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Best Rice Container Reviews and Buying Guide

Food shortage is a pressing issue. This is why, in an effort to curb this world problem, we, in our own little ways, contribute by minimizing food wastage. But in doing so, you need a high-quality container that is not just sturdy but airtight as well.

Rice, for example, deteriorates when not properly kept in such a container. And yes, it is a challenge to find an airtight container where we can store our rice and other grains in. So here we have them, 10 of the best rice storage containers one can ever find in the market today.

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Top 10 Best Rice Container On The Market

We want to help you help the world find solutions to food wastage. And so we’ve come up with a list of the best rice storage containers.

1. OXO Rice Container – OXO NEW Good Grips POP Container


While some homeowners prefer to purchase containers in a set of three or four, there are always some of those who prefer to get them by piece. When this is the case, OXO has a guaranteed high-quality lineup of individual canisters that are amazing – from its design to construction to durability.

This product comes in 12 sizes, each of which you can purchase individually. Its design is sleek and will not be taking up too much space in your kitchen. The container is made up of crystal clear plastic that’s BPA-free and can last you for a long time.

Because of its transparent make-up, it would be easier to determine how much rice you have left without the need to open the lid.

What we like about its design as well are its rounded corners. Having these rounded corners make it easier to pour its contents without creating a mess. A button is also placed on top of the lid, which, when pushed inside, creates a perfect airtight environment. That functional button is a game-changer.

It can handle as much as 4 quarts. The container is large enough to accommodate toys if not being used for rice, which speaks so much of its versatility. What more can you ask?

  • Comes in multiple sizes that are sold separately
  • It is airtight and keeps food fresh
  • The button on top of the lid is functional
  • BPA-free

  • The button sometimes gets stuck inside the container

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2. Chef’s Path Food Storage Containers


There are just some deals in the market that are so hard to ignore. This is one of them. This set is made up of 7 amazing pieces in a set. The pieces are of different sizes, each size of which serves a different purpose.

One of the things we like about this set is that it is designed for easy storage. All these pieces can be stacked on top of each other. Although the sizes may be different, they can all fit on top of each other so easily that storing will never be a problem at all.

It is durable and high-quality. The containers are also made of ABS plastic, which assures you of long-term use. It is also BPA-free, free of toxins, and so will never alter the taste and smell of the food you’re keeping.

The lids are equipped with silicone layers underneath them, ensuring that the container is airtight. It is also spill-free. The lids are also made of thick plastic. That is one durable plastic lid we’re talking about.

Plus, with this purchase, you also get 10 reusable chalkboard stickers and a pen. You can use these cuties to label your containers.

  • Comes in varied sizes for different uses
  • Lids are of sturdy ABS plastic
  • BDA-free materials
  • See-through construction
  • Space efficient can easily be stored

  • Can be a bit expensive as compared to the others

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3. GoodCups 4 Large Food Storage Containers


Made up of four pieces in one set, this is a great deal you should not miss. Each container features a cubic design that offers a better grip. All four can be stacked on top of each other, so this does not take up much space.

They are made from BPA-free plastic, and you don’t have to worry about any smell it will leave on the food you stored inside. At the same time, shoo your worries away of the food’s taste being altered, just like how it happens with other canisters.

The plastic is transparent, making it easier for you to check on the contents without the need to open the lid.

Speaking of the lid, it has side-locking latches that are 100% leak-proof. It is airtight, keeping your rice fresh and free from insects. The containers can be used to store other food and can fit in your freezer. It is microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe.

And it is durable and can last you many years. During your purchase, you will be gifted with 8 free labels that you can use to mark your containers.

If there’s anything that we think should be worked on here, it is that the lid should be improved. Shutting the lid seems like a chore. Aside from that, everything is good.

