Healthy Brown Sugar Substitute

substitute for brown sugar in cookies

Healthy Brown Sugar Substitute

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When white sugar catch brown color by mixing molasses or other ingredients it’s called brown sugar. Cake, sweet dessert sauces, muffins, cookies are the popular place to use brown sugar also helps to increase the glamour and shine of the dishes. Brown sugar is the most important ingredients to make sweet dishes delicious. To stop instant shortage of brown sugar and unexpected trip make your own substitute is the most favorable way. Alternative will save your time and not disturb the taste of the dishes. Coconut, Honey, Molasses, Maple syrup etc are the most likely ingredients to make brown sugar instantly. Below, I present some process to make successful substitute of brown sugar.

Different Way To Make Perfect And Successful Substitute To Brown Sugar

1. Combination of Molasses and White Sugar

Molasses and White Sugar

To make your own brown sugar substitute instantly you can apply this way easily. For this you need two ingredients.

  • White granulated sugar
  • Molasses

How to make it: Firstly, should select the colour of sugar. It has two colour like-

  • Light brown and
  • Dark brown.

So, if you need light brown sugar should mix 3.5% molasses on white sugar and get light brown sugar. Otherwise, if you need dark brown sugar should mix 6.5% molasses with white sugar. Molasses contains minerals, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium. So, it’s very helpful for our health and has no major side effect.

In Brief: To get perfect colour and taste of brown sugar mix 15 ml or 1 table spoon molasses with 200 grams or 1 cup granulated sugar.

2. Use Coconut Sugar

The sap of coconut trees means coconut sugar. It’s one of the healthier alternative of brown sugar. Fiver, minerals, vitamins and many other nutritions are available in this sweet. Mostly It’s looks and taste like brown sugar. It has less moisture. For this dish need extra moisture. To maintain the perfect moisture of the recipe you can use oil, butter etc in your fundamental recipe.

Coconut Sugar

In Brief: Coconut sugar will make your recipe drier so use it more carefully and in a perfect way.

3. Add Maple Syrup With White Sugar

Maple Syrup With White Sugar

Maple syrup is the sap of sweet maple trees. Now it’s one of the popular sweetener alternative of brown sugar. You can use it as the same measurement of the molasses. Sometimes you don’t molasses in your kitchen. For this to make this substitute you need two ingredients-

  • White granulated sugar
  • Pure maple syrup

In Brief: To get perfect result right measurement is very necessary. The combination of 1 tablespoon maple syrup and 1 cup granulated white will make almost accurate brown sugar.

4. Use Honey and Agave Nectar

Honey and Agave Nectar

Honey, Agave nectar are the another liquid sweetener substitute of brown sugar. Honey has different benefits like – helps to regulate blood sugar, prevent ulcer problem. It also helps to stop heart disease and cancer. Use 2/3 of honey instead of molasses. For it’s liquidation it affects the moisture and texture of dishes and will save your cookies time.

In Brief: Honey, agave nectar are very helpful for our health and will not change the taste of dishes. So, you can easily use them as substitute of brown sugar without any hesitation.

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5. Use Muscovado Sugar & Raw Sugar

Muscovado sugar with Raw sugar

Muscovado sugar mostly do the same work in any recipe. But it works most as a substitute of brown sugar. It’s one of the dark brown sugar which easily use as a substitute of brown sugar. People specially use it in baking recipe. Raw sugar is also a good substitute of brown sugar. It gives it’s beautiful golden colour to regular sugar. It’s a minimally refined sugar. Sweet caramel flavor makes it popular. Demerara or turbinado is the most favorable substitute of brown sugar.

Make own substitute is the best way to solve instant problem. Save times and stress, stop unwanted trip are the another facilities of substitute. For this everyone need this quality to make own substitute of food.

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