Best Ginseng Tea For Energy

how to make ginseng tea

Best Ginseng Tea For Energy

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If you are looking for a tea to make you feel energized, enhance your concentration levels, and improve the immune system, then ginseng is the right way to go. Ginseng has been used over a long time as an ingredient in most traditional medicines. Moreover, ginseng tea is made using ginseng roots along with Korean chestnuts and jujube fruits. The nuts, fruits, and the root are usually decocted for some hours under low heat to get the tea.

The tea is then sweetened with honey and served along with pine nuts, which floats on top of the concoction. Currently, the ginseng tea comes in powder form packed in foil packets for a single-serve for quick and easy preparation as well as consumption.

Top 5 Ginseng Tea In The Market – Editor’s Pick:

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Things To Consider Before Choosing Best Ginseng Tea For Energy

Ginseng is the town’s current talk, and it will not be wrong, saying that the herb is at the moment making headlines. If you are new or you don’t know much about this ginseng, it is a plant without leaves, and only roots are used in preparing these medicines. This herb is believed to cure all diseases, unlike other roots and herbs. It heals diabetes, premature ejaculation, as well as cancer prevention.

However, it is daunting to choose the right ginseng tea, as there are many types of ginseng tea available on the market. As you make your decision on the ginseng tea to buy, you should check each type of ginseng because each of them provides different health benefits.

  • Types of Ginseng tea

You only need to determine your requirements and purchase the ginseng accordingly. With these significant types of ginseng, you quickly decide what not to purchase or what to purchase.                                                                                                                                                                             

best ginseng tea for energy
  • Siberian Ginseng

This type of ginseng is right for boosting energy and also helps in making you more productive after having a long day at work or after workouts. It is the best choice for those people in sports and athletes.

  • American Ginseng

This American ginseng is mainly found in Canada in North America. And it is designed to assist people with breathing problems  and especially for those who are working on their lungs. It is also an excellent option for anyone who smokes quite a lot. It is a famous Ginseng design for treating wounds and inflammations.

  •  Asian Ginseng

Asian Ginseng is also the known Korean Ginseng and is the most stimulating Ginseng type that helps you in solving digestion issues as well as breathing problems. However, this type of ginseng comes in two different types, which include the red Ginseng and the white Ginseng. And if you are looking for the ginseng that can be given to the seniors to assist in boosting their energy along with strengthening their immune system, then you can use the white and red ginseng because anyone can use both of them.

Top 7 Best Korean Ginseng Tea In The Market

1. AriZona Green Tea with Ginseng Iced Tea Stix Sugar-Free

The green AriZona ginseng tea is sugar-free, but it still tastes incredible. It has zero calories and offers the protective benefits of green tea. This is the perfect choice for the individuals who only like the taste of tea but not with sugar. This AriZona green tea is your on-the-go form of powder mix, which you can correctly add to a 20 oz or 16oz bottle of water or travel mug, then shake well and drink. Also, it features a lightweight and convenient size that you can easily store it in your desk or tuck it into the pocket of your jacket.

Besides, the whole packet of green AriZona ginseng tea contains a total of 60 stix. This convenient sugar-free doesn’t contain preservatives, artificial flavors, or colors but has more tea content than other tea mixes for more natural antioxidants and flavor per sip. Also, the tea blend contains natural caffeine. For instance, the diet black & black teas contain 15mg of caffeine, diet green & green teas have 7.5mg while white teas contain 6mg of caffeine.

  • It’s an on-the-go tea that you can take with you anywhere
  • It is caffeinated
  • Well blended drink with natural flavors

  • No sign of being natural and organic

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2. The Republic of Tea Honey Ginseng Green Tea, Caffeinated

You can now relax and enjoy anytime with this sweetened green tea. The Republic of Tea with ginseng offers the health properties of the china green tea, which is blended with full blossom honey and Panax ginseng in each satisfying and peaceful sip. This exceptional tea has been certified to be carb-free, sugar-free, and gluten-free. The Japanese leaves of tencha are added to improve the flavor and for extra body benefits. The smooth character of this premium tea goes well with savory or sweet foods.

