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Best Jordan Almonds In The World

If you are fond of having confetti during events or occasions, you most likely go for stuff that has made a reputation. By all means, you will look for something that would add to the event’s highlights, such as designs, programs, and of course, the food.

Almonds are known to be a famous comfort food which started in the 15th century, the time when the Europeans were introduced to the taste of a sweet sugar cane.

Nowadays Almonds are one of the most popular occasion favors. One example is the Jordan Almonds that became a famous wedding favor, usually at events that were hosted by Italian families, Middle Eastern, and Greek descendants.

These are roasted almonds that come with a thick sugar coating, with different colors, such as gold, pink, and blue.

#List of The Top Jordan Almonds – Editor’s Pick:

Top 7 Best Jordan Almonds In The World

If you consider foods like Almonds during events, check on these examples to know more about its flavors and even colors that you will happily serve in any big occasions.

1. Jordan Almonds Pastel 3 lbs by Ferrara Candy Company 


If you are an event organizer or hosting a party which is themed with pastel colors, then one of your choices could be from the Ferrara Candy Company that comes in pastel colors. These almonds come in a great taste of gourmet candy.

It comes with a tasty candy shell that may be hard to bite, but once the almond part is being tasted, you can truly say that it is fresh and very pleasing in the mouth. This product is one of the best-rated Jordan Almonds today.

It tastes so good that it will just pop in your mouth and crunch away. Moreover, the almonds are not overly thick, so it’s safe to just eat it right away. The shells just dissolve smoothly and quickly. 

  • Comes in many colors
  • Almonds are still fresh even if it was not consumed for so long
  • Consuming even just 1 oz could be beneficial for the heart
  • Low in cholesterol

  • Packaging is not pleasing to the eyes
  • The almond’s color gets faded 
  • Sugar shell is hard to bite 

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2. Its Delish Jordan Almonds by Its Delish (White, 5 lbs)


Another great variety of Jordan Almonds from California is being patronized by so many consumers. If you are planning to throw off a party, you can just stock up these for the coming event. Created by Its Delish, it comes in white colors and still encompasses sweet candy flavor.

Many visitors, especially children, would be very much delighted with this, especially when you serve these at the buffet jars or as favors in cute totes, loop bags, or fancy pouches.

These are just so perfect and give highlights for big events like children’s party, birthdays, baby shower and most especially, the weddings.

It comes with a very special creation because these are perfectly coated in a shell and ready to eat. This is the reason why it is considered to be one of the best add up in the table. 

  • Comes in different colors and flavors
  • Almonds are fresh and of high quality
  • Gives a wonderful treat to candy bars and buffet jars
  • Can be kept in the mouth until it is soft

  • Candy coatings are way too hard to bite
  • There is only one color

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3. Sconza Jordan Almonds 5 lbs Pastel Assorted


Get yourself this Jordan Almonds by Sconza that comes in Pastel Colors. Its smell and the flavor are so wonderful from the moment you open the bag to tasting it. The quantity is just real enough for the buyer, that’s why it is considered to be the best price Jordan Almonds for some consumers.

These are very delicious and so addictive that you just can’t get enough even if it comes in huge sizes. It’s not that sweet and it makes a good dessert to any occasions.

It is always fresh, though it was stocked for quite a while. You can use it for big events, and you just put them inside a tiny sachet or favors. It adds design to the table and looks very good to pastel themed events.

  • The taste is not too sweet
  • Makes a great dessert or snack
  • Sizes are enough to suffice a person’s craving
  • Comes in many colors that would add up the design

  • Hard to bite 
  • The coating is thick

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4. Sohnrey Family Foods Jordan Almonds Wedding Holiday Party Favor Candies


If you are looking for some delicious snacks of sweets in your party jar, the Jordan Almonds from Sohnrey Family Foods is just the right one for you. These can be used as edible decorations for any big events in your life.

Just so you know, this is ranked as one of the best Jordan Almonds in the world because of its premium pastel colors.

The taste is so sweet as it comes with a variety that was grown in California with some layers of sugar covering. It will surely do a good job for you. Coatings or the layers have different bright pastel colors that would surely attract children and even adults.

These pastel colors are just perfect for decorations that can be kept in a sugar bowl or children’s candy bar.

  • Comes in classic pastel colors
  • Great for any kinds of events, especially parties with themes
  • Crunchy coats that are of great quality
  • Sweet and delicious taste

  • Sugarcoating is thick
  • There can be an aftertaste that may not be favorable

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5. Cuckoo Luckoo Jordan Almonds – Candy Coated – Assorted


Jordan Almonds are always present at weddings, for it represents bitterness and sweetness that will most likely happen in marriage. This is traditional, especially in some countries, that’s why this product by Cuckoo Luckoo adds a stylish touch to any big events.

