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Cooking sous vide plays a vital role in maintaining a balanced temperature for your food. You might have faced difficulty while cooking, don’t you? But a lot of tools have been introduced in the market that can lessen your trouble.

Whereas, I had no idea regarding these new tools back then. Meanwhile, the best sous vide container has the best nature of water circulation to make the food better. A specialized container for sous vide nicely composes the balance and other culinary issues. By heating water in a pot, this tool can hold a perfect temperature.

#List Of The Best Sous Vide Containers – Our Editor’s Pick:

Top 5 sous vide containers review

sous vide containers

If you have decided to buy the best sous vide container, some facts are significant to focus on. Let’s find out the best products along with the best guidelines for your convenience.

1. Anova culinary sous vide cooker review

Anova Culinary ANTC01 Sous Vide Cooker Cooking container, Holds Up to 16L of Water, With Removable Lid and Rack

This model of Anova comes with a curvy-shaped body. Engaging more superior circulation of water is the best feature. Besides, you will get it along with a silicon plated lid in the infrastructure.

Overall, the elegant design can attract anybody’s eyeballs. It brings any sous vide usage as it is surrounded by polycarbonate. As a result, you will get all of the steams in your dish.

Covering wisely the heat retention in the best possible way is another strength. Besides, it is easier to use as you will have no water loss to be evaporated.

This plastic-based container is a very comfortable tool in placing your food-sealed bag after clipping. The integrated wire racking system does the job well to maintain your food. Besides, you will get this model along with a 100-day money-back guarantee.

Its sturdy clamp design can easily attract users. Besides, it comes with a remote operating system. An extraordinary clamp is essential for your variety of pots. Meanwhile, the detachable casing is an extra advantage for your ease.

  • Fast and even heating system
  • Preventing evaporation
  • Safe countertops
  • Premium-quality infrastructure

  • Takes a bit longer to heat water

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2. Rubbermaid Commercial Products Plastic Food Storage Container Review

Rubbermaid Commercial Products, Plastic Space Saving Square Food Storage Container for Kitchen/Sous Vide/Food Prep, 12 Quart, Clear

Rubbermaid has the best products on providing you with a good quality container. For sous vide, you need a reliable product that can save your money while providing the best traits. It can store foods 25% more than others for you.

This round container comes with better polycarbonate materials. As a result, you will get enormous support from heat resistance. Besides, it is highly comfortable to keep food safe from stains and other chemical materials.

So, you will have no issue regarding its durability. As it is easy to clean, you will have no reason left to dislike it. Apart from dishwasher safe, you will get a better food management system.

Besides, it puts a great role in commercial food storing too. From the reliability aspects, it displays the FDA-compliant tools along with the precise gradations. Also, this renowned brand comes with a HACCP guide and brings NSF 3 & 2 certification.

As it keeps great significance in preserving a variety of foods, you will find it useful to marinate meats. It also comprises the parched repository of pasta, rice, etc.

  • Lids locking system onto the ground for storehouse
  • Microwave safe
  • Don’t shake while it is shaken
  • Dishwasher safe

  • Insufficiency in an airtight system

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3. EVERIE Sous Vide Container review

EVERIE Sous Vide Container 12 Qt with Collapsible Hinged Lid and Rack, Compatible with Anova Nano and AN500-US00 and Instant Pot, SET-12-NANO-PP

This model is capable of providing a collapsible hinge-based lid. As a result, it is undoubtedly an easy task to collapse it for removing water. Besides, refilling ingredients is super manageable during long cooking.

Its copyrighted hinge layout makes sous vide cooking useful. Besides, you will find it compatible with only Anova nano. Meanwhile, the hinge has been assessed to conduct 100k uses.

Anova sous vide container comes with a standard amount of bundle kits too. Besides, NSF has approved the container brand. For food safety, they provide stainless steel material along with a rack, lid.

