits the palm of your hand. This provides for easy and effective cleaning in the kitchen.

Soap is dispensed with a simple push of a button. Its ergonomic handle is built with a soft non-slip grip that serves as a reservoir for the dish soap.

What we like the most about this is that the brush is made with removable brush heads. As it is removable, it also follows that this is replaceable. In terms of replacements, don’t worry much about it. The brush is durable and will last you for a long time. You will never have to replace this for a while; unless, of course, you need a new brush head for another task, like brushing the sink this time.

With this brush handy, you can rest easy you always have a fresh one ready for the next task.

  • Removable and replaceable brush head
  • Durable materials
  • Sleek design and fits in the palm of your hand
  • Non-slip grip

  • Brush head replacements can be hard to find

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4. Evriholder Long Handle Brush Dish Scrubber


Bring the beauty of bamboo to your kitchen with this brand’s Bamboo Naturals series. Its handle is made of 100% mildew-resistant bamboo. The scrubber is not just attractive, but it is sturdy as well.

The brush is made with flexible bristles that are perfect for scrubbing pots, plates, and even silverware. These bristles are made of recycled plastic.

We know how hard it is to work on baked or stuck-on food on your plates; this is why we have this brush on the list. Equipped with a built-in scraper located at the back of the handle, this brush can easily handle hard-to-remove, stuck-on food on your plates.

What we like about this is that this is easy to store. Its sturdy, ergonomic design includes a hanging rope on the handle that can be used to conveniently hang the brush when not in use.

  • Made with a rope loop for easy storage
  • Built with 100% mildew-resistant bamboo
  • Bristles are flexible and are made of recycled plastic
  • A built-in scraper at the back of the handle works well with stuck-on food
  • Easy on plates, pots, and even on silverware

  • The bristles may fall off over time

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5. MR.SIGA Round Dish Brush, Size: Dia 5.5 x 25cm – Pack of 3


Your purchase of this brand comes with a pack of three brushes that boasts of its sturdy construction. It is gentle that makes it ideal for use in plates, pots, and even non-stick pans. The bristles are made of nylon, are odorless, and can scrub food particles out of your utensils.

Stubborn, stuck-on food are major turn-offs that make dishwashing a chore. With this brush in hand, you never have to worry about these baked-on food particles. The brush is made with a scraper edge that can efficiently help you remove them.

It has a long handle that makes it easier for you to remove dirt that is hard to reach. This is ideal for when you are scrubbing deep pans.

We love its handle with a built-in suction cup. The design allows for the brush to stand on flat surfaces when not in use, which, we think is absolute genius!

  • The brush can stand on flat surfaces
  • Long handle
  • Bristles are soft and can work with pots, pans, and non-stick kitchen utensils
  • Built with a scraper edge for stubborn food particles
  • Sturdy

  • The suction cup is small

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6. Subekyu Bamboo Dish Scrub Brushes


In manners of aesthetics, this brush is an eye-catcher. The brush is made of high-density, firm bristles that help you in easily brushing off stains on every kind of surface. This, it does without wearing or scratching, making this an ideal brush not just for plates and bowls but even for non-stick wares as well.

No matter how stubborn the food particles are, this is one brush that does not easily give up.

Aside from your wares, the brush is also great in washing vegetables and fruits, kitchen sinks, and a lot more.

Moreover,its handle is made of 100% natural bamboo. Its bristles are made of sisal that makes this brand a friend to Mother Nature. In case you’re wondering, sisal is a plant found mostly in Southern Mexico, the fiber of which is used for ropes, matting, or as bristles.

Your purchase includes three brushes and one ceramic base. There is no need for you to worry about buying a new batch anytime soon. Aside from the purchase coming with three brushes, each brush is durable and could last you for a long time.

  • Durable
  • The handle is made of 100% natural bamboo, the bristles of the sisal plant
  • Can take away stubborn food particles from wares
  • Does not scratch surfaces
  • Comes with three brushes and a ceramic base
  • Versatile and can be used in cleaning sinks, fruits, vegetables, etc.

  • Cannot be placed in water for a long time

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7. OXO 36481 Good Grips Soap Dispensing Brush


With this brush handy, all you need to do is to press the pump to release the soap whenever you want it.

The brush comes with sturdy nylon bristles that make it easier for you to scour pots and scrub pans. It is also designed with a soft cap to cushion your hand while you do a huge amount of scrubbing.

Made with durable materials, the brush will more likely last you for a long time. Its bristles, while tough on stains and caked-on food, remain gentle on your wares. You can have this used on non-stick cookware without worries.

As the name itself implies, this is a soap-dispensing brush. To refill, unscrew the cap and fill the soap pump with soap.

Not only would you be able to refill the brush with soap whenever you need it, but you can also replace the bristles when it gets worn. All you have to do is to twist the brush base to remove the old bristles, pop the new bristles right back in, and you’re done!

They’re dishwasher-safe, and so cleaning is a breeze.

  • Tough on stains and gentle on your cookware
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Replaceable bristles
  • Soft, non-slip cap

  • The container for soap is a bit small

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8. Jehonn Dish Brush with Soap Dispenser


Are you looking for the perfect brush for your dishes? This is a high-quality brush that promises you top-notch cleaning performance.

The brush is made with an ergonomic design that includes an amazing plastic handle that is comfortable to hold. Because of the sturdy and comfortable hold it provides, cleaning your dishes is hassle-free.

A purchase goes with a dish brush and a bottle brush. The brush head can easily be removed whenever you need to replace it.

