How to Thaw Scallops

How To Thaw Scallops

Thawing food means the process of warming food that has been frozen. It’s prepared the food for cooking. If it stays over long time in the refrigerator it will become the causes of bacterial growth. So it is wise to understand that different foods should be thawed at different lengths of time. By using this way, we can protect food from bacteria and keep them suitable for use. In this way we can thaw different kinds of frozen food like scallops, fish, chicken, ground beef etc. To keep natural texture of food you need to thaw it properly. Refrigerate, microwaving, keeping under cold water, put at room temperature are the different way of thaw.

Different Ways of Thawing Frozen Scallops

Way-1: Thawing in the Refrigerator

Thawing Scallops in the Refrigerator


  • Scallops
  • Refrigerator
  • Bowl
  • Plastic wrap

 Thawing process

Defrost Scallops: Gradually defrost scallops and generate the natural texture. There is no scope to damage scallops in this way. To get quite and complete result have to defrost full day. Although it takes long time will give you complete protection from germs and impairment. 

Step-1: Set Refrigerator’s Temperature 370F is the best temperatures of refrigerator for thawing frozen scallops. So set your refrigerator’s temperature at 370F.                                                                 

Step-2: Remove package and place them into bowl. Take a suitable bowl which enough to fit all the scallops. Then remove the scallops from their package and place them into the bowl. Make sure the bowl must have sufficient place to put all scallops and it’s melting ice properly.

Step-3: Wrapping the Bowl: After placing the scallops in the bowl you have to wrap the bowl of scallops securely.

Step-4: Put the wrapping bowl in your refrigerator. Place scallops in a free on shelf.

Step-5: Defrost the scallops for hole day. After ending 24 hours put out the bowl and check the scallops with your finger. Will see chill and sedate scallops with no frozen spot at all. If defrosting not fully happened wind up them again and defrost them more than 5-6 hours.


1. When you set your refrigerator at 370F make sure you don’t have any other food in your fridge that could damage at this temperature.

2.   You can use another bowl to put scallops if the bowl hasn’t sufficient space.

3. Don’t put your scallops in your refrigerator without setting the temperature.

Way -2: Microwaving Scallops

Microwaving Scallops


  • Microwave  
  • Scallops  
  • Microwave-safe Bowl  
  • Paper towel   

 Thawing process

Step-1: If you don’t have much more time on your hand you can use your microwave to defrost your scallops quickly.  Firstly, you have to set your microwave for defrosting scallops. Scallops are very brittle for this you can’t use standard setting microwave to defrost them.

Step-2: Take a microwave safe bowl. Remove the package and put the frozen scallops into it. You have to use proper glass containers with high sides is perfectly use to contain the water that will from the melting ice around the frozen scallops.

Step-3: Cover the bowl with a thick paper towel. Thick paper helps to reduce the risk of cooking the scallops when you defrost them in the microwave.

Step-4: Microwaving the scallops for 2 30-seconds. After 30 seconds put out the bowl from microwave and check the scallops by touching the center of the scallops with your finger. You shouldn’t find any frozen parts there.


1. Scallops can be tougher by using microwave defrosted way.

2. You have to select perfect bowl that has enough place to hold all of your scallops.

3. You can’t use thin paper towel in this way. Because it has the risk of melt or dissolve. So, you have to use thick, three-ply paper towel.

Way-3: Using Cold Water

Thawing Scallops Using Cold Water


  • Scallops  
  • Running cold water  
  • Plastic Bag  
  • Bowl                                                                 

Thawing process

Step-1: To defrost frozen scallops in a quicker way you can use running water. Firstly, you have to take a resalable plastic bag. Remove the package of the frozen scallops, put them in this bag and seal it properly. Make sure the scallops don’t come into contact with water. To avoid contamination, you have to seal the bag perfectly.                                                                      

Step-2:  After bagging the scallops place the bag into a large bowl which has sufficient space to contain the bag full of scallops and drag it completely under water.                                                                

Step-3: Then you set the bowl in a sink and start to fill it with cool clean tap water. In order to thaw the scallops properly, the water have to be 500F. After some time move the bag to thaw scallops properly.   

Step-4: Usually it takes up only 30 minutes. Replace water again and again just like after 10 minutes. Fill up the bowl again and let stay quietly. Drain out water from the bowl and check by touching the center of the scallops after 30 minutes. You can feel soft and warm surface of the scallops.


1.   You should have sealed the bag properly to save your scallops from getting water logged.

2. Remove as much as air from the bag as possible to keep it floating on the water.

3.  Larger frozen scallops will take more time 30 minutes.

4.  Don’t refreeze the defrosted scallops.

Way-4: Thaw at Room Temperature

Defrost frozen food at room temperature is not good because it increases the risk to decrease the natural taste of food. In this way bacteria will begin multiply on the surface of the food. If you want to thaw frozen scallops or any other frozen food like fish, meat and chicken quickly you can defrost them in a sink under cold running water with plastic bag.

Faster way:   Using cool water to defrost frozen scallops is the most faster way of thaw. It saves time and defrost frozen food quickly.

Best Way:  Thawing frozen scallops in the refrigerator is the best way of thaw. To achieve best result, you have to place your frozen scallops in the fridge overnight. It is the safest method of thaw because it preserves the foods taste and quality perfectly.

Above all, I suggest you to apply the best way. Thawing in the refrigerator is safe and risk free way to defrost your frozen food. But if you have no much more time you can also use cold water to defrost your frozen food.   

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

1. Can you thaw scallops in cold water?

Yes, you can thaw scallops in cold water. Put the scallops inside of a plastic bag and submerge them into running cold water for 2 to 3 hours. If your package is not a big one then put them in cold water for less than 2 hours.
You can also defrost scallops in the microwave or in a refrigerator.

2. How long does it take to thaw out frozen scallops?

Thaw-out time depends on the size of frozen scallops. Regular size frozen scallops take 30 minutes to defrost. The bigger size will take more time.
Remember, do not put the defrost scallops into the refrigerator again.

3. Why are my scallops rubbery?

Your scallops may feel rubbery when you eat. This is because you may not cook them the proper way. Though cooking scallops is super easy many of us exude most moisture from scallops and as a result, they feel rubbery while eating. So, there is nothing to worry just be careful while coking.

4. Can you cook frozen scallops?

Frozen scallops are tasty and delicious but fresh scallops are the best. Before cooking frozen scallops let them defrost in your refrigerator overnight and cook them. It will save your cooking time.

5. Can frozen scallops be eaten raw?

Yes, we can eat it raw. Though it is not a common way seafood lovers enjoy eating frozen scallops as raw. They are more delicious to eat and can be served in many ways.

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