Best Absorbent Kitchen Towels

Most Absorbent Kitchen Towels

When you hear the word “towel”, what always comes to mind is a bath towel. While a towel is commonly used in the bathroom, the kitchen also has a towel of its own. Always called tea towels, the kitchen towels are lint-free and ideal for cleaning and drying your dishes, glasses, utensils, cups, and a lot more.

There are hundreds of kitchen towels in the market. For a beginner, shopping for a kitchen towel may be daunting. But fear not, because we’re here for you.

We’ve scoured the market for the most absorbent kitchen towels for you to choose from. Read on and find out why we love them.

#List Of The Most Absorbent Kitchen Towels – Editor’s Pick:

Best 10 Most Absorbent Kitchen Towels Reviews

Wiping your dishes dry after washing should never be a chore. The right kitchen towels can help you with that. Here are 10 of the best there is.

1. Zeppoli Classic Kitchen Towels, 100% Natural Cotton

When you are on the lookout for the best absorbent cotton kitchen towels in the market, look no further than this set of towels from Zeppoli.

Made of 100% natural cotton, these are sure to be durable and can last you for a long time. These towels are also a reliable bunch as they can absorb whatever liquid is left on your plates and utensils.

Absorbent and lightweight, you are assured that as they can effectively dry your dishes, you get rid of mildew from building up on your utensils and plates. In this purchase alone, you get 15 kitchen towels. That would be more than enough for your drying needs.

These towels are machine-safe. While these are usually air-dried, you can toss then in the dryer when you are in a hurry, and you need to use them fast.

One thing you need to take note of, however, is that when you dry them using your dryer, they have a tendency to shrink. This does not happen all the time, but just don’t risk it if you can. Hang them to dry if you have the time, and they’ll be fine.


  • Made of super-absorbent cotton
  • Durable and can effectively dry your dishes
  • Machine-safe
  • One set comes with 15 kitchen towels


  • Drying them in the dryer can sometimes shrink the towels

2. Hyer Kitchen Microfiber Super Absorbent, Soft and Solid Color Dish Towels

Our next entry on this list is this kitchen towel that is made of microfiber. What this means is that these towels are super absorbent than towels that are made from other materials.

This kitchen towel can absorb up to six times its own weight. It measures 26 x 18 inches, which, we think, is oversized for a kitchen towel. But being oversized is not bad. When maximized, it can wipe dry dishes, utensils, cutlery, your hands, and you still get half of the towel at least that’s unused.

These can also serve as kitchen napkins. Because of its material, this kitchen towel is also durable and can last many years of regular use. This is also machine-safe. And what we like about this brand is that it stays in shape and does not shrink even after multiple washes. We credit that to its excellently sewn hem.

Despite multiple washes, you can also rest assured that this kitchen towel will not lose its luster. Its color will be as bright as when you first bought it. And it is of great quality, it is thick, and is a good addition to your kitchen.

Before anything, by the way, there have been feedbacks of the microfiber feeling a bit strange to the hands. It dries your plates, alright, but there may be better options for you when it comes to drying your hands.


  • Great quality
  • Super absorbent
  • Retains its color over the years
  • Does not shrink even after multiple washes


  • Feels a bit rough to the hands

3. Aunti Em’s Vintage Super Absorbent 100% Natural Cotton Kitchen Towels

If you are looking for are kitchen towels that are very finely made, this is one of them. Made of 100% cotton, this kitchen towel is made in India, where we can find most of the world’s finest organic cotton.

Because of the kind of material this towel is made of, this is very good for embroidery projects. If you are the kind of person who loves to sew names and designs into towels, this is a great catch.

Each towel measures 25.5 x 15.5 inches, bigger actually than the other kitchen towels in the market today. It is constructed of the tightest weave, very well-made, and of better quality compared to the other kitchen towels you can find.

What is cool about this kitchen towel is that it comes with a loop in one of its corners. This makes it easier for you to hang the towel on a hook when not in use.

And this is easy to clean. It does not shrink, nor does it lose its quality despite multiple washes. The kitchen towel is not just made to help you wipe your dishes dry. It is also great at covering baked goods and a lot more.