Moreover, this ginseng tea is Kosher, non-GMO verified, and organic certified by the USDA. Again, each of these green teacups contains the same amount of caffeine contained by a similarly-sized coffee cup. The Ginseng tea is packaged in a specially designed tin, which is air-tight to keep them fresh. Each pack has 50 tea bags that are unbleached and do not have staples, tags, strings, or unnecessary envelopes. Again, all the packages have a signature of The Republic of Tea. The tea only requires less than three minutes of preparation.

  • It is non-GMO verified, and organic USDA certified
  • The tea is kosher and caffeinated
  • Packaged in air-tight containers to keep it fresh
  • Easy to prepare

  • Requires heating the water before preparation

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3. Korean Ginseng Tea in Wood Case 0.10oz(3g) x 100 Packets

Korean Ginseng tea is manufactured using ginseng that grows naturally in Korea without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals. It is produced in a GMP certified facility that adheres to all the standard procedures of the good manufacturing practice. The main ingredients used to make it are dextrose and  Korean ginseng extract. The ginseng tea has been used clinically to enhance mood, boost mental health, reduce stress, improve your immune system, decrease fatigue, and as a source of energy.

This Korean ginseng tea comes in the form of granules that are packaged in a designed pouch. These granules dissolve entirely in hot water, but in cold water, you may have to stir a little longer. Again, the tea features little flavor; hence it won’t interfere with your juice or coffee flavor. This Korean tea is packaged in a sealed wood case, and the case contains 100 packets, but you can only have one pack a day.

  • It is GMP certified
  • Easy to prepare
  • Sealed in a wood case
  • Made from organic ingredients

  • Has little flavor
  • Some customers claim to be less reliable than expected
  • The packet can only be used once

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4. Root To Health American Ginseng Tea | 120ct Box

This American ginseng is a native and wild plant found in North America. It grows primarily in the Midwestern and Northeastern part of the USA. Its root resembles the Parship look closely and can grow from 6 inches to 18 inches. This Hsu’s Ginseng American tea is designed comprising the earthy and the best bitter flavor of Wisconsin ginseng. The tea is packed in convenient tea bags that provide an easy way to enjoy the American ginseng. Besides, this great tea comes from the gardens of Hsu’s American Ginseng in WI, Marathon County. 

Each tea bag is wrapped in an individual foil to preserve the bitter flavor and the earthy freshness. 100% ginseng is the primary ingredient used in producing this product, and it doesn’t contain preservatives, sugar, or caffeine. Additionally, the ginseng roots used in the tea features three to five years of age. However, the tea has to be steeped in hot water for three to five minutes to yield the enjoyable ginseng earthy taste. A Hsu’s ginseng tea box contains 120 tea bags, and a steeped tea bag can be used more than one time.

  • It is organic and no preservatives used
  • You can consume the ginseng when the teabag tears
  • The tea bag is steeped more than once

  • Only used in hot water

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5. Celestial Seasonings 6-Pack Honey Lemon Ginseng Green Tea

Celestial Seasonings Ginseng tea is made using the highest quality botanicals and herbs that are selectively obtained, which are purchased directly from the farms of the communities growing them. Although the ingredients making the tea are collected around the world, Celestial Seasonings mill and blend them in Colorado, Boulder to ensure high quality and freshness. Furthermore, this ginseng tea is gluten-free and rich in vitamin C antioxidant and contains 25mg of caffeine in each serving.

Additionally, the tea blend combines white tea with traditional green tea to make a smooth taste with a lively combination of honey and lemon. This honey lemon ginseng tea is packed in pillow tea bags without staples, tags, or strings. The Celestial Seasonings package contains six boxes with each of the boxes consisting of 20-count tea bags. However, the tea bag has to be steeped hot water for two minutes for a perfectly flavored cup of tea. Each sip of this tea gives you a delicious taste with an inspiring blend that you will genuinely enjoy.

  • Manufactured with fresh and highest quality ingredients
  • Packed in sustainable tea bags
  • Rich in antioxidant vitamin C

  • Must be used with hot water
  • Not organic USDA certified

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6. Korean Red Ginseng Tea 3g x 50 Packets Korean Ginseng Tea Made in Korea

The Red Korean Ginseng tea is prepared using the finest red Korean ginseng roots from a Korean village with more than 500 years of using ginseng as a traditional cure. The ginseng roots used in this Red ginseng tea are six years old, and conventional processes of steaming along with drying are used to preserve it. The dried ginseng is later grounded into a fine powder and then mixed with glucose under low temperatures through the concentration process. Besides, the traditional processing method used helps in increasing the ginsenosides number in the product and hence enhancing its potency. This is a delicious way of enjoying the health benefits of the red Korean ginseng roots.

