Easy ways of cleaning Stainless steel trash can

Most people go for a stainless steel trashcan since it is cheap and durable not to mention, resists corrosion. However, like other trashcans, stainless steel trash can be cleaned. This will prevent the smelly dirty odor and you will increase its durability by lengthening its life and maintaining its appearance. You will be preventing rust because when dirt, dust and debris trap corrosive materials on the trash can, this will create rust. Therefore it is better that you handle the can the correct away by simply keeping it clean.


The following ways will guide you on how you can clean easily your stainless steel trash can,

I. Take the stainless steel trash can outdoor. Then first rinse it with a hose pipe. Use the nozzle to apply clean water at the medium velocity. Make sure you nozzle both inside and outside the trash can.

II. Take a bucket and fill it with clean warm water. Then pour enough soap detergent in the warm water and mix thoroughly. Use a soft brush to clean the stainless steel trash can by dipping it first in the soapy water then brush both inside and outside of the can.

III. Get the hose pipe and rinse the trash can inside and outside, until you are sure that there are no traces of soapy water and any soap residue, in order to prevent a dull cloudy surface. Take a dry towel or cotton cloth and dry the stainless steel trash can both in and outside.

IV. Incase of any food particles that have not completely come out, you can repeat the procedure. But if it’s clean, disinfect the trash can by spraying it inside to freshen it and kill any bacteria on it. Do this before adding a garbage bag.


How Your Trash Containers Can be Kept From Smelling

A trash container is the container used in the temporary storage of waste and refuse. Different countries have different terms for waste containers but they all serve the same meaning. Trash containers come in different shapes and sizes as well as designs, each depending on the kind of refuse kept. A lot of homes have got trash containers that have attracted rodents and insects with their awful smell. This is very unhygienic not to mention a health hazard if not controlled or stopped. For this reason, the tips below have been given so that you will have an idea of how your trash container can be kept from smelling:
• Store your trash container outside your homestead. Trash containers should be stored outside so that should rodents and insects infest your trash container, your house will be safe and they will not find refuge in your home.
• Make it a habit of taking your trash outside on a regular basis. If you keep storing trash in your house, then rest assured after a couple of days, your whole house will be sprayed with rotten food smell.
• Buy a trash container that is of the right size. This means that if you have a small household/live alone, then buying a big trash container will mean that you wait until its full and this could take weeks or even months hence the off smell. If you have a large family, then a large container would be appropriate but if you find that you only take it out when its full, it is best to buy a smaller trash container so that, you would be forced to take it out on a regular basis.
• Give your container a good scrubbing atleast weekly. Rodents and insects hate clean surfaces and will be avoiding your trash container like a bad disease.