The almonds were filled with crunchy sweet shells that come in nice pastel colors. Just so perfect for occasions, especially weddings, because it attracts visitors and adds an atmosphere to the table’s set-up. This also comes with incredible taste with fresh and moist almonds that are ultimately delicious.

  • The smell is inviting especially after opening the package
  • Colors are vibrant
  • Very delicious and mouth-watering

  • Candy shell is thin yet hard to bite 
  • Some candy coatings are of less quality

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6. Oh! Nuts White Jordan Almonds Premium 2 Pound Bag


This White Jordan by Oh! Nuts are another addition to the lineup of nut products and candies. It is made up of California Almonds; known to be premium, and comes with sugar-filled coated with a dominant taste of candy.

These are highly recommended for wedding favors, baby showers for a baby girl, and even a bridal shower. It still remained fresh even though it was stocked for quite a while.

It also comes with different colors, but the color white is always is the most popular among others because of its flexible purpose. Even if it’s sugar-coated, it still comes with finer grade with less sugar, so you don’t have to worry about your health and any risk of obtaining Diabetes and an increase in cholesterol.

Ingredients used to come up with this food are safe and manufactured in a kind of facility that processes peanuts and the like.

  • Equally delicious
  • Almonds are big and meaty inside
  • Coatings are made thin for easier biting
  • The smell is amazing
  • Doesn’t hurt your teeth

  • Sometimes, the taste seems expired or stale
  • A little bland

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7. River Finn Organics Jordan Almonds – Pastel Coated Easter Candy


The River Finn Organics is known for its outstanding candy and nut products, and one of the best and sought-after delicacies is their Jordan Almonds. Just like the products of the Oh! Nuts, the River Finn’s almonds are also made from premium varieties from California.

These almonds are usually roasted a little before covering it with some candy taste coating. It also comes with astonishing pastel colors to fit in any parties like weddings, baptisms, and more. The almond products of River Finn are known to be fresh and they focus on the safety of the food.

It comes in different colors such as Blue, White, Pink, Yellow and even Purple that could almost make an Easter basket or party favors. Of course, the taste is very delicious that even old ones can’t get enough of it.

  • Packaged accordingly
  • Comes in different colors to choose from
  • Gives a delicious treat to everyone
  • Great for do-it-yourself parties
  • Stronger Almond taste

  • Some are hard as a brick
  • Many Almonds were out of shape

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Top 7 Best Jordan Almonds Comparison Table

Product Title


Unit Count

Package Information

Item Weight


Jordan Almonds Pastel

Ferrara Pan

48 Ounce


3 Pounds

 Its Delish Jordan Almonds

Its Delish

80 Ounce


5 Pounds

Sconza Jordan Almonds 5 lbs Pastel Assorted


80 Ounce


5 Pounds

Sohnrey Family Foods Jordan Almonds

Sohnrey Family Foods

24.0 Ounce


1.5 Pounds

Cuckoo Luckoo Jordan Almonds

Cuckoo Luckoo

80.0 Ounce


5 Pounds

Nuts White Jordan Almonds Premium 2 Pound Bag

Oh! Nuts

2 Pounds


2 pounds

River Finn Organics Jordan Almonds

River Finn Organics

80 Ounce


5 Pounds

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

1. What does Jordan Almond contain?

At the very beginning, Almonds were made with honey in the earlier 15th century. After that sugar took the place when sugarcane was introduced. At present dried fruits, sugar, almonds, hazelnuts, cinnamon is used to make Jordan Almond.

2. Why it is called Jordan Almond?

There have been differences of opinion about the naming of Jordan Almond. Some think the name came from the French word “Jardin” which means garden. Others think Almonds grow countless on the bank of the Jordan river in the Middle east. So, for this reason, it is called Jordan Almond.

3. Are Jordan Almond bed for teeth?

No, they contain a special coating of calcium which helps the teeth. Jordan Almonds consider as a traditional candy of all time. The advantage of it is having a thin layer of sugar.

4. Why are Jordan almonds so good?

Almond was first introduced B.C 177 by Roman backer. At that time, it was used instead of honey and considered as a medicine. Jordan Almonds is taken in the middle east to stimulate an aphrodisiac. Every bite of Jordan Almonds reminds both sides of life biter and sweet.

5. What do Jordan almonds mean at a wedding?

In Italian and Greek weddings having Jordan Almonds is a traditional favor. They believe that the bitter test represents life and the sweet test means that the new life of bride and groom will be sweeter.
They distribute the almonds in odd numbers. In Italian weddings, they give exactly five numbers of Almond’s beliefs: health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and longevity.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to choosing or purchasing products, we always want something that is not only affordable but also of good quality. With the 7 best Jordan Almonds mentioned above, you now have the idea about its impression and different uses.

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