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Best Spice Jars On The Market

Having an organized kitchen is one of the best feelings and atmosphere when you are inside the house. From the utensils to the plates to the labels of the ingredients, everything must be in order. The same is true when it comes to spice jars with different labels and order. 

For some cook or chef, it is an achievement that they put everything in order and wrap-around labels through jars to put some seasoning or spices that are difficult to gauge.

This is one way of having convenience, especially when you are in a busy kitchen. It might be pricey to buy the best spice jar at times, but uniformity and having an organized place is priceless.

Top 5 Glass Spice Jars – Comparison Table:

What to Look for Before Buying Good Cooking Spice Jars?

There are so many things to consider when it comes to choosing the best spice jars for your kitchen. Because for some reason, our kitchen needs to be clean and organized.

If you want to know what are the features of the best spice jars in the market, check on these suggestions and advice that could help you before spending your money.

  • Spice Jars Must Be Properly Designed to Fit in Standard Racks

Small jars can be very convenient, especially if you lack spaces in some areas of your stock drawer. This is to give spaces as well for some ingredients that need to be organized. You should also take into consideration the supplies inside the kitchen because they also need to be in order. 

  • Avoid Buying Jars with Dark Tints

If you are going to buy jars with unclear glasses, chances of confusion may arise when it comes to what’s inside of the jar. It is essential if you buy jars that have clear glasses along with its proper label.

large spice jars

Having this could lower the risk of picking up the wrong spices. Clear glasses for spice jars could differentiate what’s inside because there are cases that we mistakenly choose the wrong spices. 

  • Optimal Build Material

Plastic spice jars are not advisable for some because of the odor it produces if it was not opened or exposed for some time. The odor is not so good, and it harms the health of a person. But if you opt to have it in a glass form or a metal, it decreases the chance of getting a bad odor. 

  • Consider Its Quality

Of course, when you buy things for yourself, you always see to it that it is durable. The same is true when it comes to spice jars or the supplies in your home. Spice jars should be of high-quality because you are filling it with seasonings for food.

If you buy spice jars that are not durable enough, the risk may arise because it may contaminate our foods as well. 

  • Design & Color Combination

If you are planning to buy a lot of spice jars for your kitchen, you can have it all in the same colors and design. This is to organize it neatly and to please the eyes. Since there are sellers who sell it in a set, you can have it that way. It will not only make your place clean, but it also adds design to your drawer or cabinet.

Top 10 Best Spice Jars Reviews

If you want to tame your collection of seasonings, check on these top spice jars that will help to secure your powdered seasonings.

1. Aozita Spice Jars – Glass Spice Bottles, 24 Pcs


Spice jars from Aozita come in a set of a full square spice bottles. It has 24 spice jars, metal caps, and shaker lids with waterproof jar labels. These labels come to be pre-printed or some blank labels.

It also comes with premium accessories because the jars have sieve and pour lids for easy shaking with matching metal caps to let the spices or seasoning stay fresh.

The jars are made durable because it comes from high-quality glass, and it was made to be multi functional. If your jars are made of clear glass, it also makes you have a clear view of the spices. It also comes in a modern design that is square-shaped that fits perfectly into any spice cabinet or drawers in the kitchen.

  • Could fit in a standard spice cabinet or drawers
  • Comes in premium accessories 
  • Can be used for parties as decorations or for projects
  • Jars and labels are of great quality

  • Jars were small in size
  • Smell like vinegar 

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2. Talented Kitchen 12 Magnetic Spice Tins


The Authentic Kitchen offers customized solutions to the needs around the kitchen, and that is the magnetic spice tins that are made to be in a complete set of 12 metal tins. It comes with 2 spice labels that securely stick in place to make it easier to get.

There is also a magnetic kitchen conversion chart that has very helpful information. These spice jars have 96 of the most common spice names that are made out of stickers. 

Tins feature clearer lids to identify the contents easily, and it encompasses a sift and pour design. These containers have magnetic features to easily attach to any flat surfaces of metal like refrigerator doors and appliances and for quick access.

Many consumers patronize this because of its magnetic features that are rare when it comes to jars. Just remember to keep it away from any kitchen range or continuous steam. 

