Wok Pan Reviews

Best Wok Stir Fry Pan Reviews

The best wok stir fry pans have a flattened-bottom surface that works perfectly with gas, induction, and electric ranges, unlike the traditional woks that feature round and wobbly bottom that can’t work in modern kitchens. Are you wondering why you should have a wok when your kitchen is full of cookware sets that came with a suitable skillet? These pans are constructed, bearing in mind stir-frying. They have a concave Shape that concentrates heat to the pan’s bottom to create a super-hot area that will cook the food quickly. The wok pan has steep sides that help you to stir the cooking food. They deep fry using less oil, and the dome-shaped lid creates a perfect condition for popping popcorn, smoking, or steaming.

Top 5 Wok Pan For You – Comparison Table:

A Buyer’s Guide To The Best Wok Stir Fry Pan

With so many wok pans available in the market, you should know the features that you will be looking for in a suitable wok pan.

  • Seasoned vs. non-stick

Nobody would love to cook with a sticky pan when working with high heat. Just like cast-iron pan, a carbon steel material is seasoned with oil to create a naturally non-stick surface that improves with daily use. Most of the quality woks feature a non-stick coating that allows food to slide over the surface and has an easy cleanup. The sticky pans can’t handle high cooking temperatures, and so the stir-fry might be crisp.

best wok for grill
  • Materials 

The material used should be a very conductive metal and also lightweight. Carbon steel has become a popular choice in the market but is a little heavier than aluminum options. Cast-iron is also a perfect choice, but it’s more substantial than the rest, but if you’re looking for its browning property, then don’t mind putting up with its weight.

  • Size

If you’re cooking for dinner parties or a big family dinner, you definitely need a significant sized wok, and you can get even an 8-quart wok. But if your wok is two to three people, go for a smaller size. It’s easier to burn food when cooking a little food in a huge pan.

best wok americas test kitchen
  • Handles

Mostly, wok pans come with two ear-like handles while others feature one ear-like handle and a long one. A wooden handle can be the best choice because it stays fresh throughout. The helper handle will also be needed to assist in lifting the wok for large dishes.

  • Curved vs. flat base

Some woks feature a curved base, which allows you to toss food around easily. It will enable heat dissipation to the curved sides of your pan. These pans should be put on a work ring that holds it over the burner. On the other hand, flat-based wok sits directly on the stove. It conducts heat, and it’s easy to stir your food. You can stir-fry on a gas burner because the heat fast and quickly with even heat distribution. The flat base can be used on different types of cookers.   

Top 15 Best Wok Stir Fry Pan Reviews

1. Lodge P14W3 Pro-Logic Cast Iron Wok, 14-inch, Black


This 14-inch seasoned Lodge cast iron Wok weighs 11.86 pounds. It is made using 100% cast iron, which is durable than most metals, and it makes everything more comfortable from a summer vegetable saute to a stir fry. It features a flattened bottom that is perfect for all surfaces for cooking, including induction. The flat bottom is for even and fast heating. This Lodge cast iron wok is seasoned using 100% vegetable oil without any chemicals or synthetic coatings.

A good seasoning makes all the difference, and the more the iron pan is used, the more the seasoning gets better. It is seasoned to provide an easy-release and natural finish that is enhanced by continuous cooking. It is produced in the USA by Lodge, which has been in the market since 1896 manufacturing cast iron cookware in Tennessee, Pittsburg. With more than 120 experience years, they are known for high-quality design, cooking versatility, and lifetime durability of their iron cast cookware. The cookware is also constructed for unparalleled heat retention, as well as even heating.

  • Has high-quality design
  • Cooking versatility and lifetime durability
  • Made of 100% cast iron

  • It may be heavy

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2. T-fal Easy Care Jumbo Wok Review – A80789 Specialty Nonstick PFOA-Free Cookware


This is a large-sized wok pan ideal for preparing family size dishes. It is constructed using durable aluminum that is shaped traditionally with a narrow base and wide top. This wok is curved gently for quick and even heating to seal in all the flavour. It has a superior non-stick coating on both exterior and interior, which makes it easy to clean and cook. It doesn’t require any fat or oil for convenient and quick cleanup, effortless food release, and healthier cooking.

