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Best Dual Compartment Trash Can Reviews

The amount of office and household trash that needs to be disposed of is increasing by the day, and therefore most people prefer to purchase dual compartment trash cans. Dual compartment trash cans are now the most famous trash bins in the market because they allow you to sort out the waste. There are many dual trash cans in the market and choosing the best one for your home or office can be challenging as they come in different shapes and sizes. When buying one, you must consider the type of waste you will put in the can. Each trash can store a specific kind of waste, so a dual trash can doesn’t just keep any debris. These trash cans not only collect your waste but also enhances the interior of your kitchen.

Top 5 Dual Compartment Trash Can On The Market – Comparison Table:

What Is A Dual Compartment Trash Can?

A dual trash can is a waste bin that features two compartments for sorting and separating recyclables and waste in the office canteen or kitchen at home. This waste includes fruit or vegetable waste, metal, plastics, or paper waste. These recycling and trash bins contain convenient compartments to help you save up your floor space as they can easily fit in the corner of your room. If you are choosing the best dual trash can for your kitchen, then you should go with a trash can that comes with a motion sensor or foot pedal because this is more hygienic when using.

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Why Do You Need A Dual Compartment Trash Can?

Whether you want to separate your garage as the local law’s demands or want to keep the environment clean, a dual trash can will be perfect for sorting trash. A double compartment will be a better choice for separating waste conveniently and efficiently. To certify if you’re buying the right trash can for your office or home, we have given a list of top-quality dual trash cans.

Top 10 Dual Compartment Trash Can Reviews

1. iTouchless Dual Trash Can – SoftStep 16 Gallon Recycle Bin


The iTouchless stainless steel trash bin features two separate pedals and two compartments, which makes it easier for you to sort recycling and trash. Each of these compartments comes with an 8-gallon removable bucket and the bucket also features grip holes that allow you to lift the bag easily or even remove the buckets. The blue bucket is for keeping recyclable while the black one is meant for trash. It allows an easy and quick way of separating the recyclables and garbage. Besides, you won’t have to worry about bad odours anymore because this unit contains AbsorbX dual odour filters, one for each bucket. The odour control system helps in neutralizing and absorbing odours through the natural way to provide a clean and fresh smelling home.

The trash can is designed with an ergonomic and durable pedal that requires very minimal force to open it. The lid also closes silently and gently, and the air damper can be easily replaced to ensure more years of performance. It is stylish and sophisticated with an elegant, smudge-resistant and fingerprint-proof stainless-steel housing that can be easily cleaned and can match any decor. The inner buckets are removable, which makes it easier for you to dispose of the recyclables and garbage. The buckets can fit eight to ten-gallon waste bags, but there are no custom bags.

  • It features odor control systems for the two compartments
  • Has ergonomic and durable pedals
  • Easy to clean and matches any home decor
  • Comes with a two years full-service guarantee from the manufacturer

  • No money-back guarantee or replacement

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2. NINESTARS Dual Trash Can – Automatic Touchless Infrared Motion Sensor Trash Can


The 18-gallon recycling trash can is made of high-quality stainless-steel material that is engineered and designed by the first world’s legal patent holder. This is the first touchless innovative design for recycling function, and it can be used in any restaurant, cafeteria, office pantry room, kitchen and other recycling areas. The NINESTARS touchless trash can is constructed using the most advanced sensor technology that requires you to only pass your hand at 130 degrees angle or ten inches from the infrared sensor, and the lid will automatically open.

This lid stays open if your hand remains within that range and closes three seconds after you have removed the hand. The power back up will last for six months in daily usage, but it requires 4D sized batteries which are not usually included in the package. It comes with a ring for the garbage bag which keeps it from the public view for a clean and neat appearance.