  • The magnets stay properly and tight to the fridge 
  • Tops are somewhat tight but still manageable to come off
  • Stickers are made good 
  • Jars can fit a ton of space inside

  • Spices are hard to get especially in pouring out of larger openings
  • Chances of water leaking may arise after washing it and letting it dry 
  • Cleaning can be difficult

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3. KAMOTA Spice Jars – 30 PACK 3.5 oz Small Glass Jars


You will never regret getting the KAMOTA Spice Jars because of sturdy, high-quality glass jars that come with Air-tight Hinged Lids. It has 30 pieces of mason spice jar that are made of durable materials. The jars are 100% BPA Free, so it is safe for storing foods and spices. 

These jars are also reusable and made versatile because other than being just a spice jar, it could also be an herb container, storage jars for scrapbooks, and the like. Moreover, it also comes with 8 pieces of stickers that are also composed of 280 spice labels to make it in order. 

  • Jars are of good value
  • Well-designed product
  • A good balance of quality and price
  • Can be kept organized in the drawer

  • Labels on sheets are not really alphabetical
  • Thin and fragile
  • Rusts may appear over time

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4. Talented Kitchen 14 Glass Spice Jars with Airtight Cap, Chalkboard & Clear Label


Reward yourself with a complete set of The Talented Kitchen’s Spice Jar because it is a total package. It has 14 jars with 7 add on coarse shakers and round chalkboard labels. Having this kind of spice jars would make your seasoning and spices stay fresh even if it was stocked for a long period of time.

The jars were very functional as it organizes your drawer and maintains a uniform look. You will definitely love it because you can properly store it in a place without making it roll.

Worry no more when it comes to the packaging because it was safely placed in a box with proper partitions to prevent any breakage from happening. You would definitely get all that you need inside the box.

  • Made to be water-resistant
  • Made of heavy-duty vinyl materials 
  • Comes with liquid and weight conversions 

  • Size is not that large 
  • Plastic caps for sprinkling don’t look classy 
  • Bottle caps may be dented over time

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5. Ultimate Hostess Spice Jars Bottles – 14 Square Glass Containers


Maintain an organized and uniform kitchen with these Spice Jars because it’s not only complete, but it also offers you everything you need to have your herbs and spices to be in an organized and neat place.

It comes with 14 storage jars and some tight shaker caps, with wide enough funnel and 20 pre-printed labels. A chalk marker is also present for you to be able to write in 20 round labels and 20 oval labels.

These spice jars also give a sense of style to your beautiful kitchen because of its fancy designs. It was also designed to be multipurpose because it is not only limited to filling it with spices but for some variety of uses just like making decorations and party favors.

The spice jars from Ultimate Hostess have so many benefits that will make you appreciate once you get it already.

  • Does have an appropriate marker that works better for the labels
  • The covers are stainless even if it turns old
  • Its funnel fits perfectly around the lip of the jar
  • Glasses are very solid

  • If you over tighten the lids, the threads will pop off
  • Labels were chalkboard style which smudges if it gets wet
  • The plastic opening on these bottles was cheaply made

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6. SimpleHouseware 12 Square Spice Bottles (4oz) w/label Set


You will never regret getting these Spice Jars from the Simple Houseware as it comes in a 12 piece set with 48 spice labels.

If you also want to make labels on your own, the package also contains 20 blank label sheets for you to write freely. This product is very important to have organized and easy access to your favorite spices. 

These spice jars are so easy to clean and so easy to use. It won’t give you any headaches when it comes to working on it because even children could use it properly. Also, spice jars also guarantee you that it is durable and of high-quality.

  • It won’t easily tumble or rollover
  • Good quality and could fit a good amount of spices
  • Shows off beautiful colors 
  • Easy to refill

  • Funnels are too narrow 
  • It gets rusty if you wash it too often 
  • Sifting holes are kind of small

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7. Gneiss Spice Small Empty Magnetic Spice Jars


If you are fond of the works of art, then these Small Empty Magnetic Spice Jars by Gneiss Spice are just very perfect for you. These jars are very stylish because it comes with modern designs. The good thing is that it is magnetic so you can stick it to your fridge and save more kitchen spaces. 

It was made of durable containers that are made to be air-tight, so it lasts longer than metal tins. Even though these jars are small, they could still be filled with enough powdered seasonings and spices and still maintain its freshness.

Smaller jars mean giving enough spaces to other kitchenwares. These jars are just very clever, and it makes cooking more fun and meaningful.