Moreover, this exotic tea helps in improving sexual and mental function, reducing stress, boosting the immune system, enhancing mood, and decreasing fatigue. You can use this ginseng tea with either hot or cold water and add honey or sweetener as desired. Each of the Red Korean Ginseng tea boxes contains 50 packets.

  • Offers numerous health benefits
  • Prepared under low temperatures to preserve its value
  • It can be used with both cold and hot water

  • Has shorter life span of several months

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7. Korean Panax Red Ginseng Roots Extract Tea by Pocheon Ginseng Farmer Association

The red Korean Panax ginseng is produced in Pocheon city in South Korea. The ingredients used in this product are 15% 6-years old red ginseng extract, 65% crystalline glucose, and 20% lactose. The ginsenoside (saponin) contained in the tea has Rg3 + Rb1 + Rg 1 = 6.7mg/g. With the Red Korean Panax tea registered to FDA, ensures you get high-quality products.  The ginseng in this tea is grown locally by the Pocheon Ginseng Farmer Association on their farm, and after that, ensure they only pick the quality ginseng roots. To increase the saponin content in ginseng, the red Korean ginseng is prepared using the traditional processing method of steaming and drying repeatedly. This process is repeated until 14% of the total water is attained in the fresh ginseng. The product has a life span of 2 years, but the manufacturing company guarantees to only ship the Red Korean tea with more than one year left.

  • Supports the immune system and stamina
  • Helps in relieving fatigue
  • Promotes general health and wellness
  • It is FDA verified
  • Manufactured with quality ingredients
  • It is GMP certified

  • Each package can only be used once 

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7 Best Korean Ginseng Tea Comparison Table

Product Title


Tea Variety

Package Information



AriZona Green Tea 




Green Tea

The Republic of Tea Honey

The Republic of Tea



Honey Ginseng

Korean Ginseng Tea





Root To Health American Ginseng Tea

Root To Health


Box, Bag


Celestial Seasonings 6-Pack Honey Lemon Ginseng Green Tea

Celestial Seasonings



Honey Lemon Ginseng

Korean Red Ginseng Tea 

Korean Red Ginseng




Korean Panax Red Ginseng Roots Extract Tea 


Granule Tea



Frequently Asked Question On Ginseng Tea Brands

Q: Why is Ginseng tea good for you?

Answer: Ginseng tea has numerous health benefits due to the active ingredients it contains. Ginsenosides is the ingredient responsible for the benefits, and it is concentrated in the root. The health benefits offered by the ginseng tea include reducing fatigue, boost your immune system, help in liver detoxification, assist in restoring body homeostasis, acting as an antioxidant, and improving blood circulation.

Q: Who can use Ginseng tea?

Answer: With the fantastic properties of this ginseng tea, it can be used in various beneficial situations. Some of the excellent features are anti-stress, adaptogenic, and energizing properties. Ginseng tea has great potential in improving people’s health as proven in many years when being used as a traditional cure.  This tea can help in exhaustion, lack of concentration and memory problem, a person with high degree stress, students, athletes, older adults, and those with appetite loss.

Q: Does Ginseng tea have caffeine?

Answer: Yes, some of the ginseng tea brands combine it with small amounts of caffeine, but it is excellent for those who want to raise their energy levels, enhance their mental or physical health. However, the added caffeine helps in preventing high blood pressure, tremors, insomnia, or nervousness, which may be a result of ginseng.

Final verdict

Ginseng tea is great, especially for those who do hard training every day. It offers many health benefits, and it is made from organic ingredients; hence there are not many side effects expected to rise. Choosing the ginseng tea product will not be easy because many companies are trying to be at the top of the market. However, you should ensure that you get it right; otherwise, you may end up wasting your money since some of the brands do not offer refund or replacement. It is essential to research the different products before you make up your mind. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising & linking to Amazon properties including, but not limited to,