The T-fal wok cookware is perfect for roasting nuts, making soup, braising, boiling, poaching, deep-frying, sauteing, searing, or steaming. This cookware is cadmium-free, lead-free, and PFOA-free and features a long and stay-cool ergonomic handle that provides a comfortable grip and keeps your hands at a safe distance from the heat. It works perfectly in an oven with up to 350 degrees F. It’s also dishwasher safe, so cleaning it will be a breeze. You should also clean the Jumbo wok as instructed to increase its life span. Additionally, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. 

  • Features a long ergonomic handle
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Features convenient and quick cleanup

  • May get scratches if not correctly cared

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3. Aroma Housewares AEW-305 Electric Wok, Black


The Aroma Housewares 5-Quart wok pan is constructed with sleek cast metal that has a smooth non-stick coating to allow effortless cooking every time with no fuss or mess. The food gets off the pan quickly, and you can clean up. It is perfect for steaming, tempura, braising, and more. The cast metal design imitates the traditional wok heating style with quick heating and heat-retaining. It has a large and convex curve that allows excellent heat circulation for a professional dish.

It features a quick-release trigger along with a temperature control probe to enable full range control of the heat used in cooking. The cookware comes with a dome-shaped glass lid and an adjustable steam vent for maximum control of your meals. Also, the glass lid enables you to see the food while cooking. The base of the cookware detaches easily from the entire unit for secure storage and cleaning. It is also dishwasher safe, but the temperature probe is an exception. Also, this whole set contains a tempura rack, steam rack, and chopsticks.

  • Has a durable non-stick coating
  • Easy to store and clean up
  • Features a large glass lid 

  • Lacks a backup warranty

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4. KYTD Woks – Nonstick Die-casting Aluminum Induction Woks


This non-stick KYTD wok features deep sloping sides, which make it a highly versatile cooking pan. It is excellent for stir-frying foods using a small amount of oil. The wok pan is ideal for steaming, deep-frying, searing, braising, and boiling. It has a diameter of 32cm, which is enough space to prepare fantastic foods for your family. Again, the wok pan is constructed with die-casting aluminum material to ensure there is even and fast heat distribution. Its bottom has a thickness of 4.5mm to provide stable heat distribution when rapidly heating up and during cooking.

The aluminum body is 2mm thick to ensure the heat dissipation is uniform, and there are no hot spots. It is designed with an ergonomic handle for a secure grip and safe cooking. The cookware wok pan is safe for different methods of food, and also it’s quick to clean. Besides, it is backed by a lifetime warranty, so you don’t have to worry. However, you should ensure you clean it as per instructions to avoid scratches and rusting.

  • Features an ergonomic handle
  • Easy and quick to clean
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty

  • May be too heavy

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5. Craft Wok Review – Traditional Hand Hammered Carbon Steel Pow Wok


This is a commercial-grade wok pan made of 15 gauge carbon steel, and it has been proven to be quality over the years. It’s a traditional Chinese pan featuring a round bottom for even and faster heating. However, this wok pan isn’t suitable for a flat induction stove or flat electric. It’s hand-hammered in Guangzhou by Chinese professionals. This Craft Wok pan is the best-proven choice for most professionals in Chinese chefs.

It features a steel helper handle, so you don’t burn when stirring fry using high heat, and it is also used for hanging on the wall for storage. Its non-slip wooden handle offers a tight grip and has special hygroscopic when you stir meals. The 1.8mm carbon steel thickness makes the wok durable and sturdy to last for years. It is made of healthy materials, wood, and classic steel with no lacquers and plastics. This will be a perfect addition to your kitchen for great meals.

  • Made of durable and sturdy material
  • Has a helper handle for secure storage
  • The pan is deep for healthy and easy stir-fry

  • Some users complain of the wok pan rusting

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6. Kenmore Hammond Wok – Flat Bottom Carbon Steel Wok, 14-inch, Black


This Kenmore wok pan is made with 18mm gauge carbon steel that distributes and retains heat quickly and evenly. It features a riveted acacia handle that has an ergonomic grip and resists heat, so the wood will not get hot when cooking. It has a flat bottom that can sit on the stove securely and provides even heating, unlike wok pans with a round base. The wok pan is pre-seasoned for non-stick properties for a quick release of food, convenient and fast cleanup. The seasoning gets better as the cooking surfaces will develop a natural patina as time goes by for a continuous non-stick performance.

