Best Commercial Rotisserie Oven Reviews

best commercial rotisserie oven

Best Commercial Rotisserie Oven Reviews

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When it comes to baking and roasting, a consistent result is always elusive. But that is just what you want, right? So how do you ensure that you will have a consistent result when baking or roasting? Simple. Use a rotisserie oven.

The rotisserie oven is popular during the holidays because that’s when we have the time to bake and roast. But don’t you know that this popular kitchen appliance is good to be around all year round? After all, who doesn’t love to bake all the time?

So, if you want to own a rotisserie oven, make sure that you have space for it in your kitchen. You also have to consider your cooking demands. If you want to use it for roasting and not just baking, you better choose one that has that feature.

rotisserie oven as seen on tv

Rotisserie oven comes in vertical and horizontal formats. If you want to saves space, vertical is the way to go. There are rotisserie ovens that can also cook kebabs, ribs, and vegetables when it has the right accessories.

#List Of The Top 3 Best Rotisserie Oven for Chicken – Editor’s Picks:

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Top Reasons Why Rotisserie Oven is Better

Grilling aficionados may disagree with me, but I strongly believe that the rotisserie oven is the better way to cook meat. Here let me provide some reasons why I believe this to be so.

  • Meat is skewered

With the rotisserie oven, the meat is skewered to a spit. This is a long stainless steel rod designed to hold the weight of the meat by puncturing through it without damaging the parts. With this technique, you can cook large chunks of meat like turkey, chicken, and pork.

Good luck doing that with grilling. With grilling, you have to reduce the size of the meat to cook it evenly because when the chunk of meat is too big, you can’t expect it to cook well inside.

  • No flare-ups

With grilling, flare ups are inevitable because the oil from the meat drips to the ember. This can cause the meat to be overcooked from the outside and undercooked inside. With the rotisserie oven, you totally remove this issue. Since the meat rotates to the flame, the juice also rotates without escaping from the meat. This results in a juicier, more evenly cooked food and without any flare ups.

commercial rotisserie oven
  • More predictable

The secret to consistency is predictability. With the rotisserie oven, cooking is easily predictable because the heat is consistent and even. All you need to do is set a timer and when it’s up, your food is cooked. Since the meat is always rotating, you can’t overcook a side and the juice remains intact inside the meat.

This is not possible with grilling. It usually requires supervision otherwise, you will overcook the food.

  • More sanitary

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan of putting my food on a rack that has been exposed to the elements. With the rotisserie oven, the food is suspended over a flame. This kills whatever bacteria that’s in it before being cooked and it prevents one from getting on board after the food is cooked.

Top 7 Best Commercial Rotisserie Oven In The Market

While there are a lot of competing brands in the market today, here are my top 7 picks. This review is meant to lessen your burden of choosing what is the best rotisserie oven for your kitchen.

1. Best Choice Products Toaster Oven

While we have a score of versatile ovens, nothing would beat the Best Choice Products 16.9qt 1800W 10-in-1 XXXL Family Size Air Fryer Countertop Toaster Oven in the department. Not only is it a rotisserie oven, but it’s also a fryer and a steamer at the same time. All you need to do to change the fryer to steamer is change the oil to water and you have a completely different cooking implement.

When in rotisserie mode, it alternates the direction of the meat to achieve an even cooking.When on frying mode, it requires a third lesser oil compared to the conventional deep fryer. This is because the meat is made to constantly rotate in and out of the oil.

It is digitally operated with a countdown timer and thermometer that you can adjust to the optimum temperature of the cooking mode. Digital LED display which show temperature inside helps to control functionally. For example, when you’re frying, it will tell you when the oil is at the correct temperature.

