Top 10 Best Laundry Room Sink Reviews

Laundry Sink Reviews

Top 10 Best Laundry Room Sink Reviews

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Laundry room sinks are just some of the best ways to get that extra space for cleaning. When you want your life to be a bit easier, go get the best laundry sink the market can offer.

Compared to traditional sinks, these are much larger. It provides you with more space for all other kitchen tasks.

What is amazing about laundry sinks is that it comes in a multitude of styles, materials, and types of installations. With a lot of options to choose from, you can be sure to bump into the laundry sink that’s perfect for your style and needs.

But before your purchase, here are a few things you need to know.

#List Of The Top 5 Laundry Room Sink In The Market – Editor’s Pick:

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What to Look for Before You Buy Best Laundry Room Sink?

We know choosing the best laundry room sink can be confusing. There seem to be a lot of choices that may look perfect and fitting for your home, and it seems like you can’t choose just one. But you have to.

Here, we give you a few pointers for you to narrow down your choices.

Let’s start.

  • The Kitchen Sink Style

laundry room sink cabinet ideasOne of the first things to consider is the kitchen sink style. These sinks come in varying styles. Some of them can have one basin; some have two while there are a few ones that come with three basins. While those with one and two basins are quite common, sinks with three basins are rare and quite impractical.

There are also round basin sinks and farmhouse sinks. While there is a multitude of styles in the market, it would be useful to check on what you need. Before your purchase, you have to consider the size of your kitchen, the kitchen layout, and your needs.

  • The Sink Materials

Sinks are made from a wide array of materials. There are those that are made of stainless steel, granite, and even composite. It is pretty important to consider the kind of material used because it would dictate the manner by which you maintain your sink. Aside from that, it would also determine your sink’s durability. Finally, the construction has to blend well with your kitchen style.

  • Size and Configuration

exquisite utility sinkWhen choosing the best sink for laundry room, there are a few more things that you have to consider. There’s the size, for starters. Will it fit your cabinets? Is it compatible with your faucets?

What kind of model should you choose? While sinks mostly come in simple colors and designs, there are those that come in interesting configurations. Some sinks come with asymmetric basins and other designs.

However, we must admit, should you have a hard time choosing, go with stainless steel models. They’re the most versatile of the pack.

Top 10 Best Laundry Room Sink Reviews

The perfect laundry sink should be the star of your kitchen. It should be as beautiful as it is functional. Here are ten options worthy of your time.

1. Mustee 14 Utilatub Laundry Tub Floor Mount


If you are out shopping for a utility tub that’s on top of its game, you might want to take a look at this brand. Because of its size and the quality of its construction, it is no wonder we see a lot of love from consumers for this tub.

Measuring 25 x 23 inches, this brand features a huge single-basin unit with a maximum capacity of 20 gallons. From plates, pots, pans, and kitchen wares, you can also have this used when you need to give your puppy a bath.

It is made of an impact-resistant Co-Polypure resin built with a leak-proof drain. Also, the basin comes with heavy-gauge steel legs that are adjustable. And as they’re metal legs, they don’t wobble and at all times, stay in place.

As a whole, this sink’s performance is quite satisfactory. It is a beautiful white sink that is easy to install. Also, it is super functional and easy to use.

  • Can hold up to 20 gallons
  • Made with heavy-gauge steel legs that are adjustable
  • Easy to install
  • Functional
  • Effortless to use

  • A bit flimsy

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2. JS Jackson Supplies 19-Gallon Utility Sink


Perfect for your heavy-duty cleaning sessions, this sink can easily hold up to 19 gallons in one go. Each sink is built with sturdy metal legs. This keeps your sink stable even when filled to the brim with water.

The sink comes in different colors, so you don’t have to worry about it, not fitting your kitchen’s style.

Most sinks come with a faucet. And there are times when you won’t even like the faucet that comes along with the sink.

This sink does not come with one, which allows you a lot of flexibility in choosing one that is perfect for your needs. You can even install a side sprayer and a soap dispenser to this sink, which we really like.

The sink is durable and is made from high-quality materials to ensure that you can use it for years to come. Also, it’s stainless, hence, it’s rust-free.

Overall, this is a pretty decent choice. Because of its size and the functionality that goes along with it, you can never go wrong with this brand.

  • You get to choose your faucet
  • Can install a side sprayer and a soap dispenser to the sink
  • Durable
  • Comes in many colors
  • Stable and sturdy

  • Other brands drain better

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3. LDR Industries 040 6000 Laundry Utility Tub


This utility tub can hold as much as 19 gallons. It is easy to set up and is ideal for laundry rooms or even mudrooms. We have seen the public loving its non-metallic faucet, but we noticed upon seeing it first-hand that it seems to have a lot of plastic parts. That’s a minor issue, though.

Anyway, the sink comes with metal legs, supporting a high-quality thermoplastic basin. One of the things we love about this is that upon purchase, you already get everything you need.

You have the drainage supply lines, the thread tape, some washers, nuts, and even stoppers. Also, it comes with a manual that lays down instructions on how to go about its installation.