  • Made of high-quality materials
    Comes with two years warranty
  • Constructed with high technology for infrared sensor
  • Features a ring to hide the garbage bag

  • The infrared sensor may stop working

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3. simplehuman Trash Can Lid Stays Open – 58 Liter Dual Compartment Recycling Trash Can


Simplehuman 58 litres dual trash bin is eco-friendly and is designed to make recycling easy. It comes with two compartments with one side constructed for trash and the other side for disposing recyclables easily. It features a clear Nano-silver coat that protects the stainless-steel material from germs and fingerprints. The can’s patented lid is constructed using Shox technology to control the lid’s motion for a silent and slow closing without loud noises and banging. It comes with a stainless-steel rim liner that flips up to allow easy and quick changing of trash the bag and closes over this bag to keep it out of sight and tightly hold it in place. It has a wide firm steel pedal that is engineered to last over 150,000 steps which are approximately around 20 steps each day for almost 20 years. The code H custom liners provide a better trash experience with no slipping or bunching for cleaner disposal. 

  • Comes with a 10-year warranty
  • It is eco-friendly
  • Features a coating that protects it from germs and fingerprints
  • The lid closes silently and lowly

  • Lacks an odor control system

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4. HEMBOR Dual Trash Can, 16 Gallon (2X30L) Step Rubbish Bin


This Hembor dual trash can is manufactured from 410 stainless steel material that prevents fingerprints effectively. It is easy to keep shiny and clean quickly. The trash can is durable and allows you to place it freely around the room. It features a rectangular silver appearance that is beautiful and stylish; it blends perfectly with any home style. With the 60 litres capacity, you can recycle and sort garbage effectively. The can comes with two removable inner barrels with each bucket consisting of 30-litre space. Also, these two buckets come with metal handles that help in lifting them when the trash bag has ruptured or has an overflow.

This trash is 26-inches high, which allows you to throw rubbish without bending, making it convenient for your life. Its lid is constructed with the ABS slowdown hydraulic design which enables it to close automatically when you release the pedal. Besides, the stainless-steel pedals are durable and comfortable, making it easier for children and adults to use. The can is user friendly with handles on the side, which makes it easier to transport. Also, the inner bucket is easy to disassemble for easy waste disposal. It has an anti-slip base which increases the stability of the dual can. 

  • Made of high-quality material
  • Has a large capacity for waste disposal
  • Features an anti-slip base
  • Comes with a one-year quality guarantee

  • The pedals may fail to function

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5. SONGMICS Dual Trash Garbage Can, 16 Gal (60L) Rubbish Bin


This is a powder-coated metal bin with a plastic inner bucket and ABS plastic lid. The steel bin has a simple silhouette and elegant black color, which makes it beautiful and an eye-catcher in any kitchen. Your trash bin doesn’t have to look like the rubbish itself because anything that finds its way to your home should match your standards. The container comes with two compartments that allow easy sorting and separating of recyclables a snap. This SONGMICS trash bin is made of a rigid metal on the exterior, but they can still feel gentle.

It is designed with a buffer mechanism which enables the lid to close silently, slowly and slowly keeping odors and germs at Bay with no loud clang. This means you will dispose of your garbage without touching the bin. The trash can come with removable buckets to clean quickly with metal handles that help in lifting them if the trash bag has spills or ruptured accidentally. The SONGMICS rubbish can provide 100% satisfaction with professional customer service after and before your purchase.

  • Has convenient metal handles
  • Easy to clean with the two removable buckets
  • The cans are watertight
  • Its lid closes slowly and silently

  • Lacks a backup warranty

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6. Kohler Dual Compartment Trash Can, Liner, White Stainless


The stainless Kohler trash can comes with 5.5-gallon liners that allow easy separation of recyclables and trash in one box. This dual raise liners help in eliminating the need for lifting the liner out to change the trash bags. The stainless-steel brushed finish is fingerprint-proof and remains clean for longer. This two-compartment can is crafted using smart functionality and thoughtful detail. This trash can simplify your daily waste disposal routine at home and meets the style demands of your surroundings. The one- sleek designed can assists in separating recyclables and trash.

Besides, for easy opening, the trash can come with a sturdy foot pedal that enables you to have a hands-free operation while disposing of recycling or trash. This step trash features an efficient footprint that comes with flush features and clean liners which allows you to place it against the cabinet or wall. It comes with a lid that closes silently and gently. The trash can have a space-save design that fits well against the wall.

