Best Reusable Sous Vide Bags

sous vide bags

Best Reusable Sous Vide Bags

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Sous vide is a French term that merely means under vacuum. It’s a process in which one vacuum seals food in a bag before cooking it to moderately high temperatures in a water bath. When you use this method of cooking, you are likely to realize better results that are not possible with other natural ways of cooking.

In merely three steps involving attaching the precision cooker to a pot of water, getting your food in a sealable bag, and immerse it into the water and finally end the process by searing, grilling, or boiling your meal you will have achieved it.

While every other vacuum sealing bag can do the work, you need reusable sous vide bags to enhance the best results. It is for this reason that this vacuum sealing bags review is vital for you. It allows you to pick the best bag for the task.

#List of Top Sous Vide Bags – Our Top Picks:

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Things to Consider Before Choosing Reusable Sous Vide Bags

While you may argue that every Sous Vide Bag will help do the task, some of them are made in such a way that they become faulty in the process. Similarly, others are made of materials that may be harmful to your health or that of your family.

Not every manufacturer does what is expected of them. Therefore, there is a need to look for a few things on your sous vide bag of choice before spending your hard-earned cash on it.

seal food bags

What then, are these vital features you need to know?

  • Safety: It can be intimidating cooking with plastics. Heating some plastics may cause dangers of burning and even explosion. Therefore, one of the greatest things to consider before purchasing a sous vide bag is the material with which it is made. Is it safe? Go for the food-grade low-density polyethylene or polypropylene.
  • Speed: Sous vide bags come with various rates, powers, and even features. You should pick on that bag that would do you work quickly. Consider some of your busy schedules, and you are looking to prepare something for the family before you dash off. Therefore, go for speedy sous vide bag that will help you complete the immersion cooking as fast as possible.
  • Waste Management: Check whether your sous vide bag is suitable for your environment. It would help if you understood that you need an excellent and healthy living free from contamination. Therefore, go for the best sous vide bag that is either reusable or recyclable. Pick on a bag that you can decompose after several reuses.
  • Vacuum Sealer Requirement: Do you need a vacuum sealer when cooking using these bags? If so, then go for a bag that has a vacuum sealer. Remember sous vide means under vacuum. Therefore, you will need the sealer to create the vacuum you require for your cooking. Choose wisely based on your needs too.

Top 12 Reusable Sous Vide Bags In The Market

1. Sous Vide Bags Kit for Anova/Joule Cookers

Are you seeking to cook foods that need high temperatures of over 158 degrees? Are you looking to have your vegetables cooked faster than ever? Pick on one sous vide bags kit now.

Sous vide bags kit is the best option for you when you are preparing meals such as vegetables, beans, and even some braised meat that requires high temperatures. Sous vide bags kit will also help you keep your food fresher and for a longer time. By helping you cut down on the extent at which you handle food in your kitchen, Sous vide bags kit will assist you in maintaining cleanliness in the kitchen.

It has a food-safe that is vacuum-sealed bags made of FDA to help store both cooked and fresh foods for you. The FDA material in Sous vide bags kit also enhances sous vide vacuum cooking if need be. Therefore, get yourself a Sous vide bags kit and enjoy a cleaner, safer sous vide cooking today.

  • Keeps your food safe for a longer time
  • Has over 20 vacuum sealed bag making it the perfect sous vide bag
  • Easy to use
  • Best for sustainable packaging

  • Only have ten reusable bags

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2. HomeLux Theory Silicone Food Bags

This is a multipurpose bag that fulfills all your kitchen needs. Home lux theory reusable silicone food storage bags are the best for freezing purposes, especially when handling ribs or meat. It can also help you store family-sized food. If you are looking to store large fruits and vegetables such as watermelons, this is your gallon.

Home lux theory reusable silicone food storage bags also make it possible for you to store your snacks and leftovers or even pet foods. It does every storage purpose you need. The bag, therefore, is ideal for making your fridge and kitchen organized. It keeps any large fruits safe and away from the reach of people in the kitchen hence leading to a more organized working space.

  • Organizes your fridge by keeping your messy and sickling materials
  • Guarantees superior use experience
  • Economic friendly
  • Keeps your food fresh and saves you spoilage expenses
  • Extends the life of your food due to an airtight seal

  • Hard to wash due to its large size
  • Occupies a larger space in the kitchen
  • They have a Poor sealing design
  • They are not clear but colored

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3. FoodSaver 1-Quart Vacuum Seal Bags

If you need food freshness that is going to last for close to months and not days, Food saver 1-Quart pre-cut vacuum seal bags is your ideal choice. This product has a BPA, which is a free multiplier design that is made of durable material that will handle your food for more extended periods.