Made with high-grade nylon wire bristles and a scraper, this brush is safe for all kinds of wares, including your non-stick pans. The scraper that is placed at the back of the brush is perfect for those stubborn caked-on food particles that just won’t go away with ordinary brushes.

What’s more interesting is that your purchase comes with a couple of quality sponge refills. With one purchase alone, you now have a complete kit for your dishes.

  • Comes with sponge refills
  • Built with a scraper at the back of the brush
  • High-grade nylon bristles are safe for non-stick pans and other wares
  • Made with a plastic handle that is comfortable to hold

  • The dispensing button is not as durable as other brands

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9. Amazer Kitchen Scrub Brush Sink Bathroom Brushes with Scraper


Built with reliable hanging loops, these high-quality dish brushes are easy to store. The brushes are made from high-grade, durable materials. Its bristles, for example, are made from PET fibers. Such material results in highly-elastic fibers.

Because of this, you can expect for the bristles to maintain its look for a long time. It does not easily deform, unlike other ordinary brands. And its handles are comfortable, resulting in ease of use when cleaning.

Your purchase of this brand gives you two brushes. This is practical if you ask us. You can use one for your kitchenwares, the other for your sink, or wherever you want to use it.

In terms of its performance, this brand will never leave you disappointed. It can remove stubborn stains with its built-in scraper edges. Its bristles can effectively clean your pans, pots, sinks, skillets, and even non-stick wares.

It’s affordable and comes in different colors to match your style. Take your pick!

  • Bristles are made with PET fibers
  • Made with a hanging loop for easy storage
  • Comfortable handle
  • One purchase equates to two brushes
  • Built with scraper edges for stubborn stains
  • Great with pots, pans, and even non-stick wares
  • Comes in different colors

  • Other brands are easier to clean

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10. Scotch-Brite Advanced Soap Control Dishwash Brush


Make your dish cleaning moments more enjoyable with this durable and effective dish scrub. We know how much you hate a dish wand that leaks soap all over your hands and sink. Aside from the mess, leaks can result in slippery handles that may deem the cleaning inefficient. This brand is the answer to your leaky problems.

Aside from that, the brush is also made with two different bristle materials that give you efficiency in scrubbing off dirt and stains. The materials also give you bristles that do not easily deform.

Speaking of bristles, what we like the most about this is that it is made with antimicrobial biocide properties. This ensures your brush does not emit unwanted odor even after numerous washes.

It is built with a soft-touch surface that makes sure your grip does not slip. And with an easy-to-access button, the brush allows you to control the discharge of soap, eliminating waste.

Overall, this is a pretty decent choice. It is strong and provides you with the performance you can rarely find in ordinary brands.

  • Does not leak soap
  • Bristles are durable and do not easily deform
  • The bristles come with antimicrobial biocide properties
  • Soft-touch surface for easy grip
  • Easy to access button for complete control of the soap being discharged

  • Thick and bulky

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Top 10 Best Dish Scrubber Comparison Table

Product Title




Item Dimension


Full Circle Dish Brush

Full Circle



9.25 x 2.56 x 2.36 inches

OXO Pot Scrubber




10.25 x 3 x 3 inches

KitchenAid Soap Dispensing Sink Brush, Red




3 x 9 x 4 inches

Evriholder Long Handle Brush Dish Scrubber




3.7 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches

MR.SIGA Round Dish Brush


Orange, Yellow, Blue

Stainless Steel

2.17 x 2.17 x 9.84 inches

Subekyu Bamboo Dish Scrub Brushes




5.63 x 4.09 x 3.46 inches

OXO 36481 Good Grips Soap Dispensing Brush




4 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches

Jehonn Dish Brush with Soap Dispenser




10.8 x 4.6 x 3.5 inches

Amazer Kitchen Scrub Brush 




10.8 x 1.55 x 2.35 inches

Scotch-Brite Advanced Soap Control Dishwash Brush




2.5 x 2.2 x 11.95 inches

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

1. How to clean Dish Scrubbers?

Cleaning dishes with hands may not clear them properly. All everything you need is a dish scrubber for perfect cleaning Dish Scrubbers are kitchen cleaning tools. But many people don’t clean dish scrubber after using. Bacteria can easily get into it. It is necessary to clean cleaning tools.
• Remove all the food particles after using it and wash with hot water then hang it to dry.
• If the scrubber gets sticky or greasy then put one or two drops of dish detergent and rub it all.
• Don’t forget to sanitize your scrubber after cleaning.
your dishes.

2. What Is Better to Use Than a Sponge?

The 5 alternatives that can be used instead of sponge:
1: Swedish dishcloths.
2: Natural dish brushes.
3: Bamboo cloths.
4: Cellulose Sponge Scourers.
5: Bamboo pot scrubbers.

3. How to Choose the Best Dish Scrubbers?

One of the important kitchen utensils is a dish scrubber. Choosing the right scrubber is not so easy. You will know from here how to choose the right one. Consider the following things-
• Materials.
• Durability.
• Budget.
• Purpose.
• Echo-friendliness.

4. What is the use of a dish scrubber?

Cleaning dishes with hands may not clear them properly. All everything you need is a dish scrubber for perfect cleaning your dishes.

Final Words

A reliable dish scrubber is essential in today’s kitchen life. This is true, especially to those that spend so much time in the kitchen.

To effectively clean your dishes, you need the best dish scrubber for your wares. We provided you with a list of the best brands. Have you picked one yet?

Let us know.

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