Best Vessel Sink Reviews

Top 10 Best Vessel Sinks Reviews

Vessel sinks have recently gained popularity among renovating homeowners. Those that are made with tempered glass, especially, are the most favored as they add a touch of elegance to the kitchen or bathroom.

So, what are vessel sinks? These are sinks that you can directly install on your kitchen countertop.

Aside from the elegance, the best vessel sink can modernize the look of your home.

If you are planning on shopping for vessel sinks, you’re on the right page. Here, we give you ten options to choose from. And we explain why they’re the best.

Not only that, but we also give you a few tips on what to look for before your purchase.

So, let’s start?

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What to Look for Before Buying Vessel Sink?

The beauty of vessel sinks is that it comes in many colors, shapes, and sizes. Aside from it being useful at home, it can also blend well with any kitchen or bathroom design.

But, must you grab the first vessel sink that comes your way? Of course, you must not!

Here are a few things to keep in mind before your purchase.

  • Ensure Its Quality

Your vessel sink’s quality should be the major consideration before the purchase. The one to look for should be a vessel sink that exhibits stability and durability. As it is continuously exposed to the countertop, its body should remain strong.

Also, choose a vessel sink that can withstand temperature fluctuations at home. While there are vessel sinks made by less-popular manufacturers, it won’t hurt to get one from a reputable brand.

glass vessel sinks
  • Have Fun While Choosing Its Design

Vessel sinks are popular because they’re far less boring than the drop-in sinks that we’re so used to. They come in different colors, shapes, and sizes.

Have fun with choosing the design. And while you’re having fun, it won’t also hurt to keep this in mind: never forget the purpose why you’re having a sink in the first place.

Go with a vessel sink that’s deep (or tall) enough. Those that do not have that much depth can cause water damage to your countertop.

There is what they call an overflow hole. It prevents excess water from overflowing and spilling into your countertop. Better go with the vessel sink that has that.

stone vessel sinks
  • The Matter of Maintenance

Vessel sinks come in different constructions but those that can benefit you the most, maintenance-wise, are sinks made from tempered glass or ceramic. Porcelain is also a great choice.

They’re easy to clean and maintain. Just one wipe and you’re done cleaning! Yes, that’s how easy it is.

Aside from these sinks being easy to clean, they are also scratch-resistant and are less vulnerable to stains.

These are the reasons why ceramic or tempered glass vessel sinks are more popular than the others.

  • The Mounting Rings

Not all vessel sinks require these mounting rings. Before your purchase, ask if the design that you want requires one.

In case you’re wondering, mounting rings are essential in keeping the vessel sink stable on the countertop.

The 10 Best Vessel Sinks On The Market

Whatever the color or design, you’re never out of ideas when it comes to vessel sinks. But how do you choose? Here are a few brands to watch out for.

#1. VC Cucine Above Counter Porcelain Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Sink


One of this brand’s strong points is its make. This vessel sink has a strong and durable ceramic body. It also has a crystalline glaze coating.

This rectangular-shaped sink is built with smooth and rounded edges that somehow soften its look. The crystalline glaze coating we mentioned earlier adds a touch of elegance to the sink.

Because it is made of ceramic, this sink is resistant to stains and scratches. It is therefore easy to clean. With this sink installed in your bathroom, you will never look at cleaning as a chore anymore. A simple wipe of the sink after every use is enough to make it look like new.

Also, it has a flat bottom which gives you an added advantage. Do you see how you sometimes have to clean the counter below a bowl-shaped sink? With this sink, you no longer have to do that.

With product dimensions of 18.9” x 14.57” x 5.12”, you are ensured you have a sink large enough for your bathroom. It also has enough depth to avoid water from spilling onto your countertop.

It comes in white.

  • Made of ceramic
  • Comes with a crystalline glaze coating
  • Deep enough to avoid overflow
  • Easy to clean

  • Needs more slope to the drain

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#2. Puluomis Vessel Sink – Artistic Tempered Glass Vessel Sink


Brimming with glamour and elegance, this vessel sink has gained popularity among homeowners as of late. The sink comes in three colors – green, ocean blue, and flame red – and can accentuate your bathroom, no matter the style.

It has a unique boat-shaped design. Glossy and hand-painted, this beauty comes with everything that you need for its installation. Upon your purchase, you get not just the sink, but you also get a mounting ring, the ORB faucet, and a pop-up drain.

It is made of tempered glass and is therefore easy to clean. It’s stain-resistant, durable, and will give your bathroom the major artistic upgrade it needs.

If there is one thing that concerns us about this, it is that the sink does not have a water overflow hole. This means that too much water in the sink can cause water to flow onto the countertop. But if this does not worry you one bit, the sink is a pretty decent choice.

