What Does Rhubarb Taste Like

What Does RHUBARB Taste Like

If you are reading this, means you already heard the name Rhubarb, but have not tried it yet and according to my knowledge, it’s not very popular that you can find it available on grocery store and that’s really bad. So, at first let me explain you what the Rhubarb actually is.

What The RHUBARB Actually Is?

There is a debate on Rhubarb, whether it’s a vegetable or fruit. Rhubarb is a vegetable however it’s categorised as fruit in US and this food is often used in making desserts combined with fruits or other ingredients that are used in sweetened food. Scientifically Rhubarb is a cultivated plant from the class Rheum and the family Polygonaceae.

Variety of Rhubarb

Variety on Appearance

Rhubarb has long purple or sometimes blood red or light green stalks with a huge ruffled green leaf.

There are a few assortments of rhubarb, such as-

  • Canada Red Rhubarb 
  • Cherry Red Rhubarb
  • Crimson Red or Blood red Rhubarb
  • German wine
  • Macdonald
  • Mammoth Red
  • Riverside Giant
  • Strawberry
  • Sunrise
  • Valentine
  • Victoria
  • Glaskins Perpetual

Origin of RHUBARB

Most probably 5000 years ago China used to use the Rhubarb for medicinal purposes such as constipation, inflammation and this veggie was quite popular for utilising as medicine. The Chinese regarded the perennial’s dietary esteem gigantically. In 1730, Rhubarb made its biggest way to the United States and started turning heads on a modern continent.

In 1806-07 cookbook by Maria Eliza Rundwll, Rhubarb Tart was the first recorded recipe according to Alan Davidson (Oxford Companion to food).

What Does RHUBARB Taste Like?

Now talking about it’s taste, it’s an incredible plant food with a very extraordinary and incredible flavour that makes people confuse easily. It has wide leaves which can be poisonous and it’s stalk is thick and fleshy, Rhubarb stalk is generally moo in characteristic sugar substance, it tastes bitter and sour, a very unique taste. A few feel it tastes like green apples while a few accept it tastes like celery. However, you can get a delicious taste once it’s cooked.

What Does Rhubarb Taste Like

Nutrients and Health Benefits

Though Rhubarb isn’t enriched in essential nutrients however it’s a good source of vitamin K1 which prevents blood clotting, good for bone health and enriched with vitamin C which increase our immunity system by boosting white blood cell activity.

It does an incredible work in evacuating abundance cholesterol out of the dividers of courses and blood vessels, guaranteeing a sound cardiovascular framework

Moreover, it’s low calorie content helps with losing body fat. So, it’s highly recommended for weight lose plan.

Rhubarb is high in fibre, has a great benefit for digestive health and prevents constipation

According with all health benefit it’s additionally a wealthy source of Antioxidant or cancer prevention agents.

Nutrient content of Rhubarb in 100 gm (% Daily Value)

  • Calories: 116
  • Carbs: 31.2 grams
  • Fibre: 2 grams
  • Protein: 0.4 grams
  • Vitamin K1: 26% of the DV
  • Calcium: 15% of the DV
  • Vitamin C: 6% of the DV
  • Potassium: 3% of the DV
  • Folate: 1% of the DV


Rhubarb is usually planted in autumn or spring because the soil needs to be warm and moist.  This vegetable grows well in 7-250C temperature and it’s also cultivated in Greenhouse, those are called Hothouse Rhubarb. You should let them grow at least 10-inch long, so their flavour and they can ripe perfectly. Ordinarily, after 3 years, the collect period is 8 to 10 weeks long.

How To Store RHUBARB

As you cannot find this vegetable all over the year, you can store it to use it even when it’s not the season. To store it in a much better method you can keep the stalks in Ziplock or freezer bag or you can wrap it in foil paper and put them in refrigerator foe long time but keep it in mind that you Remove the leaves and rinse and clean of the stalks, chop the both ends of the stalks for minimum one inch and rest stalks, chop it into chunks.

How To Store Rhubarb

How Can You Use RHUBARB as Food

Due to their acrid tart taste, they are exceptionally and frequently combined with the fruits such as Strawberries, Apples with honey or sugar or maple syrup for sweetened taste. Rhubarb can be used in making sauces, pies, muffins, salad, cake and the Rhubarb sauce can be served in the topping of ice cream or pound cake. You can make hundred recipes with the Rhubarb for your breakfast or lunch or dinner or snacks. I love it into my cold salad with strawberries most.

Rhubarb as Food

You might be surprised that people put this into the barbecue sauce to get a bright beautiful traditional sauce.

Cautions that you should keep in mind

  • Trim the leaves right away from the stalks when you collect them as I have already mentioned that the leaves are poisonous. It contains a higher amount of oxalic acid crystal that can kill human and animals. 
  • Make sure you wash the stalks before eating
  • Make your children understand that only stalks are edible not the leaves
  • Make sure your pets do not eat the leaves


If you are new to Rhubarb, I will say try it both raw and cooked, you will be truly amazed by it’s different taste as I was before. I tried the raw Rhubarb with the salt. And if you are thinking growing Rhubarb, I will suggest to do it, you will definitely love it!

For a mixed, yum taste Rhubarb is a perfect example to experiment with. As you read, you can get creative and great dishes with this vegetable, you should not wait anymore and try it and don’t forget to write us about your experience and if you have any new recipe to make with Rhubarb.

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