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Our modern households are blessed with thousands of home appliances mean to serve for long and simplify our housework. Proper cleaning is the key to keep those devices functional for years and bring the best out of them. The microwave oven is not an exception.

People often get confused, how to clean a microwave without impair it and ended up with a partially cleaned oven. Being an electronic device pushes their apprehension further. Here comes the importance of “Microwave Cleaner”, which can clear the mess you have done with your oven, in no time. Besides, ensure that the device remains harmless.        

Owing to the growing demand, the market observes a surge of this sort of product these days. Finding the best and effective one could be tricky. But you don’t need to be worried, as the pre-eminent items available out there are presented here to ease your selection process.  

Top 5 Best Microwave Cleaner You Should Try – Editor’s Pick:

Top 10 Best Microwave Cleaner On The Market

1. AODOOR Angry Mama Microwave Oven Steam Cleaner Doll for Home


Rigorous scouring or applying harmful chemicals isn’t required anymore to clean your microwave oven. Manufactured with ingredients that’s are eco-friendly, but didn’t compromise in viability as well as innocuous, when being used at above normal temperature. As an outcome, its chance of posing any harm to human body is minimal.

Microwave oven is one of the most frequently use appliances in your home, as a consequence, obstinate stains, food left over and spills over are some common incident. But when you are armed with angry mama those are not that worrying for you.

Simple to use; you need to remove the hairy head off from the body, which is a reservoir indeed and fill it with cleaning agents consist of potable water, lemon juice as well as vinegar and put the head in place again. Afterwards, place it in the oven and run the oven, it will generate a flow of steam inside. As per the manual, you need to continue for seven minutes. In some cases, the microwave oven runs for 6 minutes max. If this is the case with your one, run it for an extra minutes.

Be cautious when you take it out, as its head will be extremely heated owing to the process, but the arms will remain cool. Finally, wipe out all the messes you have done with the microwave with a soft cloth or paper towel.      


  • One of the cheapest cleaning solution for the microwave oven
  • Easy to use
  • Nontoxic and Eco-friendly


  • In a few occasions smell of vinegar persist after the cleaning.

2. Glisten Microwave Cleaner with Foaming Power


The time of applying tough substances to clean the microwave is over. Glisten introducing the innovative solution for easy cleaning of the oven. Originally a scrubber, which foams when being heated. That foam act as reagent and attenuates stains or leftover stuck strongly inside.

Also generate steam to soften the food remains, hardened by high temperature. As a consequence, it becomes easy to clean by simply wiping. Usage is simple, just unpack it and put it inside the microwave oven. Start heating, so that its foaming power get unlocked and continue the heating process for at least three minutes. Wipe out the whole cooking area.

A freshly smelled and dirt free device is ready for next operation. You might be thinking about any chemical reaction or adverse effect of Glisten. But you can rest assured, as it’s made of only natural elements. In order to keep a clean and fresh interior, can be used frequently regardless of your oven type. It’s recommended to apply Glisten Microwave Cleaner prior of any food leftover or stain creates a major destruction.


  • Developed with natural elements
  • No chemical reaction
  • Fairly priced
  • Quick cleaning is due


  • One time use

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3. Erupting Volcano Microwave Cleaner, Kitchen Dirt Cleaner


First of all, don’t get distracted by its anomalous appearance. Whereas, its performance what matters the most, is unparalleled. Named after the volcano, as it designed in accordance with a volcanic eruption.

The terror of rubbing the oven for 30 to 40 minutes with regular cleaning agents and hoping for a neat and clean machine, which is not the reality, is over. Or trying the hard way by using steel scrubber and risking the solidity of the interior is not necessary.

This volcano cleaner will erupt enough steam to melt down all stubborn crud that has nested in every corner. A liquefaction consist of simply water and vinegar will do the magic. You don’t need to be confused about the amount of ingredients. Its body marked with limit lines till which it has to be filled by water and vinegar.

After filling, place it inside the oven and operate it for five to eight minutes at maximum temperature. When the cycle ends take it out (its body remains cool, so no burning incidents anticipated). All the dirt supposed to be softened and melted down by this time. Wipe the chamber with a napkin or paper towel.