  • It allows hands-free operation
  • It’s easy to change the bags
  • The stainless finish is fingerprint-proof

  • Lacks a backup warranty

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7. Rev-A-Shelf RV-18KD-18C S Double 35 Quart Sliding Pull Out Kitchen Cabinet Waste Bin


The Rev-A-Shelf waste bin helps you to keep the trash container hidden, but it’s easily accessible. It is made of heavy-gauge chrome-plated wire construction frame that slides effortlessly out and in on full-extension. It is a four-screw installation that mounts easily to the cabinet floor and features an option for door mounting kit. The trash can unit measures 14.38 by 22 by 19.25 inches, and it’s well designed for base cabinets. It comes with a large opening for easy disposal of trash.

Moreover, the RV wire series frame trash buckets come in several sizes, slide options and finishes that accommodates a variety of cabinet price points, styles and openings. The waste unit also comes with a lid to help you in keeping the trash off sight or for creating a superb recycling centre with an addition of these slim polymer lids. You should consider upgrading your trash bin with this premium quality Rev-A-Shelf waste containers that also come in a variety of materials and sizes. Its lid closes softly without loud bangs.

  • It’s slides effortlessly
  • Features a heavy-gauge wire construction frame
  • It’s easy to install
  • Features a large opening

  • Not fingerprints-proof 
  • May not be easy to clean

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8. AmazonBasics Rectangle Soft-Close Trash Can with Double Inner Buckets


The stainless-steel waste can come with two interior buckets, and each of them has a volume capacity of 15 litres. It features a lid that closes gently and softly to reduce noise from closing and opening, which also extends the can’s life span. The unit is housed by durable stainless steel on the exterior that is smudge-resistant and fingerprint-proof. The double inner buckets are easily removed for convenient cleaning and waste disposal. This AmazonBasics trash can allows you to keep waste appropriately contained, which also adds a touch of modern style in your kitchen. Also, the trash can fit perfectly with any existing appliances and decor with its minimal and clean look. It is constructed with a manual foot lever to help you close and open the lid softly. You will have a hands-free operation for ease of use and convenience every day, which is also a way of keeping you from germs. Besides, this modern trash can is perfect for your office, laundry room, bathroom, kitchen or anywhere you require a trash can; it gives you functionality in design.

  • Provides a hands-free operation
  • The lid closes softly and gently
  • Perfect for any room
  • Trash can fit any decor

  • The foot pedal may stop working

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9. EKO Dual Compartment Stainless Steel Recycle Step Trash Can


The EKO stainless steel trash can comes with two liner buckets for separating recyclables from waste. The stainless-steel finish is fingerprints-resistant, and it wards off smudges and smears. It comes with a soft-close damper lid with a patented lock that stays open until you complete your work. The durable trash can feature a plastic bag stabilizer to prevent any slippage and an in-built deodorizer compartment. It comes with two cantilever foot pedals that are designed to open the compartments separately.

One of the waste buckets has a capacity of 30 litres, and the other has 15 litres. It has polypropylene liners inner lift out to help with easy lifting. Its rectangular design is space-saving and has a refined minimal style and performs cleanly. This is perfect for your office, laundry room, bathroom, kitchen or anywhere you require a trash can, it gives you functionality in design. This trash can fit perfectly with any existing appliances and decor with its well-brushed finish.

  • It has a space-saving design
  • Has a bag stabilizer to prevent slippage
  • Its lid closes softly
  • Quality fingerprints-proof finish

  • Lacks a warranty

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10. hOmeLabs 13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can for Kitchen – Stainless Steel Garbage Can


This hOmeLabs trash can is hygienic and allows you to dispose of your waste without touching the can. The automatic waste can is designed with infrared technology which opens the lid when it detects motion at a 6 inches distance to keep you from germs. It is stylish and slim; the can is constructed using stainless steel material. This trash can measure 16.2 by 10.3 by 22.5 inches, and it’s easy to clean, hygienic and durable. It comes with a butterfly lid for each compartment to help with the higher clearance of waste.