It has a pliable material that establishes an airtight barrier around your food to extend the freshness and retaining all flavors. Food saver 1-Quart pre-cut vacuum seal bags will allow you to easily and quickly divide or portion your menu from your daily bulk shopping or even when you are looking to store your leftovers safely.

If you have a food saver vacuum, you will find this Food saver 1-Quart pre-cut vacuum seal bags even more useful. It uses the sealing system of your food saver vacuum to help you seal the heat to a favorable temperature that will work well with your food saver bag material.

  • Maximum convenience
  • Long-lasting food freshness
  • You can use one bag for multiple functions
  • Has a BPA free material

  • Hard to get a replacement bag for it

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4. Ayager 30 Reusable Vacuum Food Bags

This is a super high reusable Sous Vide Bag that is BPA free. If you need chef steps, joule, ANOVA, and Wancle Sous Vide, this is your best bag. It includes 30 big sous vide vacuum bags and a single hand pump, as well as two couples of sous, vide cooking clips that make your work more comfortable than ever.

Buying a single set of Sous vide bags 30 reusable vacuum food storage bags will avail you with all the functional tools you need to cook sous vide. The material making this bag is approved to be safe and harmless for a person’s health. It is both cook and freezer reliable; that is what it means to be able to use it for sous vide cooking.

Moreover, you can reuse every sous vide bag for as long as ten times before you dispose of it. In this manner, Sous vide bags 30 reusable vacuum food storage bags is your ideal product if you are seeking to limit your kitchen costs.

  • Easier to use and reuse
  • Environmental friendly
  • It is contamination-free due to the BPA free material making it

  • Requires a bit of knowledge to handle

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5. FoodSaver 11”x 16” Vacuum Seal Roll

This is a storage device that makes your food last for many weeks and not days. It is a BPA free multi-layer design that is specifically designed to be durable and by using a pliable material to enhance the freshness of the food.

The material is fit to keep the barrier for the flavor of the food inside. The extended freshness is the main reason you need Food saver 11”x 16” vacuum seal roll for your daily storage. Moreover, this product has a customizable length to accommodate every size of your food. You can also use it with your food savers very easily.

If you need a multipurpose food saver, Food saver 11”x 16” vacuum seal roll is your ideal option. It will meet your significant shopping needs by making it easy for you to separate them with a lot more ease. Therefore, make a move today to receive the best customized BPA free and vacuum sealer bag that will make you keep your food fresh for weeks.

  • Keeps your food fresh for longer
  • Fits all your food storage needs

  • Requires trained skills to operate

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6. Lemason Reusable Silicone Food Bag

A silicon food bag is an eco-friendly bag that you can use for various functions in the line of storage. If you are looking to store your baby food, this is the best product for you. It carries both meaty and vegetable foods. A silicone food bag also helps you keep your food fresh always while saving you the money you spend to buy more food.

Are you in need of a recyclable and reusable food storage bag? Here is what you need, acquire a silicone food bag today to maintain the sustainability of your environment. You can also use this bag to freeze your food. It has a hermetic airtight seal that makes your food to stay fresh for a long time. Reusable silicone food bags can also be utilized in boiling your water for sous vide cooking at home.

  • A safe and healthy bag for family use
  • Comes in your favorite color and sizes
  • Limits your expenses in acquiring new bags since it is reusable
  • Can be washed using the dishwasher
  • Works perfectly with your oven

  • Can be faulty in the long run
  • May be contaminated when washing

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7. FoodVacBags 2-Pack Vacuum Sealer Bags

Are you in need of fresh or frozen food that lasts for two to three times longer in your commercial grade bag? Are you looking to reduce the waste of food? Look no further, FoodVacBags 2-pack 11X50 Rolls vacuum sealer bags are your best option.

This bag allows you to store your food and reduce the number of wastages at your commercial level of operations. It will make it possible for you to stop buying ingredients you already have. Therefore, it will help you cut on your grocery expenses by over two or three times.

FoodVacBags 2-pack 11X50 Rolls vacuum sealer bags also allow you to create good food propositions. Hence, you can prepare meals in advance, especially during busy days. Similarly, it will make it possible for you to cut on the number of snacks you take daily by cutting on the proposition automatically.

Instead of letting your leftovers go wrong; you can easily pack them up and freeze them using your newly acquired FoodVacBags 2-pack 11X50 Rolls vacuum sealer bags. Do it now.