Overall, this is a great choice. It is sturdy and is easy to install. Also, we are quite satisfied with the length of the faucet hose. The basin is also deep enough to do the job well. What more could you ask?

  • Comes with a pull-out faucet
  • Plumbing parts are already included
  • Can hold 19 gallons
  • Metal legs
  • Includes a manual for easy installation and use

  • Some parts are made of plastic

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4. JS Jackson Laundry Tub with High Arc Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet


This is a sturdy and durable laundry sink. Constructed from high-quality metal, this sink will surely last you for many years. It also comes with a faucet in a metal base. In terms of style and functionality, this faucet is a great addition.

Speaking of the faucet, it is built with a pull-down spout. Because of its design, you are allowed plenty of space to clean your bulky and large items. There’s no need for you to maneuver and work your way around the faucet.

The basin can hold 19 gallons and is more durable than ordinary brands. In this basin, you can easily soak and rinse your laundry and other wares because of its strainer plug. It also comes with metal legs, so you’re assured of a sturdy sink while you do your laundry.

By the way, you can also use this for dog baths. This is great for your little kids, too!

  • Durable metal
  • Comes with a faucet in a metal base
  • Provides enough space for bulky items
  • Can hold 19 gallons
  • Comes with a strainer plug
  • Built with metal legs

  • Bottom is flat and may not drain well

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5. Kraus Pax 24-inch Undermount Single Bowl Laundry Sink


Because this is made with high-quality T304 stainless steel materials, this sink brings with it a promise of its durability and dent-free features. And just like any other options, we have on this list, you are assured of a sink that should last you for many years.

Aside from its durability, this sink is also built with a NoiseDefend soundproofing feature. This means that the sink is built with a padded undercoating on all sides that result in a quiet kitchen. Also, the basin is deep, allowing you to work with larger items.

And thanks to its angled walls, this sink is easy to clean. The sink is scratch and stain-resistant. It comes with a commercial-grade satin finish, which assures you that the sink retains its beauty for years to come.

In a nutshell, this is a great choice. It is functional, affordable, and is noiseless, making this one of the best laundry utility sinks on this list.

  • Built with dent-free features
  • Durable
  • Comes with a NoiseDefend soundproofing feature for a quiet kitchen
  • The basin is deeper than other brands
  • Angled walls for easy cleaning
  • Scratch and stain-resistant sink
  • Satin finish

  • Installation can be hard and complicated

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6. Ruvati RVU6100 Deep Laundry Utility Sink


Made from high-quality T-304 grade stainless steel, this entry presents a kind of durability you rarely find in other brands.

One of the main features of this brand is its depth. With a basin that is 12 inches deep, this sink is perfect for your laundry at home.

Another thing we like about this sink is that it can easily blend in any type of kitchen. It’s constructed to be resistant to scratches and rust.

Built with a sloped bottom and drain grooves, you are assured of the effective draining of water. It also comes with heavy-duty sound guard padding. Its undercoating helps in minimizing noise in the kitchen.

We also like it that upon your purchase, you get not just the sink but everything that you need for a complete laundry experience. It comes with a basket strainer drain, a bottom rinse grid, mounting clips, as well as an installation guide.

  • 12 inches deep and is ideal for laundry at home
  • Effectively drains water with a sloped bottom
  • Noiseless with its sound guard padding construction
  • Comes with everything you need for your laundry

  • Pricier than other brands

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7. Zenna Home Ergo Tub Sanitation Station


Because of its design, this sink is not just for laundry alone. You can also utilize this as a sanitation station. Whether it is for cleaning, washing and drying, or even just scrubbing or wiping your groceries, this sink is perfect for your needs.

What sets this apart from most brands is that it comes with a non-metallic pull-out faucet.

Because of its depth—measuring about 14 inches—the sink holds well even with a larger capacity. It can hold as much as 20 gallons.

We also like it that this freestanding laundry sink comes with a chrome towel bar. It is also built with a utility hook on each of its four legs. Plus, aside from that, there is a multi-function shelf that is stored below the basin. This shelf can be utilized as a work surface when you need one.

Overall, we think this is one of the best there is on the market. Upon purchase, you also get all the necessary plumbing parts, connections, and even a soap dish attachment.

  • Can be used for other purposes aside from laundry
  • Comes with a pull-out faucet
  • Holds as much as 20 gallons
  • Built with a chrome towel bar

  • The faucet is made of plastic

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8. Cashel 1960-32-02 Heavy-Duty Sink


If you are on the lookout for a top-rated sink, look no further than this brand. We’ve seen enough praises in the market for us to consider this sink. And upon testing, we finally realized what the praises are all about.

The sink is built with sturdy legs. It has a capacity of 20 gallons and comes with a 4-inch pull-out chrome faucet. One of the things we love about this is that it has a drying rack that is easily removable.

It is also built with a towel bar and a washboard. Suffice to say, your purchase comes with everything you need for easy use and installation.

Overall, this is a great choice. The sink offers you enough durability and stability at work. It is also elegant and stylish and is easy to clean.

