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Best Downdraft Gas Cooktop Reviews

In this culinary world, cooking with gas is considered a gold standard, and owning the best gas cooktop would make your work easier. It is also one of the vital appliances for your home that helps you to cook your food evenly. The cooktop is designed with several burners such that you can cook several dishes at the same time.

Some of the cooktops feature range with an oven below them that enables you to bake different snacks. However, you don’t have much space in your kitchen you can purchase the cooktop without the range hood emerged with an oven.

#Top 3 Cooktops In The Market – Editor’s Picks:

Things To Consider Before Choosing Your Gas Cooktop

Whether you only want to have the best cooking experience in your Kitchen Island or you to upgrade your home kitchen, getting a quality cooktop is not an easy task. There are many models and brands that you will need to consider when choosing a downdraft cooktop. A cooktop will help you minimize the amount of time spent in the kitchen while grilling, making tea or preparing elaborate meals.

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But not anyone would like to buy an appliance that will bring a problem after a few days; hence there is a need for choosing the best product in the market. However, for you to get the best cooktop appliance, there are several features that you need to look for in the product. Here are some of the features that will help make the right decision before investing in a downdraft cooktop. 

  • Durability

You should go for something that will serve you for a long time. Ensure you can enjoy the value of your money before the cooktop starts asking for some repairs. The quality of the cooktop you choose determines the amount of time your product will serve you. It is also essential to research on the brand to ensure that they also offer proper maintenance support and warranty.

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  • Controls

Some of these day’s cooktops feature in-lieu of digital controls enabling you to have easy access to the features. They offer convenient one-touch activation and gives you a higher sleek design. However, you can also go for gas cooktops with knobs because they function correctly.

  • Ease of cleaning

It is essential to buy something that you manage and keep it in good condition. If your cooktop remains with spills for a long time, its look may get destroyed. It is good to clear any fluids immediately because upgrading your home means keeping everything clean.

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  • Size

Keeping in mind the space you have, don’t choose a gas cooktop that will trouble you to fit in your kitchen small space. Again, if you are replacing an old cooktop, there is no big worry about the size.

Top 5 Best Gas Cooktop with Downdraft Exhaust

#1 Frigidaire 30-inch Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop

The 30-inch stainless steel cooktop features five sealed burners enabling you to cook several dishes at the same time. It helps in eradicating odours and smoke seamlessly. The design of these burners allows you to use larger pans and pots. Its stainless steel material makes it look more appealing and straightforward.

With the stainless steel cooktop, it will be easy to clean and remove sticky spills. It comes with continuous cast iron grills which make your work easier while moving pans and pots from one burner to another. You will not have to lift heavy pots which may cause you burns.

With continuous grills, it is easy to clean the gas cooktop because they lift out as one piece. The grates also feature an excellent construction to keep your pots stable when cooking or to stir food. The control knobs are written with easy to grasp words, and you can as well operate without someone explaining to you.

This Frigidaire stainless steel gas cooktop is an express-select and features a 450A heating power with 18 controls to adjust the heating to your preferred specifications. A gas cooktop top allows you to save more space in the cabinet for storing your pans and pans rather than scattering them on the surface. It also provides enough working area when preparing the items to cook.


  • Easy to move pots on the continuous grills
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Simple and stylish design
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Sealed burners
  • Five-burner model is quite efficient


  • The heater may stop working
  • Its warranty is unclear

#2 Empava 36″ Convertible 5 Gas Burners Cooktop

This Empava stainless steel gas stove is easy and quick to install plug featuring Orkli electromagnetic valve. It comes with high-quality knobs and has an automatic protection shutdown Orkli Thermocouple. This automatic shutdown prevents gas from leaking when a flame fails to ignite.

The cooktop has five burners which are also ideal for bigger pots. It is made of 100% stainless steel and comes with a safety sensor. Its cast-iron grills are easy to clean using a dishwasher. This is also the right choice for people with disabilities because of the cleaning.

The in-built stove has its control knobs on a location indicating the height of the flames and easy to read instructions. These high Empava burners are rated at 13000BTUs, and it can turn off in case of overheating. The cooktop can be used with natural gas or propane gas since it has nozzles with a separator.

It also works well with outdoor electricity. Besides, cooktop has Auxiliary burner with 3800BTU, two semi-fast burners with 6500 BTU, and rapid burner with 11000BTU and triple burner ring with 13000BTU. It is 36 inches cooktop, and you should be sure that your space can accommodate it. It also comes with a warranty from the manufacturer for limited parts


  • It has a high power output
  • It is convertible to natural gas and liquid propane
  • Features an automatic shutdown
  • You can clean using a dishwasher
  • Quality control knobs
  • Easy to install


  • The pots and pans may not be stable when cooking complicated dishes

#3 Bosch 500 Series 36″ Stainless Steel Cooktop

This 36-inch Bosch cooktop has continuous grates with a modern design featuring horizontal broken lines increasing visual interest. It comes with as a one-piece with a seamless stainless steel design that is easy to wipe and clean. It offers a sleek and professional appearance. The cooktop has five burners with one big one in the middle and two at each side. Its powerful burner produces heat energy of 16,000 BTU, making it ideal for stir-frying, searing and boiling.