  • Comes in three colors
  • Made of tempered glass
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with a mounting ring, ORB faucet, and a pop-up drain
  • Stain-resistant

  • Does not come with a water overflow hole

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#3. Kes 19-inch Rectangular Porcelain Vessel Sink


As earlier mentioned, one of the most reliable materials in making vessel sinks is porcelain.

This particular vessel sink comes with a baked-on glaze that contributes a lot to its durability. Once you purchase the item, you will no longer have to worry much about its maintenance. Because aside from its durability, this sink is also easy to clean.

It is built with a smooth surface; it is elegant-looking, and it will give your bathroom the boost it deserves in the looks department.

While other sinks in the market are round, this is rectangular. It has a depth of 4 1/8 inches which is one of the deepest that you can get in the market. Its edges are also built to be rounded that minimizes the potential for accidents.

And since it is built to mount on top of the counter, you can install it yourself. There is no need to call a professional.

  • Made of porcelain
  • Comes with a baked-on glaze for durability
  • Easy to clean with one wipe
  • Has a depth of 4 1/8 inches
  • Easy to install

  • Inconsistencies with the slope

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#4. Yourlite Round Ceramic Vessel Sink


Made of premium-quality ceramic, this vessel sink adds a drop of elegance to any bathroom it’s installed in. It is versatile enough to perfectly blend with any bathroom.

It has a high-gloss finish that allows for hassle-free cleaning. Just one wipe and you’re good. There is even no need for you to get some cleaning aids or detergent to do this.

Aside from its looks, this vessel sink can also provide you with the much-needed durability. Each sink is sturdy and will not easily crack or break. You can expect to have this vessel sink with you for many years.

Your purchase comes not just with a vessel sink, but it also goes along with a faucet, a couple of water supply lines, and a pop-up drain. Aside from these, a manual is also included in the package. This ensures that you are well-guided during the installation of the sink.

One thing that needs to be improved, however, is on the faucet. It tends to rust over time.

Aside from this minor concern, everything’s good with this product.

  • Durable
  • Made of premium-quality ceramic
  • A purchase comes with a faucet, water supply lines, and a pop-up drain
  • Manual is also included for easy installation
  • Easy to clean

  • The faucet is not stainless

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#5. Kingo Home White Bathroom Vessel Sink


When it comes to its construction, this vessel sink boasts of being the best in the industry. Made from porcelain ceramic material, this oval-shaped white sink can look elegant, whichever part of the bathroom you mount it. The sink is large enough to make sure that there is no overflow of water when you are using it.

What we like about this brand is that its drain is located right smack at the center of the sink. This ensures that the water efficiently flows into the plumbing system and does not pool somewhere else.

Also, this vessel sink comes in a simple design. It has a shiny and non-porous finish that speaks of nothing else but durability. Aside from that, this is also scratch-resistant; a feature that can assure you of its preserved beauty even after years of continued use.

The vessel sink is easy to install. There’s no need for you to get the services of a professional.

  • Large enough to hold enough water without splashing
  • The drain is located in the center which results in effective draining of water
  • Easy to install
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Durable

  • Does not come with a pop-up drain or faucet

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#6. Sarlai Rectangular Porcelain Vessel Sink


Sharp and elegant; these are just a couple of words that can accurately describe this vessel sink. Its installation at home can upgrade the look of your bathroom, giving it a modern touch that is popular these days.

The sink has a strong ceramic body. It can withstand fluctuating temperatures at home. And like all sinks made from ceramic, this is also stain-resistant. Aside from the sink being stain-resistant, it is also scratch-resistant. This ensures that you have a smooth and beautiful sink for a long time.

With a depth of 5.8 inches, you can rest easy, no water will find its way to your countertop. It is rectangular and is built with a water overflow hole that can help you avoid water from causing damage to your countertop.

It has a drain hole at the center that makes it easier for water to simply go down the drain.

Also, this is the kind of sink that is never hard to install.

  • Stain-resistant and scratch-resistant
  • Strong ceramic body
  • Can withstand fluctuating temperatures at home
  • Deep enough at 5.8 inches
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a drain hole at the center

  • The bottom is a bit curved

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#7. Aweson Rectangular Ceramic Vessel Sink


With a depth of 4 3/4 inches, no amount of water will spill on to your countertop.

This vessel sink is made from premium quality ceramic. As such, you can only expect nothing but a durable unit. Aside from that, the sink is also stain-free and scratch-free, making this a worthwhile investment for your bathroom. You can rest easy you will have a good-as-new vessel sink for many years.

Furthermore, this white, rectangular beauty comes with a drain hole located at the center. This ensures that no amount of water is retained by the sink. Everything goes down the drain.

It is durable and sturdy. We also like it that upon installation, you don’t need much help from an expert. All you need is to follow the instructions that come with the purchase and you’re done installing!