  • Excellent construction
  • Sewn with a loop on a corner for easy air-drying
  • Sturdy and large
  • Great-quality


  • A bit more expensive
  • Not as absorbent as its competitors

4. Homaxy 100% Cotton Waffle Weave Kitchen Dish Cloths

With everybody giving you promises of quality and super absorbent powers, we know it’s super hard to decide from the best absorbent dish towels.

Worry no more. This kitchen towel is made of 100% cotton waffle-weave that sets it apart from the others. Its unique honeycombs design is not just attractive, but it also makes the towel softer and is a comfort to the touch.

And it is super absorbent, and we can vouch for that. It is durable and could last you for many years of regular use. What we like most about this brand is that it is so delicate to the touch that you don’t have to worry about scratching your cookware, plates, and pans.

It is lightweight and breathable, and so it also dries easily, which makes this a perfect choice when you have a lot of wiping and drying to do in the kitchen. And it is also sewn with a loop in one of its corners, the loop of which can be used to hang the kitchen towel when air-drying.

Speaking of drying, make sure to air-dry, but should you wish to put this in the dryer, go for the tumble dry low. Never use bleach or fabric conditioner as these would result in the towel’s quality to deteriorate.


  • Great quality and can last you many years of use
  • Soft to the touch and will not scratch your wares
  • Easily cleaned and easily dried
  • Comes with a loop for hanging


  • Tends to shrink after a few washes

5. Aidea Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Softer Highly Absorbent Towels

It is quick-drying and easy to clean. This kitchen towel is made of the highest quality microfiber, which makes this one of the best options in the market today.

The kitchen towel is made of 87 percent polyester and 13 percent polyamide. Having this composition for a towel spells effective drying and cleaning. In fact, when wiping surfaces, the towel tends to pick up small particles in its tracks.

And the towels come in multiple colors. This presents you with a lot more options to choose from, depending on the look of your kitchen. Because of its high-quality materials, the kitchen towel retains its texture and hue even after multiple years of washing and reusing.

These towels are built to last. And the best thing about this brand is that it has an effective rough side that is so ideal for cleaning hard-to-clean surfaces. While the other side is rough, the other is soft enough to care for your cookware, cutlery, utensils, plates, and other kitchen treasures. Goodbye scratches!

With its quality and price, you can rest assured you are getting a great deal with these kitchen towels.


  • Soft enough to care for your cookware
  • Retains its color and quality even after years of washing
  • Good for cleaning
  • Comes in multiple colors


  • Not as absorbent as its other competitors
  • Can tear when not handled very well

6. Bumble 12-Pack Antimicrobial Barmop Kitchen Towels

Towels in general, whether bath or kitchen towels tend to smell when overly used.

The build-up of dirt and bacteria is always the main culprit why towels smell. But did you know there are towels that are anti-microbial? These towels have the power to give you a neutral smell despite days of being used to wipe the water off your countertop; despite hundreds of dishes and cutlery wiped dry.

Also, the towels from Bumble come in a 12-pack set, each towel of which is made of 2-ply yarn that is very tightly weaved together. This results in a very absorbent dishcloth that can effectively and quickly soak up any spill on your kitchen counter or table.

And the more you wash these towels, the softer they become. They do not get discolored, too, which is pretty amazing. If you want to get towels that would last you for many years, this is one of those that could serve you well.

They look a bit thicker, by the way, but they’re made with a corrugated weave design, which makes it easily dry even after absorbing lots of liquid. And the most important of all is that this does not give you a funny smell after many uses unless, of course, you wiped this on spoiled milk, then that’s a different story.

Moreover, the purchase is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. When not satisfied with its performance, you can always return the towels, no questions asked.


  • Effectively absorbs liquid
  • Thick and easy to dry
  • Do not smell
  • Comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • Not ideal for big spills

7. Meema Dish Towels Made with Upcycled Denim and Cotton

Mother Nature will always thank you if you choose these kitchen towels.

Made from 100 percent cotton materials (80 percent of which are upcycled), these kitchen towels from Meema is made to be super absorbent and heavy-duty. And its fabric spells strength and durability and can last you many years of regular use.