  • Does not take up much space in the kitchen
  • BPA-free materials
  • Made of transparent plastic
  • Side locking latches

  • Shutting the lid is sometimes a bit hard

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4. Aroma Housewares ARD-125 Rice Dispenser

This is a state-of-the-art rice dispenser – one that you would want in your kitchen right now. The dispenser can keep up to 22 pounds of rice and can keep it dry in a long time. It can also store beans, too. And its design is ideal as it will not be taking up much space in your kitchen.

One of the things we really like about this is its ability to dispense rice in measuring cups. Not only does this store your rice safely, but it can also guarantee correctly-measured dispenses.

You can set up the preferred amount of rice you want to be dispensed per push of the button. Once that is set up, all you need is one button push, and you are given equal amounts of rice – one, two, or three cups per push.

The rice dispenser is engineered with a smooth funnel design that does not clog. You are assured that rice flows smoothly in the drawer at the base of the dispenser with every push of the button. It also features a closed-end design that drives away insects from your rice.

Also, it is sturdy and can last you a long time. It also has a window at the front. This would show how much rice you still have left inside.

  • Dispenses rice in equal amounts
  • Durable
  • Can hold as much as 22 lbs of rice
  • Does not clog

  • The container may not be as airtight as the others

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5. Vtopmart Food Storage Containers (5.2L/176oz – 4 Pcs)


If there is anything about this rice storage container, it is that it can keep your rice fresh for a long time.

A set is made up of four pieces that are made in equal shapes and sizes. The body of each of these pieces is made from clear acrylic. It is transparent, so you would be able to know how much rice you have left inside. Being able to identify its contents is possible without the need to open the lid.

It is airtight and watertight. The lids are engineered with silicon layers that avoid any amount of air or any drop of water from seeping into the locks. This keeps your content fresh.

One of the things we love about this storage container is its lid. If there is a need for you to open it, you don’t necessarily have to open the whole lid. The container is designed with a small flip lid opening with a silicone layer, which makes it possible for you to open just part of the lid.

And the storage containers are all made with BPA-free plastic and are durable and dishwasher safe. It also comes with 24 pieces of labels and a pen. The labels are reusable as you can easily wipe the writings off with a cloth, which would be an easy way to label your containers.

  • High-quality storage containers
  • Airtight and watertight
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Can retain freshness for weeks

  • Cannot be stacked on top of each other

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6. JapanBargain S-1826, Rice Storage Container


This rice storage container is made from imported plastic that is durable and can last you for many years. It can hold up to 22 pounds of rice. This equates to about 10 kilograms. During your purchase, a measuring cup is already included. There is also a small hanging container inside that can be used for leftover rice.

While most brands can just easily be stacked into the dishwasher, it would be better for you to hand wash this storage container. This is dishwasher-safe, yes. But hand washing this would give you the best results.

It is also made with clear plastic, which would make it easier for you to check its contents without the need to open the lid.

As much as we would like this to be airtight, it is not as airtight as the other brands. It is airtight, alright, but the other brands perform much better when it comes to this department. We think it is in its lid. The lid is made of plastic with a clip. Unlike the other brands, the lid does not come with a rubber seal.

There are also questions on its durability, with some claims of the container not lasting for a long time.

  • It is made of transparent plastic
  • Can hold up to 22 pounds of rice (10kg)
  • Comes with a measuring cup
  • Includes a hanging container for your leftover rice

  • Not as airtight as the other brands in the market
  • Not so durable

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7. Snapware Airtight Plastic Food Storage Container


Made from BPA-free materials, this rice storage container is known for its durability. You can rest assured this can last you for many years of regular use.

The rice storage container is engineered with convenient and reliable lids that make its environment inside as airtight as possible. This maintains the freshness of your rice while also keeping it away from insects and pests.

While the lid is made to fit the exact size of the container, it also has 4 locking tabs. This ensures that the container is very airtight and is also leak proof.

It has a large base, but despite its design, it is lightweight and takes less space in your kitchen. The large base also ensures that it is able to provide stability no matter how much rice you put inside it. In case you’re wondering, the storage container can hold up to 40 liquid cups.