The healthier cooking wok is PFOA and PTFE free with a non-stick interior for little to no cooking fat. It is suitable for induction and gas-electric ceramic stoves. The wok pan is ideal for steaming, deep-frying, searing, braising, and boiling. It features an acacia wood helper handle, so you don’t burn when stirring fry using high heat, and it is also used for hanging on the wall for storage.

  • Has a non-stick interior
  • Perfect for induction and gas-electric ceramic stove
  • It’s easy to clean and quick to release food

  • Has no backup warranty

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7. Rachael Ray Wok Pan – 17649 Brights Nonstick Wok/Stir Fry Pan


The Rachael Ray wok pan is made of sturdy and durable aluminum construction for even and fast heating. It has a durable and hard enamel exterior finish that is beautiful and attractive. Its non-stick interior is long-lasting and provides quick food release. It also makes cleaning a cinch after cooking with the stir fry pan. It’s also constructed with a grippy handle that provides a comfortable grip, and it’s dual riveted to offer extra strength, which makes you feel comfortable throughout the years.

The Rachael Ray pan is accompanied by a glass lid that is shatter-resistant that fits perfectly to lock in moisture and heat while cooking. You can also use the Rachael Ray wok pan as a skillet-style pan to steam veggies or scrambled eggs. It has a two-tone color gradient to add flair to your cooktop. This wok pan is ideal for steaming, deep-frying, searing, and braising. It is easy to clean, but hand wash is recommended. This wok pan is suitable for an oven and cooktop. It comes with a lifetime limited warranty. 

  • Has a grippy handle for a comfortable grip
  • Comes with a lifetime limited warranty
  • Made of durable construction

  • Not dishwasher safe

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8. Cuisinart 726-38H Chef’s Classic Stainless 14-Inch Stir-Fry Pan


This Cuisinart stainless pan makes your daily cooking a pleasure. The 14-inch pan is constructed using stainless steel and an aluminum core that is encapsulated between it. This encapsulated base is designed to heat quickly and spread the heat evenly. The even dissipation of heat also eliminates hot spots. It features classic looks with a mirror finish and a professional performance. Cooking a high-heat and healthful stir-frying with this wok uses very little oil, and it sears your foods to preserve the nutrients, texture, and flavor.

Also, it comes with a clear glass cover designed with a loop handle to hold when using it to avoid burns. The lid also features stainless steel rim to help with sealing in the nutrients and moisture for flavourful and healthier results. Additionally, it features a riveted long handle that stays cool throughout the cooking process. The long handle comes with a hole for secure storage. With the helper handle on the opposite side, you can securely carry the food from stove to table. This wok pan is oven-safe with temperatures of up to 550 degrees F, and it’s dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

  • It’s easy to clean
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Has even heat dissipation with no hot spots

  • Glass lid may shatter over time

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9. Cooklover Cookware Reviews – Nonstick Die-casting Aluminum Woks


With this Cooklover stir-fry and wok pan, you will have a great cooking experience. It features an exterior and interior marble coating that enhances the high non-stick performance, which makes this Chinese wok easy to clean and cook. It is high-temperature resistant, environmentally-friendly, has significant non-stick effect, durable surface, and provides smokeless cooking. This wok pan can prepare dishes using little oil for your healthy diet. Moreover, the utensil is constructed using die-casting aluminum material to ensure even and fast heat distribution. The bottom of this pan is 4.5mm thick to provide a stable heat distribution when cooking and quick heating.

The aluminum body is 2mm thick to ensure the heat dissipation is uniform, and there are no hot spots. It also comes with a glass lid with a steam vent to allow you to control your cooking. It has an anti-slip and heat-resistance ergonomic Bakelite knob and handles with an excellent grip. The induction-compatible bottom retains heat for a long time, which saves you time and energy. It can be used on solid fuel, halogen, electric, ceramic, gas, and induction cookers. 

