how to cook green beans

How To Cook Green Beans

How to Cook Tasty and Crisp Green Beans Green vegetables are very beneficial for our health. Because it provides various necessary things for our health like iron, protein, minerals, folic acid, vitamins. Green beans are one of them. It’s very nutritious with vitamins like A, B, C and K. We love to eat tasty and crisp green beans. It’s very useful vegetables. Here’s I giving you a simple and easy way to cook tasty and crisp green beans. If you want to cook tasty green beans fast and efficiently, firstly you should select fresh and youthful green beans. Then you should collect some necessary ingredients and take short cooking time. Be careful don’t take too much cooking time otherwise the taste and color of green beans will be changed.

how to cook green beans in oven


  • 12 ounces trimmed green beans.                                                   
  • ¼ cup water.
  • 1 table spoon butter or olive oil.                      
  • ¼   tea spoon salt.                                                                   
  • ¼   tea spoon black pepper.                               

Cooking Time

  • Hands on Time – 6 Mins
  • Total Time -6 Mins

How To Cook It

Step-1: Place green beans in a large pot; ¼ cup pure water.

Step-2: Bring to a boil high heat. When water started to boil, cover the pan and cook minimum 3 minutes.

Step-3: After 3 minutes boiled uncover the pan and stir in butter, cook 1 minutes or until water steams.

Step-4: Spray beans with salt and pepper just few minutes to soften the cell wall. Serves -4 man and serving size: about ½ cup.

Different Types of Beans

Generally we have different types of beans like Pole beans, Runner beans, lima beans, Bush beans, Shell beans etc. But basically we can have divided them in two types-1. Pole Beans and 2. Bush Beans. We can easily grow them in a container or our regular garden. It’s one of the best thing is we can grow them easily because it does not take too much care and established quickly.

1. Pole Beans: Pole beans needs a good structure or pole for climbing. It’s best thing is you can easily grow it in a pot or container proper support. It’s other great thing is that it will generate higher yield vertically than bush beans.

Pole beans

2. Romano Beans: In European countries Romano beans are very popular. Its taste is so different that’s why no one can compare them any other beans.

Romano Beans

3. Rattlesnake Pole: This beans have rich and sweet taste. The taste of soup and stews will increase by using this beans. It will grow throughout the season if pick them 2-3 days.

Rattlesnake Pole

4. Bush Beans: Bush beans are more suitable for container gardening. Without more support system we can easily grow it in a container. It helps to reduce our waiting time for harvest. It’s a freestanding plant for this we can easily plant them anywhere. Bush beans are more suitable for canning and freezing. We can easily be storing them and use them later.

Bush Beans

5. Runner Beans: Runner beans are both Bush and Pole type beans. It has beautiful bright flowers. For this, in North America grown beans as ornamental plants. It also a quite popular food in Britain. It increases the beauties of vegetable garden.

Runner Beans

6. Lima Beans: Lima beans are very rightful and healthy crops. Generally, it grows in warm season. It’s one of the benefits is it helps to maintain diet. It contains various protein and nutrients like iron, thiamine, anti-oxidant etc.

Lima Beans

Benefits of Green Beans

Protein Supply

We need sufficient protein to get healthy bones, hair, skin and muscles. Green beans provide us dietary fiber and beneficial vitamins like A, B, C and K. It’s a good source of iron, calcium, potassium and copper. It also a great source of folate and silicon which not only needed for healthy bones but also healthy skin and hair. For immune health, reproduction and healthy vision vitamin A is very important and we can easily get this vitamin from green beans. ‘we can get 690 IU of vitamin from one cup of raw green beans. From one cup green beans we can also get 12.2 mg vitamin C which is very helpful for our skin and its anti-oxidant helps to boost our immune system. Even it also promotes wound healing.

Weight Loss

Green beans are very helpful for weight loss. Especially Black beans, kidney beans and some other are very beneficial for weight loss. Green beans contain low calories and low-fats. For this reason, it helps to reduce weight and provides various necessary things for our health.

Diseases Control

Green beans help us to protect from various diseases. It contains low cholesterol which very helpful for heart diseases. Because high cholesterol is very risky for heart disease patient. Recently studied that, it is beneficial for preventing pre-cancerous polyps that commonly lead to colon cancer. Green beans help to decrease the of Obesity, Diabetes and overall mortality. It contains Folate that is the vitamin B which helps to prevent neural tube defects and birth defects. After all you can say that, it plays an important role in our body and make us strong.

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