It has a nice, rustic look to it which would look good hanging by a hook in your kitchen, or as a decorative prop on one of your Instagram photos And it is sized at 20 x 28 inches, which would be large enough to work on your kitchen counter (or table) spills. We mentioned it is super absorbent.

But did you know that it can wipe any water off your counter without leaving any lint in its tracks? This is very important for a kitchen towel since if it leaves lint in its tracks, you have something else to get rid of after you’ve gotten rid of the spills.

Each towel is sewn with a corner loop, which makes it easier to hang and air-dry later on. It is easy to wash. Just toss them inside the machine, and you can easily wash them with cold water. Just make sure to not use bleach, this will last you even after a hundred washings.

When you are not satisfied with its performance, you can always return it to the manufacturer. You get your money back.


  • High-quality
  • Attractive
  • Easy to wash and dry
  • Sewn with a corner loop


  • Tends to shrink after a few washes

8. Fecido Classic Kitchen Dish Towels with Hanging Loop

Made from 100% commercial-grade cotton, these towels are manufactured in Europe and crossed oceans to be on your kitchen counter.

These towels are built for heavy use and can help you even with large spills. Despite its heavy-duty look, it is gentle to the touch and can also work with your delicate china, cookware, and other utensils without scratching them. In fact, the more you wash these towels, the softer they become.

The towels are not just boasting of their efficacy in the kitchen. It can also be used for decorations. This set comes in 12 varying colors, and any of them would look good hanging in your kitchen. You can also have them join a photo op featuring your latest Instagram-worthy dish.

And these towels are easy to wash. Just toss them in the washing machine, and you’re all good. Their colors don’t blend with the others when washed. And speaking of colors, they don’t fade, despite numerous washes. It’s also sewn with a corner loop, which makes it easier to hang in a hook to dry.

Also, it is large enough to absorb spills on your counter and would even have space enough to wipe your dishes dry.


  • Thick and absorbent
  • Dry up your cookware and dishes effectively
  • Does not get discolored
  • No lint on its tracks


  • Needs improvement on its seams as it sometimes falls apart

9. Utopia Kitchen Flour Sack Dish Towels, 12 Pack

Now, we understand what the rave is all about. The latest feedback on this towel is that this is one of the best most absorbent kitchen towels around.

These towels are made of 100% durable and ring-spun cotton. They are smooth; they are absorbent and are made with a zero-twist construction. What this means is that it minimizes lint and frays despite numerous use.

Each set comes in a pack of 12 white towels. You got that right. All of these towels come in white color only. There is no need for you to spend countless hours thinking of what color to get because they only come in white.

And you have nothing to worry about because white is so neutral it can go along pretty well with any kitchen color.

Plus, the fact that there are 12 of them makes sure you do not run out of clean towels to use. You can use them to dry your tables, clean your kitchen countertops, polish your wares, dry your dishes, or whatever suits your fancy.

It is also affordable, easy to clean, and maintain. The size of each towel is 16 x 19 inches, which is a great enough size.


  • Comes in 12 white kitchen towels
  • Affordable
  • No lint, no frays despite numerous use
  • Easy to clean


  • When not properly cared for, the quality can deteriorate over a few washes

10. DII Kitchen Dish Towels (Gray, 18×28″), Ultra Absorbent & Fast Drying

The name of the game is versatility. This dish towel is made to take any kitchen job you throw its way. It can be used for drying your plates, cleaning your counters, or even for wiping spills.

Made up of 5 pieces of dish towels, this set, given its great performance, can give you nothing but convenience and ease in the kitchen. It is sized at 18 x 28 inches, which is quite reasonable. Not too small, but big enough to tackle wiping jobs and be left with space for other tasks a dish towel can do.

Each of these towels is made of 100% cotton fabric that is expected to last you many years of use. It can withstand hundreds of washes without deteriorating, from quality to the color. And it is super absorbent and, when washed, dries quickly, ready for another round of wiping.

In terms of washing, this can easily be tossed into the washing machine. Just use cold water and set it to a gentle cycle to make sure you retain the quality of the dishcloth.