  • The versatility is just awesome
  • Dehydrator w/digital LED display
  • 16L capacity is perfect for large preparation
  • Cutting over 85% of fats

  • Fryer tends to be slow to recover the heat when the food is added
  • The use of oil can be a turnoff if you’re picky about it

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2. Ronco ST5000PLGEN Showtime Rotisserie Platinum Edition

If you’re looking for an oven that spends a third lesser energy than the regular convection oven, the Ronco ST5000PLGEN Showtime Rotisserie Platinum Edition is for you. It’s easy to operate and it starts quickly, you can be sure you won’t wait a minute longer for your meal to be ready.

Nobody loves cleaning, right? But with this oven, you would love even the most mundane task of keeping it clean. All you need to do is wipe it with a clean damp cloth and it’s ready to go for the next cooking. This is made possible by its non-stick surface. You can even just dunk its removable glass door down the dishwasher. How easy is that?

When your meal is ready, the exterior handle stays cool throughout the cooking process, you don’t have to sweat getting your food.

  • Energy saving
  • Quick to start
  • It has a removable heat shield that browns the meat perfectly

  • A bit noisy when cooking
  • Rather long cooking time

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3. Hamilton Beach Countertop Oven

If you are looking for an affordable rotisserie option, the Hamilton Beach Countertop Oven with Convection and Rotisserie won’t disappoint you. It’s also a convection oven so you can cook recipes that are convection type as well.

The caveat behind this machine is that it’s a bit bulky for a capacity of five pounds. It will take up a lot of space while allowing you only to cook smaller preparations.

As a convection oven, this cooks fast and its even heat distribution is really a plus. It doesn’t have digital features but has automatic temperature settings so you don’t have to worry about overcooking your food.

  • It is highly flexible with the convection and rotisserie options
  • Since it’s a convection oven, it can cook more than meat

  • The switch tends to malfunction from time to time

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4. Black & Decker TO4314SSD Rotisserie Convection Countertop Toaster Oven

The Black & Decker TO4314SSD Rotisserie Oven is a versatile oven which packs in 1,500 watts of cooking power, making it easy to cook food quick and easy. It has automatic cooking settings and a digital LCD display panel, making it almost impossible to overcook your food.

The slide out glass door and drop tray makes the entire thing easy to clean and access from the outside. It can bake, toast and broil, in fact, it’s really flexible in that it can play a lot of double roles not just as a rotisserie oven. You can even use it to reheat food.

  • Easy to clean with its removable parts
  • One touch operation with its digital LCD panel
  • Flexible and versatile oven

  • The rotisserie spit stops working after a few cookings

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5. Oster French Toaster Oven

If you are short on space and still wants to have a rotisserie oven, the Oster French Convection Countertop & Toaster Oven. This oven is really small, it stands 8 inches high in stored position.

It drains away all the excess fats from the meat making it a healthy option. But don’t let all the draining dishearten you, it keeps all the flavor inside the meat.

It comes with a really simple but highly effective control panel and this oven is so versatile you can cook pork tenderloin, chicken, prime rib, vegetables, fish, and kebabs.

It’s also a bit generous with its accompanying accessories. It comes with removable drip tray, oven gloves, and a multipurpose basket, carving platform, and rotisserie spit. It’s also easy to clean because all these accessories are dishwasher safe.

  • Drains fats while holding the flavor
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Easy to store

  • Lacking in temperature control
  • A bit noisy when cooking
  • Could use a better insulation

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6. Cuisinart TOB-200N Rotisserie Convection Toaster Oven

Another versatile product from Cuisinart is the Cuisinart TOB-200N Rotisserie Convection Toaster Oven. It combines the functionality of a toaster and a rotisserie oven in one.

With a whopping 1,875 Watts power and a huge holding capacity, you can cook a 4-pound chicken with this oven.It has a non-stick interior which makes it so easy to clean combined with an aesthetically appealing brushed stainless steel exterior.

  • Combined rotisserie and toaster oven functionality
  • 4Lbs holding capacity
  • 1,875 Watt power
  • Aesthetically appealing

  • Too small for larger birds like turkey
  • Too bulky for its small capacity
  • It has limited accessories

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7. Hamilton Beach Rotisserie Convection Oven

If you’re looking for a countertop rotisserie oven, the Hamilton Beach 31103Da Rotisserie Convection Oven fits the bill very well. Not only is it space saving thanks to its vertical form factor, it’s also a good decor with its sleek and classic appearance typical of all Hamilton Beach products.