  • It’s easy to clean and cook
  • Has stable heat distribution
  • Comes with a glass lid

  • Not oven safe

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10. Triply Calphalon Stainless Steel Stir-Fry Wok Pan


This well-constructed stir fry pan features an aluminum core between two durable stainless steel layers to provide even heating for excellent control of the cooking and browning as well. The stainless steel cooking surface is non-porous to ensure safety for all utensils. It has an elegant brushed exterior that can work correctly on a stove or oven and take it directly to the table for dinner. Its reflective cooking surface allows you to monitor your food while it cooks and stays beautiful over time. It comes with tempered clear glass lids, which enables you to view the cooking food in the wok.

They are oven-safe, and so you can keep your finished dishes in the oven to stay warm until you are ready to serve. The Calphalon stainless steel wok pan features a flat-bottom with a wide cooking area that is perfect for stir-frying on electric and gas ranges. Its dome-shaped top is suitable for simmering soups and steaming. Additionally, its handles are made of long brushed stainless steel that stays cool on the stove. The whole cookware set is dishwasher safe and comes with a full Calphalon’s lifetime warranty. 

  • Has a wide cooking area
  • It’s perfect for simmering soups
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty

  • Some users complain that the heating isn’t even

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11. MICHELANGELO 5 Quart Nonstick Woks and Stir Fry Pans With Lid


The Michelangelo non-stick 5-quart stir-frying wok is all you need to cook delicious baking meals, boiling, roasting, steaming stir-fry, and others. This ceramic wok pan is suitable as a deep stockpot, steamer, rice cooker, roasting pan, baking dish, a stir-fry pan, stir-fry wok, deep skillet, frying wok, saute pan, and deep fry pan. The superior titanium and ceramic interior are scratch-resistant and non-stick to enhance both cooking performance and durability. It also enables food to slide off the surface for optimal cooking. It is ideal to use with medium to low heat using minimum butter or oil for a healthy diet.

Also, it is easy to clean, oven-safe, and dishwasher safe, but hand washing is recommended. The ceramic pan is made of aluminum alloy that is professional-grade and conducts heat evenly and quickly with precise control of temperature without a hot spot. Besides, the container is constructed with a helper handle and long stainless steel handle. The handle is easy to grip, stays cool to touch, and provides extra balance as well as support when pouring and lifting.

  • It heats evenly and quickly
  • Handles provide extra balance and support
  • It’s induction compatible and toxic-free

  • Lacks a backup warranty

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12. Cooks Standard Wok Review – NC-00233 Dome Lid 13-Inch Multi-Ply Clad Wok


This is a 13-wok pan that is constructed with an aluminum core and 18/10 stainless steel material. The aluminum core is placed between premium-grade stainless steel for an even and fast heat as well as uniform heat distribution. The three-layer cookware is beautifully designed with an exterior that is scratch-resistant for a long-lasting finish, whether hanging on a pot rack or the cooktop. The Cooks Standard cookware comes with a helper handle and opposite solid stainless steel handles that are riveted for strength. The Stainless steel helper handle also helps with easy storage. It features air-flow technology to allow them to stay cool while cooking.

Additionally, it comes with a stainless steel dome-shaped lid that fits securely in the pan to trap in moisture and heat for delicious results and efficient cooking. The wok pan is suitable for all stovetop surfaces, including induction and can withstand oven temperatures of up to 500 degrees F. it’s easy to clean in the dishwasher or by hand. A lifetime limited warranty accompanies it.

  • It’s made of durable stainless steel 
  • It’s dishwasher safe and oven safe
  • Handles made with air-flow technology

  • It’s a little heavy than most brands

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13. Joyce Chen J22-0060 Flat Bottom Wok, Standard, Metal


This Joyce Chen standard wok features a flat bottom with a diameter of 14 inches. It is perfect to use with gas or electric ranges. The wok is constructed using heavy-gauge carbon steel that is good for uniform heat distribution. Also, it features a professional thickness of 2.0 mm, and the phenolic handle has an ergonomic design to protect your hand from burns while cooking. The phenolic handle is long and fits comfortably in your hand and stays cool as well. The carbon steel material retains heat quickly and evenly. It comes with a helper handle to stabilize and simplify transportation.