Besides, the stainless steel rack protects your bags of food restored in the water. So, you will get complete heat for your food. It comes with 7 dividers of different nature.

While 5 dividers are detachable, the rest are built-in types. Besides, you will see these containers, attached to the core with a sophisticated firm clamping system. So, it can continuously stop the dividers from wobbling.

  • Available in various sizes
  • Pivoted lid for simple entry
  • Flawless steel frame encompassed
  • Awnings are clasped firmly in a niche

  • Not that large is size

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4. LIPAVI Sous Vide Container review

LIPAVI C20 Sous Vide Container

This model from Lipavi is highly made of polycarbonate. So, you can consider it for its high durability and premium plastic nature. Besides, you will highly get pleased with its extraordinary insulator service.

It can balance temperature along with dishwasher proof. You will find it enough suitable for 15 various tailored lid types. Moreover, this container brings much user-friendly nature that makes it handier.

Besides, it can give your food an extended capability. As this container is made of polycarbonate, it will safely make your food warmer. Meanwhile, you have a better circulator that is suitable for a narrow fitted lid.

You will not have any issues regarding the elimination of vapor. Besides, it is highly preferable to make your cooking journey more enhanced and exciting. Lipavi sous vide container is one of the best in providing you the best technology.

As it is comparatively cheaper than other brands, users have the reliability of this user-friendly model. It is always a pleasant experience to treat the sous vide machine including a container. Besides, a wide range of sizes & orientations is very helpful for the users to choose from.

  • Easy to operate
  • Effective sizes
  • Dishwashing safe
  • High temperature resistant

  • Few complaints regarding heavyweight

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5. EVERIE Sous Vide Container with Collapsible Lid review

EVERIE Sous Vide Container 7 Quart with Collapsible Hinge Lid Compatible with Anova Bluetooth 800w or Wi-Fi 900w or AN500-US00 1000w, Not Compatible with Nano

Everie brings a 12 Quart tool that includes a collapsible hinge veil. Though it’s not capable of Anavo nano but has a collaboration with Anova. You will have this hinged lid for reducing maximum water evaporation.

As a result, it is an exceptional tool for durable cooking. Besides, you do not need to worry about refilling water on time. So, you can refill or inspect ingredients inside it anytime as the hinge is much closer to the engine.

Moreover, you do not need any clamp as the lid conforms its container with the sealed bag nicely. It will not disappoint you in the case of design and infrastructure. The neoprene equipment has formulated the sleeves better and durable.

As a result, no heat exchange will happen. Besides, it will decrease the heat casualty of insulation. As the lid carries a hinge-based design, it is feasible to add or eliminate water.

You will be able to do it without taking off the whole lid. Besides, its stainless steel shelf empowers built-in hooks. These clips help users on holding the barricades safely.

  • Heat resistance
  • Rendered of polycarbonate
  • Having an ideal size
  • Highly durable

  • Infrastructure is not up to the mark

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Top 5 sous vide containers Comparison Table

Product Title




Item Weight

Item Dimension


Anova culinary sous vide cooker review




10 pounds

18.5 x 11.18 x 8.74 inches

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Plastic Food Storage




1.54 pounds

11.31 x 10.5 x 7.75 inches

EVERIE Sous Vide Container 




3.54 Pounds

13.03 x 11.22 x 7.83 inches

LIPAVI Sous Vide Container




2.99 Pounds

20.87 x 12.8 x 7.87 inches

EVERIE Sous Vide Container




2.53 Pounds

12.99 x 11.81 x 7.48 inches

Buying guide

  1. Plastic cooler

A plastic cooler brings much significance to keep your food safe. So, before buying the best sous vide container, keep an eye on the plastic materials. As the material is insulated enough, you will get an extra benefit.

The coolers come in various sizes. Besides, it contains rectangular shapes that enhance your comfort. As a result, you can place your food easily in vacuum bags.