Any eight pounder meat is fair game for this oven. The grease is collected down a removable drip tray which is easy enough to clean while the food bastes itself until it’s cooked and easy to pull apart. As for the controls, what can be more hi-tech than a touch pad control system and an LCD display?

You wouldn’t have to worry about overcooking your food with this because it comes with pre-programmed temperature settings. On top of that, it comes with a recipe book that determines the cooking time and temperature of the food based on its weight.

  • Even heat distribution thanks to its chrome insert
  • Pre-programmed settings help in ensuring consistency of result
  • Removable parts are dishwasher safe

  • 5 pounds is a bit limited to larger preparations
  • Heat vents on top, so be careful where you place it

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Top 7 Best Commercial Rotisserie Oven Comparison Table

Product Title




Item Dimension


Best Choice Products Toaster Oven

Best Choice Products

15.99 Liters


14.5 x 13 x 15.25 inches

 Ronco ST5000PLGEN Showtime Rotisserie


15-pound turkey


19.9 x 16.6 x 15.6 inches

Hamilton Beach Countertop Oven

Hamilton Beach

5lb chicken


23.3 x 17.8 x 14.5 inches

 Black & Decker TO4314SSD Rotisserie




12.2 x 16 x 18.6 inches

Oster French Toaster Oven


2, 16 inches pizzas


23.8 x 20.15 x 15.1 inches

Cuisinart TOB-200N Rotisserie 


0.8 cubic-foot 


19 x 21.25 x 14.63 inches

Hamilton Beach Rotisserie Convection Oven

Hamilton Beach

2, 12" Pizza


17.7 x 23.2 x 14.5 inches

Types of Rotisserie Oven

Rotisserie ovens usually come in different sizes and shapes. It also comes with different accessories and cookbooks so you can cook a delicious meal. The challenge for you is to consider how you would use the oven and to determine ahead of time the usual sizes of meat that you will cook. You also need to consider the kitchen space that you can dedicate for this oven. Here are the different types of rotisserie ovens.

  • Small Rotisserie Oven
  • Standard Rotisserie Ovens
  • Vertical Rotisserie Ovens
  • Commercial Grade Rotisserie Ovens

If you are single and have a small kitchen, you would normally want a smaller rotisserie oven. This is usually easy to store due to its small form factor and also less expensive.

Also, if you will use it only for special occasions, this is also the perfect size. If you are planning to give one as a housewarming gift, this is also the perfect size.

Final Thoughts

All these rotisserie ovens are good and I really had a hard time making a choice. That being said, if I only had one choice, that would be the Ronco ST5000PLGEN Showtime Rotisserie Platinum Edition. The quick cooking and energy saving feature are just too awesome for me. The huge holding capacity is also another killer feature for me.

When the situation calls for bigger preparations, I don’t want to buy a different oven just for it. I can easily overlook the noise because all rotisserie ovens will make noise at varying degrees.

If I can’t get the Ronco ST5000PLGEN, the Cuisinart CVR-1000 Vertical Countertop Rotisserie is a close second. Cuisinart has been consistent in delivering awesome kitchen appliances and this one is no different. The vertical form factor is just awesome when it comes to storing but not only that, it drains the excess fats from the meat as well. The hi-tech features are also hard to overlook and as far as capacity goes, 8Lbs is not small for regular preparations.

The Ronco ST5270SSGEN Ez-Store Rotisserie would have been perfect except for its small capacity, but this can be a perfect choice if you’re living alone or would only bake or roast occasionally. It’s fat draining feature is one thing that you should not overlook especially if you’re a health buff. If you’re short on space, this is also a good choice because 8 inches in the storage position is so negligible even in smaller kitchens.

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