If there is one thing, though, it is that this does not come with an overflow hole. There are also no faucet holes. But if you are good without these two, you can get this. It will be worth it.

  • Easy to clean
  • The sink is easy to install
  • Deep enough
  • Stain-free and scratch-free features
  • Durable and sturdy

  • Does not go with an overflow hole
  • There are no faucet holes

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#8. Miligore Sinks Reviews – Modern Glass Vessel Sink


Upgrade the look of your bathroom with this modern and sleek vessel sink. Aside from its simple and minimalist design, this glass vessel sink also presents durability with its high-quality tempered glass. It is about half an inch thick, assuring you that the sink can withstand any level of impact.

Also, the sink is built with anti-stain and anti-scratch properties. With these features on hand, you are sure you can retain the sink’s aesthetics for many years.

The sink is also easy to install. Upon purchase, it already comes with a drain opening. What we like is that such a drain opening is compatible with non-overflow or standard types of drains. You can have this easily installed on top of your countertop.

And most important of all, this sink is affordable. For such a beautiful sink, we promise you this is a great deal. It won’t break the bank.

  • Glass is thick and can withstand common wear and tear such as scratches and stains
  • Heavy-duty properties
  • Easy to install
  • Built with a drain opening
  • Can be recessed on a countertop
  • Affordable

  • Water spots should be wiped every after use

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#9. Artethys Bathroom Sink and Faucet Combo


Made of solid tempered glass, this vessel sink comes with a 1.5 GPM faucet aerator that can help you save water.

Because of its tempered glass-construction, this sink will never break easily. It is scratch-resistant and keeps its aesthetics for a long time. Also, the tempered glass is about half an inch thick, which is an assurance that it can withstand certain levels of impact.

The design is trendy and exquisite. It comes with a smooth polished surface that makes the sink easy to clean and maintain. And because of its design, it can blend easily with any bathroom, no matter the style.

Your purchase comes with a faucet, a pop-up drain, and a mounting ring. With this brand, you already have yourself, not just a sink, but everything that you need for its installation.

Speaking of which, this is easy to install as well.

  • 1.5 GPM faucet aerator that saves lots of water
  • Half an inch thick which attributes to its durability
  • Versatile design that fits well in any bathroom
  • Comes with a pop-up drain and a mounting ring
  • Easy to clean and install

  • The underside is painted white, which looks odd

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#10. Ufaucet Above-Counter White Ceramic Vessel Sink


Give your bathroom the sleek European-inspired look that it deserves.

With the vessel sink made from vitreous china, the sink provides for a polished look that makes this easy to clean. It has anti-stain and anti-scratch properties. As such, you retain its looks despite many years of continued use.

The vitreous china is also glazed. It is double-fired that attributes to its durability and stain-resistance properties.

Furthermore, the sink is also built with a drain hole 1 3/4 inches in size. It is located right in the middle of the sink, ensuring that no amount of water puddles and pools.

This is also easy to install. As such, you save on costs as you no longer need the help of a professional during the installation of the sink.


We should highlight, however, that your purchase does not come with a faucet and a stopper. You have to get them separately. But we know you don’t mind. So, go get this sink!

  • Sleek European-inspired look
  • Polished look that is easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Double-fired, making this durable
  • Anti-stain and anti-scratch properties

  • Does not come with a faucet and a stopper

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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

1. What is a vessel sink?

A vessel sink is a sink that is directly set on the countertop instead of any kind of frame. It is likely a water tank that looks like a vase, hence the name.

2. Are vessel sinks outdated?

Though vessel sinks are invented a long ago they still got popular due to their design and uses. They are still a fashionable option for renovation and new construction.

3. Do vessel Sinks splash?

A common problem with a container sink is that water will spray all over the countertop. Sometimes this is the case, but rarely due to the fact that the container sank. The main factors contributing to splashing are the location of the faucet and high water consumption. Other factors contributing to splashing include the depth and width of the shell. Tanks less than 16 “in diameter and less than 4” deep are more likely to have splashing problems.

4. Are vessel sinks more expensive?

No. Vessel Sinks are generally made of ceramic or glass. That is why the price remains low than the traditional sink. Very easy to install and use.

5. What is the type of vessel sink?

There is a variety of vessel sink available in the market. Such as-
• Ceramic vessel sink.
• Glass vessel sink.
• Vitreous China vessel sink.
• Metal vessel sink.
• Wooden vessel sink.
• Natural vessel sink.

Final Words

Now, these are the best vessel sinks the world has to offer. We know these are your ideal options.

When you get the chance, never pass up the opportunity of getting them. We know any of these vessel sinks have the power to upgrade the look of your bathroom.

Happy shopping!

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