If there is one thing we would like to improve with these towels, it is that it should be a bit thicker. Aside from that, it delivers really well in terms of performance. Who are we to complain?


  • Absorbent and easy to use
  • Sized just right
  • Soft to the touch
  • Affordable
  • Attractive and can also be used to decorate


  • The dishtowel is thinner than its other counterparts

What to Look for Before Buying Most Absorbent Kitchen Towels

Purchasing a kitchen towel can be confusing. It may be your first time or already your nth. But as each towel is made differently, it is hard to decide on which one is right for you and your kitchen.

This is the reason why we have this guide. We’d like to be by your side, even virtually, to keep you well-guided before your purchase. Here are a few questions to ask yourself.

How Absorbent Is It?

What you are going to get is a kitchen towel. It is not a kitchen towel for nothing. You have to go for something that is thirsty and can drink up all that water that’s spilled on to your kitchen counter.

By getting the kitchen towel that absorbs huge amounts of liquid, you are left with more time to do other tasks. But how would you be able to determine whether this towel or that is super absorbent? When in doubt, go for something that’s made of cotton. They’re amazingly absorbent.

How Big Is It?

What you are going to look for is a kitchen towel that is not too small. Smaller kitchen towels will not be able to do the job well. Even an absorbent kitchen towel, if it is small, will take up most of your time.

It should not be too big, either. A huge kitchen towel would be very hard to manage. When choosing a kitchen towel, go for something that’s medium-sized. And with the size just right, make sure to also choose something that is not too thick and not too thin either.

A very thin kitchen towel may fray or deteriorate quickly. And a thicker one would not be able to dry well.

How Durable Is It?

One of the things that you need to check is the quality of the materials of the kitchen towel you’re getting. Cotton can last you a long time. What you are going to look for is a kitchen towel that will last you many years of regular use.

And so aside from the materials, also check if the hems are finely-sewed. Frayed kitchen towels are just major turn-offs.

Is It Versatile Enough?

Most kitchen towels in the market today are versatile.

But there are some that are not. So when you are shopping for towels, go for those that can be used to dry your countertops as well as wipe your plates dry, polish your china, clean your tables, cover your biscuits, and a lot more.

Versatility, as previously mentioned, is the name of the game. It makes your life easier.

How Many Are There in a Set?

When on the lookout for kitchen towels, always choose a set with as many pieces as possible.

This saves you a lot of time in constantly washing and drying your towels.

With this in mind, you will never run out of kitchen towels to use.

Frequently Asked Questions On Most Absorbent Kitchen Towels

Here, we try to answer a few of your many common questions.

Q: Why do my kitchen towels smell?

Answer: Bacteria and mildew can build up on kitchen towels and cause it to emit that funny smell. There are anti-microbial kitchen towels in the market. You can go for that. But if there are none, make sure to regularly wash your towels.

Also, air drying them well (preferably under direct sunlight) is an effective way to ward off that smell.

Q: Is it advisable to use a fabric conditioner when washing kitchen towels?

Answer: No. While it may be good for your clothes, fabric conditioners leave a film on kitchen towels. Even when dried, this would be unsanitary in the long run.

Q: Can I wash my clothes and kitchen towels together?

Answer: It depends. Clothes made of cotton can be washed with kitchen towels. All others should not go with the towels in the machine.

Q: When do I throw my kitchen towels away?

Answer: Ideally, towels should be able to absorb liquids well. It should help you dry your things and clean your countertops. If your kitchen towels can no longer live up to this responsibility, it is time to get new ones.

Experts advise that it should be every two years. But if it still works, why throw them away?

Q: Can I use the same towel for a week or two?

Answer: Ideally, it should be for about two to three days. If you use your kitchen towels for more than that, expect a build-up of germs and other microorganisms that could potentially be harmful.

Final Words

Kitchen towels are a fair enough investment. It is for somebody who wants to save money in the long run. Imagine the number of paper towels you purchase over a period of a year.

Kitchen towels are one-time purchases that can be used for a year or two. They eliminate waste; they’re not harmful to the wallets.

We have already listed the best absorbent kitchen towels in the market today.

Which one did you choose?

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