Finally, this is as versatile as versatile gets. It can be used for your laundry as much as it can be used for your vegetable gardens. And so, if you come across this sink, do not hesitate to bring it home!

  • Removable drying rack
  • Can hold 20 gallons
  • Comes with a 4-inch pull-out chrome faucet
  • Versatile and can be used for laundry as well as in a vegetable garden
  • Durable and stable

  • The legs are hard to install

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9. Trinity Tha-0307 Stainless Steel with Faucet Sink


For those looking for a space-saving sink, this is a perfect choice for you. The sink is made of stainless steel materials. It can easily fit in your laundry room or your garage.

And because of its stainless steel construction, you are assured that the sink will easily blend with any part of your home, whether it is your laundry room or garage.

One of the things we like about this sink is that it does not easily stain. No matter the amount of dirt or stain your clothes bring to this sink, no stain will be retained by this sink. Aside from it being stain-resistant, the sink will never easily chip or rust.

We like it that this is durable enough to last you for a long time. It is built with stainless steel legs that are adjustable to ensure that you are working with a sink that’s stable.

Upon purchase, you also get a chrome-plated faucet and hoses.

  • Made of stainless steel materials and easily blends well with any laundry room style
  • Stain-resistant
  • Does not chip or rust
  • Durable and stable
  • Comes with stainless steel legs that are adjustable
  • Includes a faucet and hoses

  • The legs are hard to install
  • Flimsy-looking faucet

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10. DuraSteel Stainless Steel Prep and Utility Sink


And finally, to conclude our list of ten is a sink that features an 18 x 18-inch basin plus a faucet.

Made with high-quality 8-gauge stainless steel materials, this sink comes with anti-corrosion properties. It is also durable and stable for all your laundry needs.

And because it is made of stainless steel, its design will be flexible enough to easily blend well with any garage or laundry room design.

Upon purchase, the sink also comes with all the accessories that you need for an easy installation. You get an 8-inch swivel spout and strainers. Aside from that, there is also a lead-free faucet that comes along with your purchase.

The basin is built with a mount faucet hole that measures 8 inches. This provides for easier faucet installation. It can also hold as much as 16 gallons and can be utilized for your laundry needs as well as other sanitation tasks.

  • Built with 8-gauge stainless steel materials
  • Corrosion-resistant sink
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a swivel spout and strainers
  • Can hold as much as 16 gallons

  • The step by step installation instructions are hard to understand

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Top 10 Best Laundry Room Sink Comparison Table

Product Title



Installation Method


Item Weight


Mustee 14 Utilatub Laundry Tub





23 Pounds

JS Jackson Supplies 19-Gallon Utility Sink

JS Jackson Supplies




‎17.11 pounds

LDR Industries 040 6000 Laundry Utility Tub

LDR Industries




‎0.01 ounces

JS Jackson Laundry Tub with High Arc

JS Jackson Supplies




‎21.4 pounds

Kraus Pax 24-inch Undermount Single Bowl Laundry Sink





18.52 pounds

Ruvati RVU6100 Deep Laundry Utility Sink





‎35.8 pounds

Zenna Home Ergo Tub Sanitation Station

Zenna Home




15 pounds

Cashel 1960-32-02 Heavy-Duty Sink





19 pounds

Trinity Tha-0307 Stainless Steel with Faucet Sink



Wall Mount


‎39.9 pounds

DuraSteel Stainless Steel Prep and Utility Sink






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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the sink in the laundry room called?

A laundry room sink is additionally referred to as a utility sink or a laundry sink. If your home has enough area then it’s most convenient to have one. The laundry sink isn’t solely used for laundry cloth however also for cleanup stairs, washing households, treating stains, or simply cleaning around the house.

2. What size is a laundry room sink?

There are lots of laundry room sinks of sizes and styles. It shouldn’t be trouble finding the laundry sink that suits your space.
But a laundry room sink has to be massive sufficient for the excellent makes use of and healthy inside the space. The laundry room sink is square in form and its intensity has to be thirteen inches.

3. What are the types of laundry sinks available?

Among all the available laundry room sinks in the market, a list is given-
1. Wall-Mount laundry sink
2. Fresh-Standing laundry sink
3. Floor-Mounted laundry sink
4. Base-Cabinet laundry sink
5. Under-Mount laundry sink

4. Are laundry sinks worth it?

Yes, having a laundry sink can save you from messing around with washing. It can help in so many ways. Let’s take a look at what a laundry sink can do for you!
1. It can be your House cleaning companion.
2. You can clean Oven or Grill racks.
3. It can be your laundry folding station.
4. It will also help you in home gardening

5. Can you use a bathroom sink in the laundry room?

It wouldn’t be a sensible concept to apply a bathroom sink as a laundry sink. If your bathroom has sufficient area then you may set the laundry sink into the bathroom. But the use of a bathroom sink as a laundry sink can also additionally create trouble. Both sinks are one-of-a-kind from each other in sizes, styles, and materials.

Final Words

Finding the best laundry sink for your home is dictated by your personal taste, the sink’s durability, features, and capacity.

We hope that after reading this guide, you have already set your sights on one.

Have you? We hope!

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