  • Helps you create healthy propositions
  • Makes you stay safe always
  • Reduces your expenses on wastages

  • Come in different qualities

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8. OutOfAir 8” & 11” 25ft Vacuum Sealer Rolls

This vacuum sealer roll consist of 8” &11” 25ft vacuum sealer rolls, which are fitted inside and four rolls with a couple of the range at the 100ft in total. It keeps your food out of the air to help you save your food for longer hours.

8” &11” 25ft vacuum sealer rolls is compatible with most machines. Unlike other rolls, this roll fits inside all the machines you have. By acquiring this roll today, you kick out all the struggles you have always undergone when trying to manage your extra-long rolls.

It also works in all vacuum sealer machines, including the food saver, Macmaster, and many others. The device also uses heavy-duty materials that are free from the BPA and approved by the FDA. 8” &11” 25ft vacuum sealer rolls can be frozen, microwaved, or even build. Do not lag; buy one today for the best experience.

  • Safe, risk-free and convenient
  • Incredibly strong and durable
  • Can work in all the vacuum sealer machines
  • Has 100 ft of vacuum bags
  • Compatible with all your kitchen machines

  • The sealing may refuse to take place hence wasting the whole bag

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9. FoodSaver Seal Roll with Multilayer Construction

Get the longest time of freshness with Foodsaver Gamesaver 11” X 16” vacuum seal roll. It is a BPA free product that has a multiplayer design. It is appropriately made to ensure that it is very durable and reliable in its all functions.

Purchasing this product allows you to use it with your seal saver and even the game saver vacuum sealing systems to help you heat your food to the required temperatures. You will always enjoy the airtight secure seal that keeps your food safe always.

You can also customize the length of this Foodsaver Gamesaver 11” X 16” vacuum seal roll to accommodate all the types and sizes of foods you need to store. It is also resistant to tearing and punchers hence free from unnecessary leaks. The resilient nature of this storage device also makes it possible to handle foods that have sharp bones and even shells.

  • Stores food for longer weeks
  • Has a customizable length hence accommodate a variety of food sizes
  • Resist breakages hence safe for bony and shelly foods
  • Compatible with your food savers and Gamesaver vacuum sealing system

  • Some rolls may be defective when using and fail to hold the seal

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10. OutOfAir Mega Roll 11″ x 100′ Sealer Bags

With the 11” X 100” mega roll and Cutter Box Vacuum Sealer Bags Roll, you do not need to fuss with scissors on your existing 50 feet rolls. This roll comes with the cutter that makes it more convenient for you to choose your desired length to use.

If you need a roll that will work for you in all vacuums, pick on this today. It is an all-normal and clamp style vacuum sealer that works in every vacuum machine, including VacMaster and FoodSavers. It also has ten feet of vacuum bags that are enough for you to make 75 gallon-sized bags.

11” X 100” mega roll and Cutter Box Vacuum Sealer Bags Rolls are also incredibly strong and durable. It is a convenient roll that allows you to make BPA free sealer bags. If you are looking for the best turn for more substantial sized bags, buy 11” X 100” mega roll and Cutter Box Vacuum Sealer Bags Roll today.

  • Strong and durable
  • Works with almost all vacuum machines

  • A bit hard to pull
  • May not work with no freezer burn

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11. ECOLIFEMATE Gallon Size Food Storage Bag

This is an extra-large gallon size silicone bag that has a zip-top slider bar. The bar allows you to keep the bag’s seal airtight always. It also makes the bag to be leak-proof and ideal for every type of storage.

When you buy this bag, you are gifting yourself with a bag that makes it easy for you to freeze and store your foods, including family leftovers. It can store every type of food, be it meat, fruit, soup or even vegetables and sandwiches.

If you have sous vide cooking container, you can safely boil using the Gallon size reusable silicone food storage bag. Similarly, you can use your dishwasher to clean this device without any issues. Therefore, nothing bars you from gifting yourself with this product that will enhance your storage activities to the best.

Buying this product today also makes you and your family sustainable. It is an environmental friend, ly product that is recyclable, compostable, and reusable.

  • Safe for sous boiling using your sous vide
  • Reusable, and recyclable
  • Multipurpose as it can store every meal type

  • The zipper is not attached hence making it hard to open or close

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12. VACMASTER 40722 3-Mil Vacuum Chamber Pouches

This is a heavy-duty storage container that is made of nylon or an eco-friendly polythene material. This product can help you keep your food up to five times longer. It is three-mils thick to ensure that the heat of your food remains for a longer time.

Are you looking to prevent your freezer burns and dehydration? Vacmaster 40722 3-mil vacuum chamber pouches are the bag to go today. It will help you keep away all instances of dehydration from your food and eradicate any freezer burns.