This is dishwasher-safe; just make sure it’s on the top rack. It can be stored inside the freezer, and it is also microwave-safe. For something this good, the price is right and would fit your budget. This is not as expensive as the other brands out there.

If there is one thing, though, it is that when microwaving a sauce, do not microwave it using this container. The lids tend to stain.

  • Durable
  • Lightweight and takes less space in the kitchen
  • Microwave-safe
  • Airtight and leak-proof

  • The lid tends to stain when microwaving sauces

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8. Komax Biokips Large Food Storage Container


When you’re thinking of finding a storage container for large amounts of food, this is a pretty good choice.

The container is made of durable materials and could give you years of continued use. It can hold not just rice but sandwiches as well as other kinds of food. It is airtight and watertight, it can be put inside the freezer, and it is dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe as well.

And the container is made with a non-slip lid that allows you to stack other containers on top of it. You don’t have to worry about other canisters slipping off when placed on top of this container. It is made of BPA-free plastic.

Also, the container is made of materials that retain the taste of your food even when stored inside for long periods of time. It also does not leave a plastic kind of smell to your food.

When you need to scoop the rice out of the container, there is no need for you to fully open the lid. The container is engineered with a door hatch that makes it possible for you to partly-open the lid. This also comes with a measuring cup, making it easier for you to scoop grains out of the container.

Moreover, the container can hold up to 20 or so pounds of rice.

  • Non-slip lid
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made from BPA-free plastic
  • Equipped with a door hatch lid

  • The container also tends to leak at times
  • The rubber seal does not work as well as the others

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9. TBMax Rice Storage Container with BPA Free Plastic + Airtight Design


This rice bin comes along with a measuring cup and a pour snout. The measuring cup ensures that you are able to scoop the rice out of the container in equal amounts. And the pour snout gives you a mess-free pouring of rice or whatever is stored inside the bin.

The container is made of BPA-free plastic, making it safe enough for food storage. It is airtight and is built with 2 silicone seals that would ensure to keep your food dry and fresh. This also keeps the insects away from your rice or any other food inside.

Storing using this container is also hassle-free and convenient. It can easily fit inside the fridge. And it also does not take up much space in your kitchen in case you prefer to keep it there.

Moreover, the plastic that makes up much of the container is transparent. It would be easier for you to determine how much rice you still have left inside. And it is also durable and could last you for many years of regular use.

It can hold rice of about 2 kilograms. This one here is quite small, actually, when compared with the other containers in the market. But if you don’t use rice that much, this is perfect for you.

  • Comes with a measuring cup
  • Made with a pour snout
  • Airtight and watertight
  • Does not take up much space in the kitchen

  • Smaller as compared to others
  • The seal does not work as well as the others

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10. EonTone Rice Storage Container with Wheels Seal Locking Lid


If what you are looking for is a storage container that is so airtight that it keeps not just moisture but insects away from your rice, this is your best bet.

The container is made from PP material, which speaks so much about its durability. It is as airtight as airtight can be. The container also has a larger storage capacity as compared to its other counterparts. This one here can store up to 33 pounds of rice.

And the plastic is also transparent, which makes it easier for you to check how much rice you still have left inside. There is no need to open the lid. The top is also flat, which makes it ideal for putting small items on.

Its locking system is tight. And what sets this apart from the others in the market is that it comes with wheels. This means that you can easily move this from one part of the kitchen to another without so much of a hassle.

In fact, it is not just within your home that you can move this around. When there is a need for you to transport rice or food somewhere, this is way easier to use.