  • No hazardous substance
  • Body remains cool despite of high temperature
  • Can be cleaned with dishwasher
  • Simplified assembling and disassembling process


  • Sometimes the steam flow take a bit of extra time to blow out

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4. TOPIST Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner, Disinfects With Vinegar


A microwave is a gift for all of us, which has the conveniences and save our precious time. Let’s be honest, microwave can get little messy or in some cases absolutely disgusting. Don’t worry, angry mama is here to clean up the messes you have done with your microwave by trying a whole lot of weird recipes!

So far the fastest and easiest way to wipe away microwave crud using natural ingredients in a few minutes. Literally cleans everything from stubborn stains to leftover of foods stuck in the corner. Barbecue sauce, eggs, tomato sauce, cheese and lot others will be wiped out in no times.

Pull out the head from the body of angry mama, pour water and vinegar according to the lines marked in the body. Place it in the middle of the turntable, start heating and continue for at least seven minutes.

No matter what type of machine you use, optimum performance is guaranteed. Its non-toxic build ensures that there will no chemical reaction when being heated. Head get hot, so don’t try to grab it immediately after the cycle end, instead take it out by using its hands, which remain cool despite of high temperature. Finally, wipe the cooking chamber with paper towel.     


  • Environmental friendly
  • Comfortable use
  • Less costly


  • Vinegar might create some bad odor

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5. Great American Volcano Microwave Cleaner


Owing to the adverse impact on nature as well as on the human body, use of chemical for cleaning or any other purpose has reduced significantly over the years. Plain water never was the go to option for its inability to produce a crystal clear surface. As a consequence, people using a microwave oven, experienced extreme difficulty to clean their machines.

But commencement of Great American Volcano Microwave Cleaner has turned the tide wholly. Uses only natural ingredients, water and vinegar to clean microwave, regardless of types. Remove upper part from the body, pour water and vinegar to level marked inside, then put together separated parts.

Place it in into the oven, microwave it for at least five minutes to seven minutes at high temperature. This volcano will create enough destruction inside your oven. As an outcome, all the dirt that makes a stronghold inside, start losing strength and become vulnerable to any soft touch.

Finally, wipe out the whole inner surface to get a clean and fresh oven. Your microwave is saved from scrubbing originated damage. Moreover, don’t need to spend money on toxic chemical.


  • Chemical free cleaning
  • Better result in lesser time
  • Easy use


  • Unconventional appearance

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6. New Metro Design Angry POTUS Microwave Steam Cleaner


The word “POTUS” stand for President of The United State. The reason behind naming this cleaner after POTUS is its performance, which perfectly resembles as of a president. Water and vinegar are all you need to use as cleaning agent. The president will do the rest.

Perfectly fits is in any microwave oven for the height of 8.5 inches. Marked with two filling lines so that you can easily fill it up. Pull off Mr. President’s head, pour vinegar till the first line and water till the second line. Reassemble again and put it in the oven.

Start heating process, continue for at least three minutes at high temperature. It will stream enough anger by this time to melt down all the hardened stains caused by baking or food cooked at high temperature. Wipe out the entire cooking chamber with a soft cloth or paper towel.

You will get a clean and fresh microwave oven for further use in less than ten minutes. Which would cost you more than an hour to achieve in conventional method and unnecessary hard work. Make sure that it’s not overloaded as well as not empty when being heated.


  • Less time consuming
  • Compatible with any microwave
  • Smart look


  • Will cost a bit extra

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7. LI&HI Angry Mama Microwave Oven Steam Cleaner


Mother’s anger, undoubtedly one of the most feared situation in a person’s life. As we feel lost in front of such massive force. Angry mama microwave cleaner poses threat of the same magnitude toward barbecue sauce, eggs, tomato sauce, cheese and a lot others, who feel like they are at home. Without using hazardous chemical substances or applying rigorous rubbing, you can easily get your microwave clean now.

We use the microwave for a wide variety of purposes from grilling to bake something at extreme heat. Those processes create a huge mess inside the oven. Some are easy to clean while others proved to be hard to clean. Tap water and clean cloth, which we usually use in cleaning are not enough to handle that.