Also, the set contains a loop on the phenolic handle for hanging. It is washed by hand, but only hot water should be used to enhance its durability. When using it for the first time, you should fill the wok with ½ water full and boil it for five minutes. Remove the water and scrub it with hot soapy water and scouring pad. You must scrub it inside and out vigorously, rinse and then wipe dry. Finally, ensure to season immediately for better results.

  • Comes with a loop for secure storage
  • Made of durable material
  • The handle has an ergonomic design

  • Requires seasoning

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14. Black Non-stick All-Clad E785944HA1 Anodized Wok Cookware


All-clad anodized cookware is a 12-inch chef’s pan that features a flat base for uniform heat distribution and fast, quick heating. Its sides are high to allow you to stir your food comfortably, with the wide mouth enabling you to add ingredients easily. It is constructed using hard-anodized aluminum for even heating and easy cleanup. Its base is designed with steel bonded for anti-warp for safe induction. This amazing wok has a scratch-resistant, non-stick, and PFOA-free coating for healthy cooking using less fat.

Also, it comes with a lid that fits securely to trap in moisture and heat. It is also clear to allow you to check your food at a place while cooking. The stainless steel handles are contoured for you to hold securely. These handles are also secured permanently with stainless steel rivets. The helper handle also makes the transportation of the hot pan easier. Additionally, it is oven safe with temperatures up to 500 degrees F and comes with a lifetime limited warranty. The All-Clad wok is dish safe, but hand wash is highly recommended.

  • Comes with contoured handles
  • Features a lifetime limited warranty
  • Made of durable material and easy to clean

  • Its lids are not oven safe

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15. Pre-Seasoned Timonelove Carbon Steel Pow Red Elm Traditional Wok


Unlike other carbon steel woks that should be seasoned before using for the first time, this Timonelove carbon steel wok is fully completed by the artisans, so if you love carbon steel woks, then get this one and save yourself trouble and time. It has a round bottom with a thickness of 1.8mm pot wall to ensure the heat dissipation is uniform, and there are no hot spots. It comes with a one-piece hand-welded handle with a joint reinforcement so that it doesn’t fall off. It is ideal to use with medium to low heat using minimum butter or oil for a healthy diet.

Additionally, it features a red eucalyptus handle that is durable and comfortable to hold with no anti-scalding. Its sides are high to allow you to stir your food comfortably, with the wide mouth enabling you to add ingredients easily. It has no chemical coating, it’s easy to clean than most iron pans and has less smoke. After washing, the water droplets should be dried with a cotton cloth to prevent rusting and improve its service life. 

  • Has no chemical coating
  • The handles are durable and comfortable to use
  • There are no hot spots

  • lacks a backup warranty

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Top 15 Best Wok Stir Fry Pan COmparison Table

