Ideas For Empty Plastic Coffee Containers

ideas for empty plastic coffee containers

Ideas For Empty Plastic Coffee Containers

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Did you know that coffee cans still have a lot of uses within the home after the content is gone? Finding new ways to use them is ideal to avoid throwing them out. The obvious reason is that you will be minimizing wastes and also save money. For the better part, the plastic containers suit use for projects including:

Customized Gift Wrapping

One best option for packaging gifts that are edible or non-edible is to use coffee cans. Because the cans have hard sides it will properly protect the contents insides. Even better, its lid will cover everything nicely and tightly. Then from the outside of the coffee can you can cover using a wrapping paper or even choose to coat with bright spray paint. It is also possible to print out photos and exciting decorations to form a custom combination. Protect the design with the best adhesive that can also work as a topcoat. After the decoration is completed, place the gift, pop its lid and there you go.

Kitchen Scraps Bucket

Gardeners usually enjoy composting, but it presents pain as well. Running to the compost bin outside after a meal is tiring. Empty plastic coffee containers make the perfect way of collecting all the food scraps. Never forget to put in the used grounds to the compost since it is an ideal nitrogen source. Stick the can in a kitchen counter and throw in all the scraps to avoid many trips to the garbage pile. Even better, its lid will contain smells and stop attacks from fruit flies. Lining the container with a plastic bag is also useful in holding the peelings.


Plastic coffee containers make an excellent store for everything in the house. Small items need to be conveniently available, but that does not mean they should take up a lot of space. In the garage get screws and nails out of the way by using the cans or use them for holding pencils and paints in an artistries room.

What is more, if you have a lot of belts and the hanging places are not enough. No worries, simply roll each up and put in a large and clean can that has a transparent lid. Indeed, the containers have a precise size to avoid creases. The clear covering allows you to trace each item easily. When going for a vacation this is the ideal way for packing belts.

The cans can also be transformed into decorative holders for kids’ toys. Wash thoroughly and leave it to dry, the sponge on two layers of white paint. Let it dry and cut out a piece of old sheet or bedding for wrapping the can. Use a mixture of white glue and water to form the same paint consistency. Paint and press gently the fabric to the container. Then trim off the excess at the bottom and fold top ends facing inside.

The options are unlimited because the containers are perfectly sized for storing most small items that are collected at home. However, ensure the cans are labeled while being filled. Office markers or masking tapes will work just satisfactorily.

Make a Paint or Washing Bucket

Plastic coffee containers work best in holding liquids since they cannot rust or stain. For this reason, the empty cans are perfect for use as a general home bucket. Thus it suits any project being tackled. When cleaning the refrigerator, you will certainly have a compact bucket for use. Simply fill in water as desired and you are good to go. It is also practically applicable when washing cars, laundry, or rinsing paintbrushes.

Even better, when painting trims or furniture, the containers are enough to handle the job. You will enjoy the comfort of holding this new paint container with its easy-grip holder. Indeed, it is light in weight and you can seal it up in when doing different coats.

Its plastic lids can be used to catch drips under paint containers and underneath furniture legs while painting. Turning it into this usefulness helps in protecting surfaces.

Likewise, an empty coffee container is good for shortly soaking paintbrushes before continuing with the job the following day. Make an “X” cut on the lid and put the handles of the brush allowing the bristles to clear the end of the container. In case there is no lid, put some stick onto the handle using a rubber band.

Use for when making food

Small coffee cans perfectly bake cylinder-shaped loaves of bread. Using these cuts on the need for buying loaf tins as it will hold your preferred recipe. Ensure you grease it from the inside well before filling in the dough. Because the rising bread will push off the lids always remember to put the containers without the lids. The position should be upright within the oven to enjoy the handiness.

Additionally, in the kitchen before putting hamburger pastries to the freezer, you can stack them using coffee-can lids and place them in a plastic carrier. After complete freezing you can easily peel them as needed. Believe it you can freeze foods this way too.

Use in the garden

When it is necessary to re-seed empty lawn spots, then the empty can make a perfect seeder. Its lids will precisely release out the grass seeds. Make small holes at the bottommost part of the tin. The size should be large enough to allow the passage of seeds when spreading them. Once finished, put its lid back to cover all of the unused seeds for safe storing.

Equally, the containers are suitable for determining if the garden is receiving enough rainwater. In the next rainy season, put empty cans in various places within the garden. After the rain ends, measure the water depth as collected in every can. If you find about an inch, then you will not need to water again. This test is also the best way to tell if the sprinkler is sending enough water to the places it should cover. This is an ideal gardening shortcut that is time and money-saving.

Plastic coffee-container lids also fit as saucers below houseplants. The pieces protect wood flooring and carpets because it catches excess water. If you are an indoor gardener then you will be inspired to add more plants.

Likewise, it is common that bugs will be found munching the plants in the garden. This is quite tiring and so introducing toads is an excellent way of controlling the pests. Inviting one to the yard is enough. Of course, old coffee can will help you create an ideal toad house. The project is also perfect as you can use containers that have been used perreviously even if they have no lids.

Improvise a bird feeder

Plastic coffee cans make the most sturdy bird feeders. Fashion this by beginning with opening the top of the container halfway. Then open its bottom also halfway in the same manner. Cautiously bend its cut trimmings down to the inside to edges that nothing is left exposed. Create a hole on one side at both tops to form the topmost part of the feeder. Finally, put some wire from end to end to create a hanger. This is a way to attracting more birds to the backyard.

Bring orderliness to your laundry room

When going through kids’ pockets keeping an empty coffee nearby is handy. Yes, before loading the washer it is ideal to remove any risky items from the clothes. Use the container to deposit wrappers, receipts, paper scrapings and various items that can be stuffed into the pockets.

Another can will also be handy for use as a bank. You can make a good pace for collecting children’s donations. Cut an opening at the center using a utility knife. On the sides tape some decorative paper or even an adhesive plastic. Then on the sides point out the charity being assisted.

Turn an empty coffee can to a dehumidifier

It is normal that basements will be too damp especially during the rainy seasons. This situation can be avoided using an easy-to-create dehumidifier. Add salt into an empty coffee can and place it in one corner where no one will be able to disturb it. On a monthly basis ensure you replace the salt or even do this as needed.

Also carrying empty coffee cans are handy when camping or carrying supplies. For instance, you can keep tissue paper always dry in campsites or when in a boat and it is raining.

Finally, keep in mind that after every use you can collect many plastic coffee cans and use them within the house or in your backyard. The containers are great and sturdy enough to keep up with daily use. While at one or more projects, save more of different sizes and enjoy a whole array of use. What is more, you will not need to worry about the possibility of experiencing rust even with continuous exposure to water. Despite the coffee can brand you use, ensure you keep its lid. By the end of the day you will notice it comes handily for nearly all of the desired economical DIY projects. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising & linking to Amazon properties including, but not limited to,