The infrared sensor has 90 degrees swiveling sensor ball, which can be adjusted for side or top activation. You can also use manual close and open buttons for operation. The top lid of this trash bin comes with a switch, power Jack and battery holder. You can either use batteries or an AC adapter. The buckets feature a bag retainer ring to keep your trash bag hidden for effortless removal of bag and cleaner view.

  • Provides hands-free and hygienic operation
  • Comes with high-quality lid
  • Has multiple power options
  • Easy to replace the garbage bag

  • No warranty or money-back guarantee

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What type of dual compartment trash can do you need?

Which is the best dual trash can for you; one with a manual lid, a touchless rubbish bin designed with a motion sensor, or the one that uses a foot pedal? All the trash cans are perfect, but you should also consider their level of hygiene. There’s a wide range of trash cans with different types of lid mechanism, but if you’re choosing a dual trash can for your kitchen, then you should select the touchless or step-on trash cans because they offer hands-free operation. When buying a waste bin, you shouldn’t buy one that requires you to touch it when disposing of the waste; this is not healthy, especially in the kitchen.

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Top 10 Dual Compartment Trash Can Comparison Table

Product Title




Opening Mechanism

Item Dimension


iTouchless Dual Trash Can


16 Gallons

Stainless Steel


20 x 19 x 15 inches

NINESTARS Dual Trash Can


18.5 Gallons

Stainless Steel


13 x 21.3 x 26.2 inches

simplehuman Trash Can Lid Stays Open


15 Gallons

Stainless Steel


14.2 x 22 x 25.8 inches

HEMBOR Dual Trash Can


16 Gallons

Stainless Steel


29.06 x 25.12 x 16.61 inches

ONGMICS Dual Trash Garbage Can


16 Gallons



23 x 12.6 x 25.6 inches

Kohler Dual Compartment Trash Can


11 Gallons

Stainless Steel


16.82 x 13 x 26.44 inches

Kitchen Cabinet Waste Bin


70 Quarts




mazonBasics Rectangle Soft-Close Trash Can

Amazon Basics

30 Liters

Stainless Steel


15.7 x 12.99 x 20.5 inches

Recycle Step Trash Can


45 Liters

Stainless Steel


23.8 x 12.6 x 19.4 inches

hOmeLabs 13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can


21 Gallons

Stainless Steel


16.2 x 10.3 x 33.5 inches

Which size of trash can look good in your kitchen?

The trash can size that you are going to select will depend on factors like the space you have in your room and the amount of garbage that you produce. If you cook several dishes daily, then you’re bound to create a lot of waste that you can’t handle without proper disposal mechanisms. With tons and tons of trash, you will require a reliable bin that can contain the waste without letting odours out. How much space do you have? You must ensure that your trash fits in your small space. If space is underneath the sink, then the trash bin mustn’t be tall.

Frequently Asked Questions On Dual Compartment Trash Can

Q: What is a dual compartment trash can?

Answer: This is a recycle and trash that features two compartments for sorting and separating two different wastes. It is mostly used to sort garbage from recyclables. It is an excellent unit for your home, but it’s all perfect for your car, boat and office too. A dual trash bin is easier to clean and efficient for your guests and family because it keeps trash out of sight. 

Q: Are the inner buckets of a dual trash can removable?

Answer: When buying a dual recycling bin, it’s recommended to get one that comes with inner buckets that are removable. This makes it easier for you to change trash bags and clean the can as well, which is more convenient. Even in case one of the Compartments is needed for composting, you will still require a removable bucket because it should be cleaned regularly.

Q: Will dual trash can look elegant in your kitchen?

Answer: Most of these trash cans are constructed using stainless steel material which fits in any kitchen decor. The recycle bins come in different materials, colors and sizes, so you can choose one that matches your decor and design. So, when purchasing the best trash can for your home, you will find one that matches your needs, style and taste. 

Final Verdict

Whether you are looking for a dual trash can for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room or office, you always find one that matches your style and taste. The recycle bins are available in different materials, colors, and sizes so you will get the best for your room. If you’re choosing a dual trash can for your kitchen, then you should select the touchless or step-on trash cans because they offer hands-free operation. The level of hygiene should be high, especially when handling food. With so many trashes can products available in the market, you need to understand them more and your requirements too.

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