Is Rotisserie Chicken Good For Weight Loss?

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Is Rotisserie Chicken Good For Weight Loss?

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Chicken is a common type of poultry and delicious food all over the world. Many vegetarians will proudly tell you how much they depend on chicken for several reasons. This could not only be tasted, but also several health benefits found in chicken.

But wait, is eating this poultry healthy as it is perceived? Of course, it is! Chicken is one of the healthiest lean meat readily available with several nutritional values.

Rotisserie chicken has, for some time, been part of us. It is a type of grilled chicken recipe where the meat is placed on a split- a long stainless steel metal about 1 meter long and roasted directly on a source of heat or in the oven.

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This ready-to-eat chicken that can be grabbed at any nearby grocery is indeed a lifesaver, especially to busy people who no longer have enough time to prepare home-cooked meals. People on a diet also prefer this protein-packed meal as cooking one’s chicken at home may take a lot of time.

Research shows that rotisserie chicken is a popular dish in the world, with about 600 million chicken sold every year. Availability, price, and convenience have contributed to making this dish so common. So, what are some of the benefits of rotisserie chicken? Well, read on to learn more;

Health Benefits of Rotisserie Chicken                                           

Contrary to what most people believe, this spit roasted chicken’s nutritional benefits outweigh the health risks posed by its consumption. It, therefore, becomes a healthier option of meat compared to lasagna, beef, pork, or sausages.

Did you know that even when trying to lose weight, you can go for rotisserie chicken as a healthy weight loss diet?

Here is a list of health benefits associated with rotisserie chicken

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1. Protein Supply

It is considered to have a high protein value and less cholesterol and saturated fat, unlike red meat. The protein is crucial in the human body. It is responsible for the building of cells, organs, tissues, and muscles, among other functions.

American Heart Association (AHA) advises Americans to eat more fish, beans, and white chicken than red meat. It is always recommended that you consume at least 25 grams of protein in each meal to help in muscle growth and keep hunger at bay.

This can be found in about four-ounce rotisserie chicken serving or two chicken breasts, which also gives you about 125 calories of energy.

2. Weight Loss

Do You always wonder why most healthy plates of food never lack chicken? Well, it is because chicken is considered as lean meat since it has little fat unlike other meat. This means that eating chicken on a routine can significantly help you lose weight in one of the healthiest ways.

Nothing disputes that Rotisserie chicken is healthy, but it contains some significant amounts of fat compared to a regular skinless chicken. To control this, you can remove the chicken’s skin and any visible traces of fat before serving the meal.

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3. Healthy Bones

Besides the main benefit of chicken- protein, this white meat is also full of phosphorus and calcium. These minerals are essential for keeping your bones healthy and stronger. Furthermore, studies show that regular eating of chicken significantly reduced the risk of getting arthritis.

Additional nutrients believed to be found in rotisserie chicken include Niacin, Iron, Vitamin B12, Vitamins A and C, Zinc, and potassium. All these have different essential functions in the body.

Among the several nutritional benefits of Niacin are keeping the digestive system, nerves, and skin healthy.

Disadvantages of Rotisserie Chicken

Despite the fact that rotisserie chicken contains many nutrients and vitamins, it is advisable that one limits their amount of intake of this lean meat. Remember that too much of something is dangerous.

I’m pretty sure you may have noticed how sweet this chicken tastes. Well, the secret behind the sweet taste is that they are injected with broth and fat during processing.

This processing, unfortunately, increases sodium in the meat, which might go beyond the AHA’s daily recommendation of 2300 mg per day. Here are some of the downsides of rotisserie chicken.

  • Excess Sodium

Chicken contains a large amount of sodium content, which could increase the risk of getting heart diseases, high blood pressure, and stroke.

Additionally, if you are trying to lose weight, switching to rotisserie chicken from red meat may not give you desirable results since the high sodium content could lead to puffiness, bloating, and increased cravings.

  • Bacteria accumulation

You need to take extra precautionary measures when buying and preparing this kind of chicken to make sure it is safe for consumption. The probability of contamination of Rotisserie chicken is very high, especially during its transportation from the grocery store/ supermarket and handling at home.

We ought to understand that it is so easy for bacteria like salmonella to accumulate on a roasted chicken, which could pose health risks to the consumers.

You can prevent this accumulation by putting the chicken very hot between 80°C and 120°C. Be sure to consume the meat in less than two hours since it is bought unless it is refrigerated

Final Thoughts

From the above listed advantages and disadvantages we can conclude that rotisserie chicken might not be the healthiest way to have your chicken, but it still has significant health benefits. The critical thing is always to have a balanced meal and eat this kind of chicken in moderation.

You have the option of roasting or grilling your chicken at home. This will not only give you the essential nutrients your body needs but also saves you from the excess salt (sodium) added at the grocery store.

You can enjoy your delicious rotisserie chicken with vegetable toppings like coriander, roasted carrots, or green beans. A vegetable salad is also an excellent accompaniment to your meat.

The best thing is that after you’ve enjoyed the original parts of your rotisserie chicken, the leftovers can be used to make a variety of dishes like sandwiches, soup, and chicken salad, among others. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising & linking to Amazon properties including, but not limited to,