  • Glasses were durable and it lasts longer than metal tins
  • Plastic-free
  • Lids are made air-tight to maintain the freshness of spices
  • Small but holds plenty of spice

  • Too costly for its size
  • The diameter of the top does not come into a standard size 
  • Barely hold 2 tablespoons of powdered spice and herbs 

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8. Good Cooking Adjustable Glass Spice 12 Premium Jars


Include these glass spice jars that are perfectly adjustable from Good Cooking, for it is a total package. You can simply turn the metal lid to choose among the 6 different pouring sizes. These jars are made of glasses that come in modern design that will fit into standard households. 

It also comes with rub containers that are made to have clearer designs to avoid confusion in identifying your choice of spice. These jars also have spice shakers for you to shake or just pour spices conveniently simply.

When it comes to its durability, these jars are made of high-quality materials that would surely last longer compared to local ones. 

  • Comes in 6 pouring levels or sizes 
  • Glass designs are durable 
  • Can hold more than an average spices
  • Made in larger sizes 

  • Seasonings could cause the spinning revolver to change, ends up getting spilled out
  • Caps may fall off if not properly handled
  • It’s not that air-tight 

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9. RoyalHouse SALUSWARE – 12 PACK – 5.5 Oz with Black Cap


If you are looking for a jar that is recommended for storing your different spices, powders, and herbs, the plastic spice jars from RoyalHouse is your best choice. Every jar comes with an inner seal that was made detachable under the lid that makes the product very tasty and fresh. 

The lids are two-ways flip tops to enable users to shake and pour spices on it. There are 12 bottles in the set, and each bottle has 5.5 oz volume and 4.75 inches in stature. You don’t have to worry about the bottle’s safety, because it was guaranteed safe due to its being BPA free and since it was originated in the US.

  • Jars are multipurpose because you can also use it to fill with glitters and some design to projects
  • Spice jars are perfect in size 
  • It doesn’t break or crack easily 
  • Very good quality for the price

  • The lid may snap off even if you close it properly 
  • Can create an order over time since it was made out of plastic
  • Not a dishwasher safe

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10. SpiceLuxe Premium Spice Jar Set -12 Square Glass 4 oz Spice Bottles


The Premium Spice Jar by SpiceLuxe is an all-in-one jar set because it has everything you need. It comes with a complete 12 square glass with 72 deluxe labels and 12 Shaker Tops.

This is recommended, especially if you have some trouble with your messy kitchen because these spice jars could perfectly fit in standard rocks, drawers, or cabinets. 

You will surely enjoy and have fun because these spice jars are in style, and you can easily apply any names you want in the labels. The jars also come with colorful qualities because of the variety of colors that will match the designs of your kitchen. Moreover, these jars are lead and BPA free, so it’s safe to use. 

  • Nice and heavy with thick glass
  • The tops just snap on easily 
  • Lids are dent free and screw smoothly
  • Decently sized and fit in racks
  • Perfect for bulk seasoning and spices

  • The tops are without funnels
  • No shaker tops 
  • Jar opening is too small, that even teaspoon can’t be inserted

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Frequently Asked Questions On Glass Spice Jars

It is important to know the different concerns and queries from consumers. Here are the common questions regarding the product.

Q: Are the jars made up of high-quality materials?

Answer: The quality is very good. It was made up of durable lead-free glass. The glass will less likely contaminate the spices.

Q: Can I order spice jars without labels? 

Answer: The labels come with the jars. Though, you can still opt to just make your own label if you wish. But the labels in the spice jar package do really fit in it. 

Q: How to fix stuck lids?

Answer: To fix stuck lids, just simply remove the lid and wipe the edge inside. Also, wipe the exterior rim of the container with a clean damp cloth. 

Q: Can the jars be used for candles?

Answer: Since the spice jars are mostly made of glass, they probably can be used for candles. You only need to make sure that the rubber gasket or the cap won’t touch the flame because it might cause trouble. 

Q: Why should I buy spice jars?

Answer: You should buy spice jars to maintain the cleanliness and an organized kitchen. Having these could give convenience because it could save your time on looking for the spices when you cook. It could also avoid any confusion from happening because you were able to label it properly. 

Final Verdict

As we have are our houses, one of the most important parts is the kitchen. It is expected that kitchens can get messy, especially when cooking is done during rush hours. So it’s best to have organizers or cabinets for storing your kitchenware.

Since we people love to buy powdered seasonings and spices, it is really needed to organize them in a place where it belongs. The good thing is that there are spice jars available in the market. Just know more about what kind of jars that could fit your kitchen because it may come in different sizes and colors.

In the end, it’s always the convenience and saving up of time matters. Just use the spice jars accordingly and know first about its features before purchasing it to avoid wasting money.

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