It can store refrigerated, frozen or microwaved sous vide. It is also suitable for cooked and boiled sous vides. Therefore, Vacmaster 40722 3-mil vacuum chamber pouches are not limited when it comes to food storage. The material making up this Vacmaster 40722 3-mil vacuum chamber pouches is FDA approved hence very convenient and harmless for your life. Get it today.

  • Useful for preventing freezer burns and dehydration
  • Thick to retain heat with which the food is stored
  • Compatible with chamber vacuum sealers
  • Keep food fresh for more extended hours

  • May not work well with food savers since it leaves air in the bags

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Top 12 Reusable Sous Vide Bags Comparison Table

Product Title






Sous Vide Bags Kit for Anova/Joule Cookers




20(26x34cm), 10(21x22 cm)

HomeLux Theory Silicone Food Bags




2 Large + 2 Medium

 FoodSaver 1-Quart Vacuum Seal Bags




44 quart

Ayager 30 Reusable Vacuum Food Bags




30 super big 

FoodSaver 11”x 16” Vacuum Seal Roll




3 Large

FoodVacBags 2-Pack Vacuum Sealer Bags



Polyethylene & Nylon Plastic


OutOfAir 8” & 11” 25ft Vacuum Sealer Rolls




8" & 11" 25ft 

FoodSaver Seal Roll with Multilayer Construction




11" x 16'

OutOfAir Mega Roll 11″ x 100′ Sealer Bags




11" x 100' Mega Roll

ECOLIFEMATE Gallon Size Food Storage Bag



100% Premium Food Grade Silicone


VACMASTER 40722 3-Mil Vacuum Chamber Pouches




8-Inch by 10-Inch

Types of Sous Vide Bags

There are various types of sous vide packaging that one can use today. Before you pick on any sous vide packaging, you need to understand its types and how it will suit your purpose. A good Sous Vide Bag is that which is capable of sealing your food to avoid evaporation and gives room for the most effective and efficient energy transfer from the water to the food. Here are some of the best types of sous vide bags.

i. Reusable Silicone Bags

These are reusable Sous Vide Bag, which is made from silicone material. They are characterized by quality results always. A good example here is the stasher reusable silicone sous vide bag.

ii. Canning Jars

Canning jars are glass made sous vide bags that allow you to cook different food types. In jars, you can make your food that requires exceptionally high temperatures such as beans and other types of grains. Jars also enable you to prepare your desserts foods such as custards. Get one today for your quick and efficient grain and dessert cooking.

iii. Reusable Bags

These are very versatile sous vide bags that are readily usable with water immersion technique. The main aim of using these bags with the immersion approach is to help get off the air from the container. When buying this kind of bag, ensure you pick the best. In most cases, go for the BPA free and the heavy-duty bags.

iv. Vacuum Sealing Bags

While there is no need for you to buy a vacuum sealer or a vacuum sealing bag after purchasing the other bags, these sealers work very effectively with batch cooking. The best example of these vacuum sealing bags is the Oliso and the food saver.

Frequently Asked Questions On Reusable Sous Vide Bags

Q: What kind of plastic is safe?

Answer: The safer plastic material for storage bags and other vacuum packaging bags is that which is made of polythene. Polythene or polypropylene is plastics that are resistant to any sub-boiling temperatures that may occur in sous vide cooking. Polythene materials are also non-toxic.

Q: What kind of plastic is hazardous?

Answer: The most hazardous plastic that should be avoided when making storage and packaging vacuum bags is polyurethanes, Styrene copolymers, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). These plastics do not resist much heat and can catch fire very quickly. They also contain some bit of toxicity that can harm food and the consumer.

Q: Why do you need the best sous to vide bag?

Answer: You need the best sous to vide bag for the best performance. The best sous vide bag has a vacuum sealing that will establish a tight wrap around your foods.

In this manner, it will issue the best surface contact with the hot water and better cooking temperatures.

 The best sous vide bag will also make it possible for you to use it with extremely high temperatures. Its seal is best in resisting breakage and food spoiling.

Final Verdict

Sous vide bags are the best way you can prepare your meals and keep them for more extended hours before they go bad. It would help if you recalled that with sous vide bags; you are entitled to the low cost of living since you minimize wastage as much as possible. The bags are also available in various types, sizes, and colors from which you can pick and enjoy. However, it is not easy picking on the best bag by merely looking at its physical structure. In that sense, this review should assist you in understanding the best bag for your needs. If you are looking for sous vide bag that will suit all your purposes in one, here is your destination. Move not an inch, act now! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising & linking to Amazon properties including, but not limited to,