Product Title




Item Diameter

Item Dimension


Lodge P14W3 Pro-Logic Cast Iron Wok, 14-inch


Cast Iron


14 Inches

18.06 x 14.56 x 4.44 inches

T-fal Easy Care Jumbo Wok Review




14 Inches

18 x 14 x 5 inches

Aroma Housewares AEW-305 Electric Wok, Black

Aroma Housewares



14 Inches

14.2 x 15.5 x 8 inches

KYTD Woks – Nonstick Die-casting Aluminum Induction Woks




12.5 Inches

13.54 x 13.54 x 4.76 inches

Craft Wok Review – Traditional Hand Hammered Carbon Steel Pow Wok

Craft Wok

Carbon Steel


14 Inches

22.52 x 14.02 x 5.98 inches

Kenmore Hammond Wok


Stainless Steel


14 Inches


Rachael Ray Wok Pan

Rachael Ray


Red Gradient

11 Inches

19.8 x 12 x 7 inches

Cuisinart 726-38H Chef’s Classic Stainless 14-Inch Stir-Fry Pan


Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

14 Inches

24.3 x 17.7 x 6.8 inches

Nonstick Die-casting Aluminum Woks




12.6 Inches

12.6 x 12.6 x 4 inches

Triply Calphalon Stainless Steel Stir-Fry Wok Pan


Stainless Steel


12 Inches

22.88 x 14.5 x 4.75 inches

MICHELANGELO 5 Quart Nonstick Woks and Stir Fry Pans With Lid




11 Inches

23 x 12.4 x 4.12 inches

Cooks Standard Wok Review

Cooks Standard

Stainless Steel


13 Inches

23 x 13.5 x 5 inches

Joyce Chen J22-0060 Flat Bottom Wok, Standard, Metal


Alloy Steel


14 Inches

24 x 14 x 4 inches

Black Non-stick All-Clad E785944HA1 Anodized Wok Cookware




12 Inches

22.5 x 12 x 6 inches

Pre-Seasoned Timonelove Carbon Steel Pow Red Elm Traditional Wok


Carbon Steel 


14 Inches

22.7 x 14 x 6 inches

How To Clean All Clad Pans

Known for their outstanding performance as cookware alongside incredible durability characteristics. But, all clad pans demand a bit of extra care, in particular when it comes to cleaning. Technically, they can be cleaned by dishwasher, while doing so might yield some damages. So, how to clean all clad pans without degrading? Navigate further to know.

  • Boil it

Fill your pan with water until it covers all the food that caked on there. Put it on strong enough flame and let it to boil up there. When it comes to a boil, turn the heat off and take your pot from stovetop to the sink.

Drain out most of the water and keep about a cup for further use. Apply a fair amount of stainless steel cleaner into the water to form a decent pest. Leave it to soak for about 25 to 50 minutes, in order to ensure that the cleaner gets adequate time to oust leftover foods.

Apply a decent splash of water to remove the past. Afterwards, give it a good scrub with a non-abrasive sponge. Give a proper rinse and dry it. The pan is ready to be used.   

  • Apply vinegar or lemon juice

Sprinkle a fair amount of vinegar or fresh lemon juice all over the stains. Use a sponge to wipe it thoroughly so that no stains remain. Rinse with soapy water, which is a little warm. Don’t forget to dry it properly.

  • Use Cleansing Mixture

Powder cleaning materials that you use, whether it baking soda or cream of tartar, sprinkle it all over the inner surface of the pan. Add enough water, preferably warm water to create a paste. Allow it at least 30 minutes to soak adequately.

Take a non-scratch pot scrubber to scrub the pot. Disperse the mixture over the external surface and scrub, if required. Use ample water to rinse. If you hate to see finger print or water spot on the surface, dry it right away.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

1. How do you season a Wok?

Most of the Wok comes with pre-seasoned. If you buy a carbon-made Wok then you have to season it before its first use. Seasoning a Wok is not that hard. Just follow the given steps.
First, wash the Wok with warm water and dry it. Put the wok on the stove and heat it until its color turns brown.
Now put two to three tablespoons of oil and heat over medium for 10 minutes.
Repeat the same process 3 times and do not wash your wok with soap or dishwasher.

2. What can you cook in a Wok?

If you have a Wok in your kitchen, then I must say you have lots of opportunities to eat several dishes every day. The wok is a multitasking kitchen utensil. A list of foods that can be don’t by Wok is given-
• Chicken Fried rice.
• Pineapple Chicken Stir fry.
• Almond Vegetable Stir fry.
• Peanut Chicken Stir fry.
• Shrimp Pad Thai.
• Thai Beef Noodles.
• Tomato Egg Fried rice.
• Peking Shrimp.
• Ground Turkey Stir fry.

3. How to clean a Wok?

Put some oil into your Wok and make a coating. Then sweep the oil with kitchen paper. Don’t use any hard and rough cleaner to avoid scratching the Wok. We recommend you use a wooden spatula instead of cast iron.

4. What size is the best for Wok?

The best size of the Wok depends upon your cooking style. There is a variety of sizes available in the market.
8” Wok for a small family, 14” for a medium family, and 18” for a large family.

5. What Wok to buy?

A list of Wok depending on the availability in the market is given below.
• Carbon Steel Wok.
• Cast Iron Wok.
• Stainless Steel Wok.
• A non-stick wok.


With so many wok pans in the market from different brands, it can be a daunting task to choose the best one for your kitchen. If you get an excellent wok pan dissipates heat uniformly with even and quick heating. There are non-stick woks that allow immediate release of food, so you don’t have to struggle with stack food debris while cleaning. Most of the wok pans have flat bases and woks with all stovetop surfaces, so you should select carefully because you will also find round-based wok pans. This review has given you the top best wok stir fry pans in the market to make your work easier.

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