How to dehydrate meat in the oven

How To Dehydrate Meat In The Oven

We eat meat in various ways like dehydrate meat, juicy meat, Meat curry, BBQ, Smoked meat, and more. Meat is full of calories, proteins, and crucial nutrition’s. We both know we can’t keep the meat fresh for a long time without any freezer system. Do you know why people dehydrate meat? It has two reasons; one is it’s a different way to taste the meat. Another one is if you haven’t any refrigerator, then this is the only process to keep your meet secure and fresh.

The majority of people don’t know there has a way to dehydrate meat in the Oven. As for, I want to share tips about how to dehydrate the meat in the Oven. But before that, you should know what dehydrated meat is precise.

What Is Dehydrated Meat?

Dehydrated salted meat is a product widely used entire the world as a source of animal protein. The main objective of this type of processing is the removal of water. Initially by changes in osmotic pressure and then by drying, leading to a product with intermediate moisture, such as jerked beef and jerked beef. Interestingly, dehydrated meat is also known as jerked meat. Most of the Americans and Asians love to dehydrate their meat, and they think dehydrated meat has a phenomenal taste.

Dehydrating Meat In The Oven

Lots of people use the dehydrator to dehydrate their meat. If you can dehydrate your meat with your Oven, why should you spend your money to buy a dehydrator individually? So, let me tell you some of the tips on how to dehydrate meat in the Oven. Particularly, oven with inverter technology is the best for dehydrating the meat.

1. Cut the Meat into Small Pieces

As you know, large pieces of meat take too much time to cook, and a massive piece of meat also takes so much time to dehydrate. For instance, try to cut as thin as your requirement.

  • If you are using ham, cut it into slices of a thick finger, as if they were slices of bacon.
  • Are you wants to make American dried meat with beef? Then try to cut it into very thin slices, about 1 cm.
  • Chicken meat should be cut into very small strips.
Cut the Meat into Small Pieces

2. Put The Pieces Into The Oven

After cutting the meats to pieces as I said to you, it’s time to put those meats into the Oven. Lay down your meat pieces in the tray with the row system. Remember; don’t place those meats on top of each other.

Put Meat Pieces Into The Oven

3. Temperature

Obviously, keeping the meats at the right temperature is so essential. Usually, we BBQ or roast the meat, we select the temperature in the 150-220 degrees. But dehydrating temperature is different, keep the temperature within 60 to 70 ° Celsius and keep those meats into the Oven for 6 hours. But it depends on the type you’re using, the weather and temperature can vary slightly, but nothing too drastic.

Toasting Oven Temperature

In dried meat, you should keep that meat dry but flexible. Don’t make that brittle. In other words, those pieces should be foldable without breaking. You can adjust some oil while processing the meat, but it totally depends on you.

4. Take Off The Meats From Oven

After 6 hours, touch the meat and feel if that has still a little damp or not. If it still damps, then keep it in the oven again for 1-2 hours. Or you see it becomes dry, and then take it off from the Oven. While the processing of dehydrating, you have to keep your eyes open. And keep looking at the meat, either it is ok or not.

Take Off The Meats From Oven

5. Store It In A Zip Lock Bags

After completing dehydrates the meat, it’s time to store it. Whether or not, storing the dried meats is arduous and rough than dehydrating it. So, take a zip-lock plastic bag then put the meats into the bag. Before lock, makes sure there has no air in that bag. The wind brings the risk of damaging the dried meats.

Store Meat In A Zip Lock Bags

If you want to store the meat for less than one month, leave it in dark or dry places like the kitchen cupboard, and dry plastic boxes. Want to keep it for a longer time? Then leave it in the freezer. You must take a look at the meat every week bear in mind.


Dehydrating the meat isn’t so complicated or a big task. It’s a way that is used for years and years ago. That time people dried their meat by the fire that was a little bit difficult. But now we have an Oven, specifically dehydrator to dry our meat. Dehydrating meat is another way to taste and bring the flavor to the meat. So, follow those tips to dry your meat, and thank you so much for spending your precious time with us.

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