how to dehydrate fruit in oven

How To Dehydrate Fruit In Oven

When fruits that has had nearly all of the water substance evacuated through drying strategies is called Dried fruits or Dehydrated fruits and this is one of the smartest survival ideas. The most common examples of this are dates, raisins, fogs, apricots, prunes etc. where their most water content are removed. Now you may ask why you need dried fruits when you can find fine fresh ripe fruits! Comparable to fresh ripe fruits, dehydrated fruits can be preserved for long time, it’s healthy snacks that is full of nutrient content and more than anything, you don’t have to wait for any specific season for your favourite fruit as you can keep it for years.

Now If you are a dried fruit lover and spend a lot of money buying dried fruits, then I’m writing this for you. Now it’s time to stop wasting your money on dehydrated fruits because here I’m showing you the easiest way to make dried fruits at home. You don’t need even any dehydrator but only oven to make it though it can be time consuming but it’s worth for your time.


  • Fruits, you want to dry.
  • Lemon juice
  • Water

Step 1: Fruits Selection To Dehydrate

  • First of all, you have to choose your fruits
  • Wash your selected fruits with cold water, considering the current situation you should be careful about washing fruits. You can use salt with water and soak the fruits there for 20 minutes, it’ll help disinfect the fruits.
  • When choosing the fruits, select the bruises free ripe fruits but not overripe fruits.
Fruits Selection To Dehydrate

Step 2: Proper Washout And Perfect Slicing

  • In 2nd step, peel the washed fruits and evacuate the pits or cores.
  • Slice the fruits as you like, the more your fruits are thick and water content, the more it will take time to dehydrate.
  • Try to keep the same thickness of every piece of sliced fruits.
Perfect Slicing Of Fruits

Step 3: Soak Under Lemon Juice And Organize in Baking Sheets

  • Mix the lemon juice into water and soak the chopped fruits into that mixture.
  • The acid in the lemon protects the characteristic color of the fruits.
  • Organize the cuts of fruits in a single layer on your baking sheets, choose the non-stick baking sheets; keep a distance between every piece so they’re not touching each other.
Organize Fruits For Baking

Step 4: Keep Fruits Sheet Into The Oven And Heated Up

  • Remember to preheat the oven to 170°F
  • Keep the baking sheets on the oven rack
  • Put each sheet on each oven rack and accommodate them 1-½ inches on every sides of the tray so air can circulate.
  • Whip the fruits in every 30-40 minutes so the fruits dry properly
  • Your dried fruits are ready when it’s chew and crispy
Fruits Sheet In Oven

Step 5: Keep It In Room Temperature Before Storing

  • It takes 4 to 8 hours to dry thoroughly, depends fruits thickness and its water content as I have motioned it before.
  • After removing the trays from oven let them stand for some times to make it room temperature because storing them hot will ruin their crunch.
  • You can store your fruits in any jar or Ziplock packet or storage container in cool and dry place.
Jarred Dried Fruits

Keep In Mind

  • Actual drying time will depend on fruits, don’t cook every fruit for a certain time.
  • Make sure that your preservative jar is dry.
  • Make sure your hands, planning range, oven and any gear utilized are clean as food safety is important.


Avocados are not one of the fruits that you can dehydrate easily. It is high in fat and this fruit will go tasteless and ill-smelling quickly after dehydration.


Dehydrating is the best way to preserve fruits for long time and it also let you later use the seasonal products. In dehydration, it removes water from fruits so bacteria cannot rot the fruits. Dried fruits are great snack for anytime and have many other ways to use in different recipes. I like it in the topping of sweeten items.

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