  • A tight, reliable locking system
  • Can hold large amounts of food up to 33 pounds
  • Easy to use and move with its two wheels
  • Flat top allows you to place small items on top

  • The material is a bit flimsy
  • When not regularly cleaned, the wheels do not work well

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Top 10 Best Rice Container Container Comparison Table

Product Title





Item Dimension


OXO Rice Container



Silicone, Plastic

2.6 Liters

4 x 10 x 6 inches

Chef’s Path Food Storage Containers

Chef's Path


Silicone, Plastic

8.5 Pounds

17.17 x 9.96 x 5 inches

GoodCups 4 Large Food Storage Containers



Plastic, Rubber

2.8 Pounds

17.55 x 12.91 x 5.9 inches

Aroma Housewares ARD-125 Rice Dispenser

Aroma Housewares




16.54 x 7.09 x 17.32 inches

 Vtopmart Food Storage Containers





7.5 x 7.5 x 9.1 inches

JapanBargain S-1826, Rice Storage Container




10 kgs

Item Dimensions LxWxH

Snapware Airtight Plastic Food Storage Container




40 Cups

10.15 x 8.5 x 9.1 inches

Komax Biokips Large Food Storage Container





13.4 x 9.8 x 7.4 inches

TBMax Rice Storage Container





11.5 x 3.3 x 6 inches

EonTone Rice Storage Container





14.17 x 7.68 x 12.8 inches

Things To Check Before Choosing Your Rice Container

In terms of the best rice storage container in the market, we only want you to get the best. This is why before you get one for yourself; we have prepared some tips to guide you well.

  • Materials

One of the most important things to check before your purchase is the materials your airtight container is made of. Airtight containers can come in two forms – glass and plastic. To help you decide which ones to get, think about these two things: durability and food safety.

Airtight storage containers made of plastic are more popular. This is perhaps because of a few benefits these plastic containers offer. One is that it is lightweight. Also, plastic containers are easier to clean and are not prone to breaking. This ensures you have a container that would last you for years.

While plastic is popular, you have to make sure of a few things before you purchase. Most plastic containers now are FDA-approved and are made of BPA-free, toxic-free materials. But don’t be complacent. In the name of food safety, make sure you always check these requirements.

  • Stack Ability

It is common these days for storage containers to be stackable. But not all are made as such. When choosing your next storage container, make sure that you choose the ones that can be stacked on top of each other.

Or, if not, choose the one that has a flat top. This saves you space as you are able to put smaller things on top of the container.

  • Sizes

When it comes to choosing airtight containers, it would be best for you to choose the size that addresses your concerns.

If you are keeping about 2kg of rice for your once-in-a-while cookout, choose something smaller. And if it’s for a large family or if you intend to use it for storage of other items, go get something bigger.

Do you also intend to put food in these containers and stow them away inside the freezer? Or do you just want to have them sit on your kitchen counter? If you have answers to these questions, it would be easier for you to decide which sizes to get.

Also, if you are getting a set of storage containers, it would be useful to get those that vary in sizes. This offers you so much flexibility in terms of the types of food you are able to store.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you still have questions unanswered. We’re here to address those. Read on.

Q: Why is it important for a rice container to be airtight?

Answer: The longer the time rice is stored, the lower its moisture becomes. Once its moisture level goes below 14%, it is susceptible to the growth of molds. This reduces the quality of your rice.

An airtight container ensures that moisture is retained, resulting in rice that can be kept longer without jeopardizing quality.

Q: How long can you store rice?

Answer: Keep the moisture out, and it will last for a year. It may last for a couple of years, but the flavor is not as good as when the rice is fresh.

Q: How do you keep bugs out?

Answer: This goes back to the quality of the container you are using. Go for a container that is airtight, and that keeps bugs out.

Q: Can you still store soaked, uncooked rice?

Answer: When sealed in an airtight container and properly stored inside the fridge, soaked rice can still be used in about three days max.

Q: How would you know when the rice has turned bad?

Answer: There is an off odor for rice that turned bad. Either water was able to seep through the rice storage container, or the moisture has gone down below 14%. Molds are also indications of rice turned bad.

Final Words

When choosing the best rice storage container, look for that which will serve you well. And by that, we mean a storage container that could last you years. It should be stackable and airtight enough to keep your rice as fresh as possible for as long as it possibly can.

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