Using chemical then become an obvious option. Some users are even rude to apply metal scrubber, which eventually not a bad option if you want to impair the solidity your microwave has. Notwithstanding, when you are armed with angry mama, both you and your oven are safe from exposing on harmful chemical.

A blend of water and vinegar will be enough to melt down all the stubbornness, you encounter while clearing the messes. Angry mama produces a flow of steam from that mixture when being microwaved for seven minutes at maximum temperature. At the end of the cycle all remain to do for you is wiping your oven with simply soft towel or paper towel.


  • Less costly
  • Less time consuming
  • Less laborious


  • There are a few user complaints regarding effectiveness

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8. MiracleWipes for Microwaves and Cooktops – Removes Food and Grime Buildup


It’s obvious for anyone to be fearful of trying recipes, which are a bit oily, as it create a lot of mess, not only inside walls, but on the door of the oven too. Conventional Cooktops also get dirty quite swiftly by oil sediment.

But that will not resist you from trying your favorite dishes, as cleaning is not a concern anymore. Miraclewipe – a wipe for microwave oven as well as for conventional uses, such as Cooktop, glass door and more.

A shiny glow is due in your appliances when you are wiping them with miraclewipe. Comes in a container from which you can easily pull them out when needed. Single use for each fly.

Don’t need to use detergent or any other cleaning agent. Simply remove one fly from the container, wipe the dirty surfaces and through it into the waste bin. Cleaning can’t be easy anymore. Buildup created by spillover, stains will be overthrown easily by a single wipe.


  • Diverse use
  • Easy use container
  • Swift cleaning


  • One time use

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9. Bell Dream Microwave Cleaner Kitchen Angry Mama Disinfects with Vinegar


We are accustomed to operating a microwave oven very much nowadays owing to the massive dependency on it. But cleaning it always create tension, because it’s not as easy as operating an oven. What if the cleaning process goes almost automatic? Sounds great right!

Bell Dream is here to assist you in this regard. They have engineered a doll that looks like a baby toy, but intended to do some serious stuff. And named it angry mama, which will show its anger on your microwave crud living in your microwave for days.

Produces a flow of steam in the oven that soften the dirt in minutes. In order to create that steam flow you have to pour water and vinegar in its body to a certain level and they will act as the cleaning agent.

No need of any detergent or other toxic elements. All-natural, convenient for health, convenient for nature. After filling, place inside and microwave for seven minutes at high temperature. When the cycle ends, just wipe out all the messes you have created.


  • Cost efficient
  • Eco-friendly
  • Effortless usage


  • Performance not as superior as anticipated

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10. Bellagione Microwave Cleaner Set of 4 Steam with Vinegar


Those who perform cooking activity on a regular basis must admit that cooking is much easier than maintaining cooking appliances. The microwave oven is not an exception. Being an electronic device adds more sophistication in its handling as you can’t use whatever you want to clean it.

Moreover, as we cook food on it, using hard cleaning agents or chemical might contaminate our food. Bellagione addressed the issue magnificently with Angry Mama, a kitchen assistant who help you clean your oven easily. Use only water and vinegar, which don’t have any impact on food and will not cost you much.

Remove her hair first, open the head and you will find a reservoir marked with two filling lines. Fill water up to the first mark and vinegar to the second put it together again. Angry mama is ready to burst her anger. Set it inside your oven, microwave it for five to seven minutes at high temperature.

At the end of cycle, remove it, don’t touch the head as its still heated, go with her hands. Wipe the entire inner surface with paper towel or cloth. Your oven is clean, fresh and ready for next use.


  • Cleaning becomes entertainment
  • Can be used with all types of oven
  • No complication in use


  • Plastic body is a concern

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Spending a considerable amount of time to maintain things is too much costly these days. We are always on the run to comply with our desired living. Making food sometimes turn out as wasting time, so we order online. To whom this is the case, cleaning obviously not a pleasant thing to do, especially when it’s time killing and laborious.

But, the aforementioned products will definitely change your idea. Cheaply priced, simple to use and easy to get. Environment friendliness makes them even convenient. Whatever you have done with your microwave oven, you can now clean it right away.

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