Apart from these, you will find it more bulky and heavy. So, it is better not to choose it for portability. Besides, it brings some health risk that makes it a bit difficult.

  1. Metal Pots

You can not deny the importance of having metal pots. If you have this one at home, then you already can relate. It does not ruin your nutrition significance.

But it enhances the performance while having a direct connection with heat. On the other hand, it is always difficult if you have got large pots.

It acts perfectly while cooking a meal for 2 persons. Besides, the material can transmit the heating system to the shell. As a result, your circulator will work harshly.

Besides, if you use a metal or steel-made container, then try not to put the warmer pot on a countertop. It can continue for a long time. Unless you may face risks regarding stone breaking for having heat.

  1. Size

Many users have the misconception regarding the size of a container. But do not be fool by selecting the larger one. If you think that your container can be a part of the internal structure of your home, then a larger one is preferable.

Besides, it depends on how many people’s meal you have. Generally, you can contemplate 3 to 4 quarts for each adult. So, having a clear idea of the size can bring your satisfaction to a higher level.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are Sous Vide Containers Safe?

A synthetic complex harbinger is optimized here to build plastic. There is a wide range of polycarbonate materials that contain BPA. Meanwhile, you can consider the BPA as a hazardous element for your health.

As a result, it’s not safe enough. Besides, it can impede your hormones that are risky enough. Meanwhile, experts have said that BPA has a connection to cancer and other diseases.

  1. Do you need a special container for sous vide?

You do not need to. If you are a professional, then you may need a perfect and efficient container. The best sous vide container brings many traits along with a handsome quality.

It is not that important to have a precious one instead of an efficient product. Apart from these, you can put a focus on some facts, plastic cooler, metal bowls. You will get a simple and well-insulated product while it includes the plastic cooler system.

Besides, these are very user-friendly and easier to find. But coming in a bulky size makes it comfortable to carry. Besides, there is a health hazard in the interior cooler.

  1. Can you use a slow cooker as a sous vide?

You can not do so. A sous vide boiling contains no extra appliance or conversions. Besides, it comes with a low temperature.

Apart from these, it is much controlled and user-friendly for a long period. In this scenario, things are always harder to do through a slow cooker or crock pots. You can not control the temperature at the best. As a result, much energy is required to captivate.

  1. How Much Water is Needed for Sous Vide Cooking?

As it is an apparent fact, the requirements can vary. It is always useful if you use 8 inches intense container. As water depth plays a crucial role, you will require a pot of more than 2.5 inches water depth.

Unless you may face any typical difficulty. Heated water has the evaporation fact, so it is better to keep an eye on it. In this case, you will find enough comfort in the polycarbonate or transparent containers.

  1. Can I use my kitchen sink as a “container” to Sous Vide?

You can do a lot of stuff with sous vide. Many people ask if they can use their kitchen sink as an economical tool for containers. Well, it depends on your sink temperature.

Controlling the temperature is much important for your perfect execution. Unless you can not get the best outcome from a sink. You need a medium and rare steak in which you can have your sous vide.

Yes, we will not recommend you to use a sink as an alternative path of containing water.  Besides, it will take a long time to catch up the heat.

  1. Can you sous vide in Tupperware?

Yes, you can. But it depends on some typical facts that you should check. Using a few modifications will help you to generate an ideal vessel. Besides, your planning on the tupperware or plastic cooler needs a deep focus to keep it bigger. Usually, you will find it useful while having 8 inches deep.


Sous vide, a French word that stands for ‘under vacuum’. The specialized container belongs to sous vide has become a popular one in the market. So, you can consider the best sous vide container as a significant one for your culinary journey.

Meanwhile, several companies of sous vide have arrived in the market to keep their users happy. But before that, maintaining some factors is a crucial step in bringing your satisfaction. The key advantage it serves is having vacuum-sealed food containers in it.

Besides, making your cook nearly to perfection is vital. So, having an explicit temperature in it makes your job complete.

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