substitute for green onion

Substitute For Green Onion

Green onion is also known as spring onion or scallion. Green onions are mostly used by people because they have a concentrated onion flavor that will make food sweet. The green onion has two parts, one part that is white while the other one is green. You will find some individuals using the white part and throw away the green part not knowing it’s also important. If you cannot be able to find green onions around you there are different substitutes you can use instead.

Best 6 Substitute For Green Onion

Be careful when choosing the substitute so that they can serve you as required. The following is a list of green onion substitutes.

1. Chives

Chives are closely related to the green onion because they have the green part. If you’re not conversant with the two you can confuse chive to the green onion. Chive is a mild herb that can act as a good substitute for green onion.


When you use this product you are expected to use it when it is fresh. Use the chive in raw foods so that you can get the best flavor. The reason why it is best in raw foods is that when cooked it’s taste disappears.

2. Leek

If you are considering using green onion and you do not have it, you can use leek. You can only use it when you are cooking because it does not go well in raw dishes. Leek is almost like a green onion only that it is a bit thick and deep especially on the white part. It has a mild onion taste and has an intense flavor which is why using it raw is not advisable.


3. Shallots

Shallot is a different type of onion that you can use as a substitute for green onion. It is purple in color and round in shape. It can’t be difficult to differentiate between shallots and onions because they look almost the same. But the difference comes in on how they grow. When it comes to shallots they grow like garlic in cluster form. Also, when it comes to flavors, onions and shallots have differences.


Shallots have a lenient flavor which makes them good to use in soup and salad and other foods. In using shallot when raw it is important that you consider using a little because of its strong smell.

4. Ramps

Another name for this type of plant is spring onion. The plant is fragile and has wide leaves. When using the plant as a substitute for green onion it is important to use it on cooked dishes only because it has a strong smell.


It is also important to know that ramps are not leek and you can be able to differentiate this because they are slightly smaller. In a normal season when ramps are grown, they are affordable as compared to the time they are not in the market. Ramps are readily available and you can be able to get them in your nearest grocery store.

5. Onions

Onions can also be a good substitute for green onion. It is important to measure the amount of onion that you will use in your food so that it can give you the best flavor. You can use onions in raw or cooked foods.


Onions are of different types; we have the white red and the yellow onion. All of them can be used as a great substitute for green onion. The only difference found in the different types of onions is the strength flavor. For example, the white onion has a very strong flavor as compared to the rest.

6. Wild Garlic

A wild garlic plant has white flowers and long leaves. All the parts of this plant are edible and can be used as a good substitute for green onion. You can use the plants both in cooking and using them raw. The smell and the taste of wild garlic are that of garlic itself. This plant can be used in any area that you want to use green onions. It can be used in making soup and other spicy foods. It is essential to understand how you are supposed to prepare it before using it for meals.

Wild Garlic

In conclusion, it is important that you consider taking your time when selecting a substitute for green onion so that it can give you the kind of flavor and taste you want in your foods. It is also important that you consider taking advice from individuals that have used different substitutes because they will help you in selecting the best. Doing thorough research can also help you to get more information concerning different types of substitutes and how to use them.

It is also important to understand how the green onion substitutes are prepared so that you can get the best out of them.

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