Its knobs are made of metal, and they blend well with the stainless steel design. They are durable and easy to turn when switching the burners on and off. Also, it is simple to clean the grates because you can take it off as one piece. It also features melt chocolate delicate sauces that work well with simmer burner without scorching. The simmer burners are designed to accommodate low heat cooking.

You can control the amount of heat you prefer. It uses electronic re-ignition that automatically re-ignites the burner. The stainless steel cooktop looks elegant in your kitchen and with the continuous grates; you can quickly transfer the pots from one stove to the other without any burns.


  • Significant and durable control knobs
  • Easy to clean
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Has continuous grills with striking design
  • Uses electronic re-ignition with automatic re-ignition
  • Can be used for boiling and cooking complicated food
  • Five burners allow you to cook different food simultaneously


  • It is quite expensive
  • The warranty is unclear

#4 Thor Kitchen Pro-style 36-inch Gas Rangetop

The great Thorkitchen cooktop model comes with six sealed burners that are of the same size with BTU range energy power that is ideal for boiling to simmering.

The significant parts of this cooktop are constructed from stainless steel. This material resists tear and wears with easy to clean design. It features a black porcelain drip tray adds an attractive look that blends greatly with iron grates. It makes the cooktop to look sleek in your kitchen. The quality cooktop also comes with heavy-duty cast iron grills that can withstand high temperatures. It is also easy to clean if well maintained.

This fantastic gas cooktop has six high-quality control knobs that are made of zinc alloys and are to read at a glance. They also have an easy to clean design. The knob construction is super placing them in a small diagram, ensuring you find a knob for each burner. It is good to check on the price to ensure suits your pocket. You don’t have to worry about staining because they aren’t sticky. It may also be hard to clean the grates.


  • The porcelain drip tray matches the grates
  • High energy power output
  • Its stainless steel is resistant to wear and tear
  • High-quality control knobs
  • Easy to clean design
  • Heavy-duty cast iron grills withstanding high temperatures
  • It gives your kitchen an appealing look


  • It is expensive
  • Space between the burners is little

#5 Empava 5 Italy Sabaf Burners Top Gas Cooktop

This is a great gas cooktop made of stainless steel, making it have an appealing look for a modern kitchen. It is made in the USA and can be imported to other countries; therefore, you should check if it is shipped into your country before making an order. The Empava stainless steel gas cooktop has five burners with 18 gauges. It is an in-plug unit, and it offers easy and quick installations. It features an electromagnetic valve and a thermocouple automatic protection shutdown that prevents gas leakage in case the flame fails to ignite.

 A high-quality dishwasher can clean these grill knobs and cast iron grates. The Italian imported burners and the heavy cast iron grates are durable and will serve you for several years. This gas stove features safety sensor provides you with template reliability. It uses an electronic ignition that doesn’t require a pilot. And a raged range of 11942 BTU is enough for boiling.

It comes with NG interchangeable nozzles and works manually with the LPG. The burners feature 2-semi electric stove with5971 BTU, rapid 10236 BTU, triple burner ring with 11942 and auxiliary burner of 3412 BTU. The cooktop features two big burners that allow you to prepare your dishes with bigger pots. The burners produce uniform heat, and hence you can make food at your desired heat preference.


  • Five quality burners
  • Automatic protection shutdown
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Comes with convertible natural gas
  • High-quality knobs and cast iron grates
  • Large cooktop space


  • There is no explicit warranty

FAQ Section

  • What is a downdraft gas cooktop?

 A downdraft gas cooktop is a home appliance that is designed to reduce smoke while cooking. In this case, the smoke and fumes are sucked down beneath the cooktop. If you choose the best cooktop, it will come with all the features for dealing with the smoke.

  • How safe are downdraft gas cooktop?

These gas cooktops are safe for any caring person. Y should pull your hair back if it’s a long one, and tuck long sleeves. The cooktops also cater for carbon monoxide, which is a threat to your health. 

  • How to clean a downdraft gas cooktop?

A downdraft gas cooktop features a vent that draws down the smoke and odours in the kitchen. You will have to use soapy water to scrub and remove all the grease in your vent. However, the vent should be removed as per your unit instructions. Do not worry because most of these cooktops come with a manual.

  • What are BTUs and their importance in cooking?

BTU is the measurement for heat energy and the higher the count of BTU, and the more gas is used. High energy increases the efficiency in all cooking methods that require a lot of heat like frying or boiling. A lower BTU is used for cooking methods that require lower heating.

 Final Verdict

Downdraft gas cooktop is one of the best appliances to have in your kitchen. It also increases your efficiency in cooking because you can prepare several complicated dishes at the same time. However, it is vital to consider a cooktop that is pocket-friendly.

Keep your house in an appealing look that will always ensure your visitors will not wait for a cup of tea for an hour because you have another dish cooking. Most of these gas cooktops come with an automatic shutdown to prevent leaking of gas and to cause fire accidents. With this review, you can now select the best product that will help reduce your cooking time.

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